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CE at Sherman in October:  IRAPS & UCA

Register now for IRAPS: "Winning the Debate on Vertebral Subluxation"
Up to 12 Continuing Education Credits October 22-23, 2011 !

Research is the buzzword for October 22-23, 2011, at Sherman College with the presentations from IRAPS, and the first module of a new Upper Cervical Technique Seminar from Upper Cervical Academy. See more about the Upper Cervical Academy 100-hour post-graduate program. 
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New Beginnings TIC for Sherman Recruitment

All Chiropractic All the Time and Halloween Fun – October 27-30, 2011

“Bring a prospective student to New Beginnings. Make a difference in a young person’s life. Every student sent to Sherman advances chiropracTIC!” This is the message New Beginnings is sharing with the world as it promotes its October program.

New Jersey has become an international chiropractic destination as New Beginnings Founder, Jim Dubel, D.C., presides over an exciting fast-paced program that limits each speaker to one hour. Speakers include Drs. Joe Borio, Jim Dubel, Troy Dukowitz, Brad Glowaki, Reggie Gold, Sharon Gorman, Brian Kelley, Peter Kevorkian, Jeanne Ohm, Chuck Ribley, Fred Schofield, Liam Schubel, Jon Schwartzbauer and Dean Sottile. For more information, visit

Upper Cervical Academy Graduates First Class

The inaugural class of the Upper Cervical Academy graduated on Saturday, May 8, 2011, while attending Upper Cervical Evolution 2011 in Orlando, FL. This conference celebrated its fifth anniversary and brought together upper cervical doctors, students and advocates from around the world to create awareness of upper cervical care.

The Upper Cervical Academy is the first upper cervical certification program offered by an accredited chiropractic college. Sherman College of Chiropractic has partnered with the International Upper Cervical Institute to offer doctors of chiropractic the opportunity to expand their education.

The program offers doctors specialized training in upper cervical anatomy, history and philosophy, basic and advanced neurology of the upper cervical spine, upper cervical protocols, upper cervical pediatrics and an overview of the major upper cervical procedures, along with a specialty in at least one upper cervical technique. This is a 100-hour course that takes participants at least one year to complete.

graduation class

The inaugural graduates are listed below:

  • Jason Grant Alder
  • Sophocles M. Athanason
  • Ryan M. Bond, D.C.
  • Jill G. Bradshaw, D.C.
  • Arthur L Brennan
  • J. Kevin Broome, D.C.
  • Bryan A. Duff, D.C.
  • Pat Drury, D.C.
  • Ray Todd Drury, D.C.
  • Tammy Caroline Emory, D.C.
  • Jeanie Froman-Bohall, D.C.
  • Anthony J. Giordani, D.C.
  • Steve Grammer
  • John J. Hanna, D.C.
  • Benjamin Hill
  • Randolph H. Kale, D.C., F.K.C.S.
  • Laurie McDonald
  • Jennifer Miranda
  • Joseph E. Miles, Jr., D.C.
  • Anthony David Monnin, D.C.
  • Kanema Ambrace Morrison
  • Nicholas A. Mullins, D.C.
  • Robert W. Ohlsen, D.C.
  • Michael Shreeve, D.C., L.C.P.
  • Kimberly B. Wheaton, D.C.
  • Ryan Von Williams, D.C.
  • William M. Youngblood, Jr., D.C.
  • Stephen Zabawa, D.C.

Research News

Sherman College Philosophy Department Chair Dr. Bill Decken and coauthors published their article, “A Survey of Chiropractors Attitudes and Opinions Regarding Chiropractic College Curricular Content, Length, Relationship to Practice Success and Recommendations for Change.” Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic, 2011(2), pp. 10-11. The abstract is available at:

Director of Research Dr. George Luo published an article with coauthors, “Inhibitory Effects of Muscadine Anthocyanins on α-Glucosidase and Pancreatic Lipase Activities.” J. Agric. Food Chem., 2011, 59 (17), pp. 9506–9511. The abstract is available at:

ROAR Are you ROARing for Sherman?

Promote your practice while you share chiropractic as a profession.

Members of the college’s Reach Out and Recruit (ROAR) Program commit to help build enrollment at Sherman through referrals and support in the field. ROAR doctors help others fulfill their dreams by recruiting in their own communities, serving as career advisors, mentoring the students they recruit and feeling the pride as the students they mentor graduate from Sherman and enter the profession. For more information, visit

ROAR members Dr. Jaime Browning, '09, and Dr. Lee Angle, '08, referred students to the Summer 2011 class.

ROAR member Dr. Alex Kassalias, '94, will be featured on “Meet the Professionals” on September 17, at 3:30 pm EDT on 106.3 WORD radio in South Carolina. Kassalias was recently elected to the South Carolina Chiropractic Association as District 10 director and he serves as vice president for the Palmetto State Chiropractic Association. 

ROAR member Dr. Nalyn Marcus, '93, celebrated 20 years of practice on September 8.

Naming Opportunities in the Student Plaza

Name the Parll The beautiful new Gordon and Helen Brown Student Plaza flanking the Honor Wall between the Scallon and Taylor Buildings is designed to complement Spartanburg’s fantastic climate. You may honor, pay tribute to, or memorialize someone or something significant in your life by purchasing a plaza feature.

Reflection Park $25,000
Lamp Post $1000 (6 available)
Honor Wall Tile $500
Plaza Brick $125

Alumni Association to host Oktoberfest for senior interns

The Sherman College Alumni Association will host an Oktoberfest Party for senior interns on Thursday, October 13, 2011, 7-9 pm. Local alumni are invited to attend as well to get to know your future colleagues.

The Alumni Association is hosting this event for students to meet and network with Sherman alumni. Students will have a chance to meet the association president and other officers as well as local members of the association, enjoy beer and brats, and unwind after a day of classes and seeing patients in the health center. The event will celebrate our Sherman students and welcome them as future association members.

Any alumni residing in the upstate who want to help with the event planning and logistic details should contact Association President Tim Guest now via email; or phone, office: 770-426-2935; mobile: 864-303-7582. Upstate alumni will receive an invitation to the event in the coming weeks.

Pride of Sherman Tour, November 4 & 5

The Enrollment Services Office hosts many on-campus events throughout the year, and we would love for you to share these opportunities with patients in your office who are considering a career in chiropractic. Referrals from Sherman grads and supporters are the lifeblood of the college! We sincerely appreciate all of you who refer students to Sherman. Your referrals help Sherman College in its efforts to continue shaping the future of chiropractic education.

Our next enrollment event is the Pride of Sherman Tour, November 4-5. This two-day event is designed to introduce prospective students to the Sherman campus, faculty and students. Students will enjoy a fun-filled evening, attend a class, visit the anatomy lab, and talk with faculty and students about the curriculum. They can bring transcripts for evaluation and talk to the financial aid director.

Support chiropractic education at Sherman by recommending our events to prospective students. Registration for this event is available at or by calling 800-849-8771, ext. 200. The college can help with accommodations for students attending from out of town. ../1forms/pride-tour.asp

Lyceum 2012

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