Sherman Shares - August 2011


8th Annual IRAPS -
October 22-23, 2011

International Research and
Philosophy Symposium
Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg, SC
up to 12 hours CE credit - Register Now

KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Christopher Kent, D.C., J.D.

drWinning the Debate on Vertebral Subluxation:  An overview of contemporary scientific literature supporting chiropractic will be presented.  Logical fallacies commonly employed by skeptics and other detractors will be discussed, and examples will be cited.  Popular models of vertebral subluxation will be explained in the context of clinical practice.  The lecture will include role of epistemology in vitalistic practices.

Other presenters include the following:

  • Brigette Bowler, D.C.
  • Michael T. Burcon, B.Ph., D.C.
  • J. Richard Burns D.C., D.Ph.C.S.
  • Bill Decken, D.C., L.C.P.
  • Alexandra Gerdel, student
  • Harvey Getzoff, D.C.
  • Veronica Gutierrez, D.C.
  • Donald Glassey, M.S.W., D.C., L.M.T.
  • John Hart, D.C., M.H.Sc.
  • Alexandria Jenkins, student
  • Jonathan Leusden D.C.
  • Matthew McCoy D.C., M.P.H.
  • Christopher Passalacqua, D.C.
  • Martin G. Rosen, D.C.
  • Jennifer Santos, student
  • Matt Santos, student
  • Guthrie Schroeder, student
  • Rob Scott, D.C., Ph.D.
  • Michael B. Schmidt, student
  • Rob Sinnott, D.C., F.Ph.C.
  • Gregory A Stetzel, DC
  • Jack Vandervort, D.C.
  • J. Kate Wetterlin, B.S

The Graduation Ceremony for the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers will be held at IRAPS.

Save the Date: May 24-27, Lyceum 2012

LArry the Sherman PRIDEPlease Promote Sherman College
Recruiting Events

Southern Fried Friday, August 26

Students will tour the campus, meet with students, faculty and the financial aid director, and then have a Southern fried lunch with all the fixings.

PRIDE of Sherman Tour, November 4 & 5

Students attend a class, visit the anatomy lab, talk with faculty and students about the curriculum. They can bring transcripts for evaluation and talk to the financial aid director.

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Board Busters Bash Honors Students

Board Busters

The second bi-annual Board Busters’ Bash (B3) was held on Thursday, July 21, 2011, in the Scallon Atrium.  The invitation-only event celebrates those students who did well on Part I, II, and/or III of the NBCE board examinations on their first attempt during the most recent administration of the exams. 

"Boards Busters was a really fun way for the school to show the students how much they appreciated our hard work," said student Allie Sansbury.

Based on their performance during the spring 2011 administration, more than 40 students qualified for the B3, which is planned and coordinated by Jen York, D.C., Instructor of Clinical Sciences, and Crissy Lewis, MLIS, Director of Learning Resources.  Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments were provided, and a number of faculty members stopped by to congratulate students on their achievements.

"Boards (whether Part I, II, III, or IV) was and is one of the most stressful studying situations that I've ever been in, " said student Courtney Bond, "and I'll be extremely happy when I'm completely finished with them. However, it was very nice to be able to take a night off and just be recognized for having passed everything on my first try."

During the event, attendees were recognized individually and presented with a certificate of recognition as well as a commemorative t-shirt.  Additionally, the following students were awarded a framed certificate and a gift bag for achieving the highest individual score in one or more subject areas. 

Part I
Tyler Jack – General Anatomy
Melanie Craig – Physiology, Chemistry and Pathology
Jasen Van Dyke – Spinal Anatomy (tie)
Leslie Sizemore – Spinal Anatomy (tie) and Microbiology

Part II
David Nichols – Chiropractic Practice (tie)
Dansen Wong – Chiropractic Practice (tie)
Chase Bentley – Diagnostic Imaging (tie) and Principles of Chiropractic (tie)
Jon Skupaka – General Diagnosis, Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis (tie), Diagnostic Imaging (tie) and Associated Clinical Sciences
Benjamin Giebell – Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis (tie)
Arthur Brennan – Principles of Chiropractic (tie)

Part III
Courtney Bond

The next B3 is tentatively scheduled for February 2012.

Sherman Prrrride

Sherman PRrrride Day is Monday, October 24

PRide Day is an opportunity for Sherman College to honor and celebrate its alumni and their positive impact on the world. Please add your ideas to the PRrrride Day web page by emailing Karen at

It's a day for YOU to honor and celebrate your affiliation with Sherman College.

DD Palmer Wants YOUIFCO in Lima, Peru
World Chiropractic Summit Sept. 17-18, 2011

President Jon Schwartzbauer ,D.C., and Trustee Liam Schubel, D.C., along with alumni Dr. David Serio and Dr. Shane Walker, are speaking at the IFCO World Chiropractic Summit Chiropractic Around the Globe Gonference, September 17-18 in "Chiropractic Utopia," Lima, Peru.

Other speakers include Dr. Sharon Gorman, Dr. Emily Broniak, Dr. Kevin Fogarty, and Dr. Eric Russel, along with Dr. Reggie Gold.  The conference is sponsored by the Peruvian Chiropractic Association.

Register here at

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United Way School Tools

United Way
Tools for School

Sherman students and staff helped out the United Way of the Piedmont's Back to School Supply Drive. Notebook paper, pencils, pens, erasers, glue, binders, markers and crayons were donated to be used by students in shelters.

Dr. Wu joins the fun.
Dr. Wu is airborne!

Fun Day
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Chase Fowler Rocks Bagelfest.

CE Opportunities AUGUST

August 20-21 - Atlas Orthogonal Module IV - B.C.A.O. Certification - Atlanta, GA

August 26-28 - Orthospinology Advanced Seminar - Atlanta, GA

August 27-28 - Directional Non-Force Technique Seminars Cervical & Thoracic  Seminar - Portland, OR


September 9-10 - The Science Behind Chiropractic & Vertebral Subluxation, Chiropassion Consulting - New York, NY

September 16-18 - AMC Bootcamp -Sherman College Cervical X-ray System & Application of Clinical Radiology - Denver, CO

September 17-18 - Koren Specific Technique - Philadelphia, PA

September 23-25 - Directional Non-Force Technique Full Spine Seminars - Los Angeles, CA


October 7-8 - Pierce Results Seminar - Level 2 - Clearwater, FL

October 14-16 - AMC Bootcamp -Sherman College Cervical X-ray System& Application of Clinical Radiology - Atlanta, GA

October 14-16 - Directional Non-Force Technique Full Spine Seminars - Atlanta, GA

October 15-16 - Atlas Orthogonal Advanced Seminar - Atlanta, GA

October 15-16 - Koren Specific Technique - Romulus, MI

October 22-23 - IRAPS - International Research and Philosophy Symposium -
Sherman College, Spartanburg, SC

October 27-30 - New Beginnings - Success for the Chiropractic Lifestyle - Long Branch, NJ

October 28-29 - 2011 Blair Annual Chiropractic Conference -
Las Vegas, NV


November 5-6 - Koren Specific Technique - Charlotte, NC

November 12 - Regional Synchronization - The McArthur Method - Memphis, TN

November 12-13 - Atlas Orthogonal Advanced Seminar -
Seattle, WA

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