Sherman Shares - October 2011

In Memoriam:
Harold Hughes, D.C. and Clair O'Dell, D.C.

Chiropractic and Sherman College lost two strong supporters earlier this month, Dr. Clair W. O'Dell and Dr. Harold T. Hughes, both pioneers and heroes of chiropractic. They will be greatly missed.

After serving in WWII, Dr. Harold Hughes graduated from Palmer College, a student of Dr. Lyle Sherman. His support for Sherman began shortly after the college’s founding when he was looking for a chiropractic college with his sons Brad and Tom. “I knew if [Dr. Sherman] was associated with the college, it was a place I wanted to support.” Read more

Dr. Clair O'Dell is quoted on one of the walls at Palmer College: “The ingredients for success are ever present, and are of the spirit. The formula includes loyalty to cause, dedication to principle, and unselfish service beyond the call of duty.” His life reflects his words. Read more

IRAPS – Oct. 22-23:

IRAPSWhat could be better than the marriage of philosophy and research, presented and discussed among colleagues over lunch and dinner? Come join the conversation at Sherman College, earn 12 hours of CE, and learn about "Winning the Debate on Subluxation" from keynote speaker Chris Kent, D.C., J.D.

Call 800-849-8771 x 229 with any questions

Shane Walker, DCMeet the Trustees: Shane Walker, D.C.

“The day of my graduation from Sherman College, I knew that involvement with the college would be a part of my future,” Walker says of joining the board. “Chiropractic is our entire life, and helping Sherman College take its place as the premier chiropractic institution is the logical next step for me. I see a huge vision for Sherman and I am honored to serve.”
Read more

Sherman Questions Accepted by NBCE

Congratulations to the following Sherman faculty members; 100% of their NBCE test question submissions for 2010 and 2011 were accepted by NBCE:
Drs. Castellucci, Decken, Gibbon, Hart, Miller, Reizer, Rush, Stephens, and Wakeman.

Only one other doctor of chiropractic program sent more questions than Sherman, and Sherman tied with 3 other colleges for second place in number of questions submitted. More questions were accepted from Sherman College faculty than from 15 other doctor of chiropractic programs.

Give an Adjustment to the ADJUST Fund

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At Sherman we give students the skills and knowledge they need to become licensed doctors of chiropractic and world-class adjustors.

We welcome your donations so that we can further

  • enhance teaching strategies
  • increase scholarship awards
  • provide real-world clinic experiences
  • educate competent, compassionate, ethical and successful doctors

ADJUST FundJoin us in supporting quality chiropractic education at Sherman by sending the cash equivalent of your office visit fee for an adjustment or two.


Fall 2011

Welcome, Fall Class!

Sherman College of Chiropractic is pleased to welcome the fall 2011 class.

These students represent ten states and two countries: Indiana, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Germany, and Singapore.

Ten students were referred by doctors of chiropractic to the college, including members of Reach Out and Recruit (ROAR): Drs. Eric Beauvais, Amanda Laferty, Steven Niemiec, Katelyn Niemiec, Gary & Cathleen Padden and Kevin Phalen. Five other chiropractors have also received credit for the My Scholarship program: Drs. George Auger, Jonathan Brown, Aaron Cloutier, Renata Kowal, and Jay Schwartz.

Referrals continue to be one of the best ways for successful students to find Sherman. The My Scholarship Program shows appreciation for the extraordinary support alumni and friends provide to Sherman by referring students. For each student referred, supporters earn $1,000 in scholarship credit upon enrollment. Once the scholarship fund reaches $5,000, supporters can award the scholarship to the next new student referral(s) of their choice. Each time the fund builds to $5,000, additional scholarships can be awarded. Find out more at

We thank you for giving faculty and staff the opportunity to educate and support first-class future chiropractors.

Keep those referrals coming!

Save the Date: May 24-26, 2012

Lyceum May 24-26 Time to Align

Student Loan Forgiveness
for Public Health Employment

By Director of Financial Aid Kathy Wilson

Federal regulations are always changing. Student loans are no different. With the state of the economy, student loans are one of the programs to receive cuts for cost savings. The good news is that chiropractic is recognized under the category of public health for loan forgiveness programs.

For each school, academic, or calendar year of full-time employment in an area of national need you complete on or after August 14, 2008, up to $2000 of outstanding student loan balance can be forgiven, limited to $10,000 total and five years of service.

Of course, this program is subject to federal funding allocation and availability. Public health (chiropractic) falls under this category of national need. This is great news for Sherman College graduates, as many incur debt to complete the program.

As of July 1, 2012, however, graduate level students will no longer have access to subsidized Stafford loans. This means that all funds received by graduate students will accrue interest the entire time they are in school. The federal government is doing this in order to protect the Pell grant program for undergraduate students.

This means, more than ever, it is important to remember to borrow wisely. In the financial aid office, we encourage students to “Live like a student now so you don’t have to when you graduate!”

For more information concerning the loan forgiveness program you can visit the following web site:

Get the Word Out:
Pride of Sherman Tour November 4-5

The Pride of Sherman Tour is a great opportunity to encourage prospective students to visit the campus. If you know someone considering a career in chiropractic, please refer them to this engaging and informative event.

Hosted annually in November by Enrollment Services, this even exposes guests to the Sherman experience and educates them about chiropractic and the enrollment process.

Participants tour the campus and a local chiropractic office. They will have the opportunity to experience the anatomy lab, attend a mock adjusting class, socialize with current students, and participate in a student panel discussion.

The event will culminate with admission and financial aid counseling.

For more information, please visit our website or contact Admission and Event Coordinator Stacy Bradey via email,, or phone, 864-578-8770, ext. 200.

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New Beginnings
Sherman Weekend

New Beginnings

October 27-30,
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October - November Seminars

Upper Cervical Academy
begins December 2011

Anatomy Module rescheduled for January

Sherman PRrrride Day
October 24, 2011

Sherman Pride Day
Sherman PRrrride Day is

  • A day for Sherman College to honor and celebrate its alumni
  • A day for YOU to honor and celebrate your affiliation with Sherman College.

It's easy to participate on Sherman PRide Day. Get some ideas here: ../pride

Larry pride

Save the Date
Lyceum May 24-26

Time to Align

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ROAR members Reach Out And Recruit for Sherman by holding career exploration activities in their offices, attending career events on behalf of the college, and referring students. If you would like to help, check out the ROAR program at Sherman.

Ashley WrenNew Staff member:
Ashley Wren

Ashley Wren, B.S., B.A., recently joined the Information Technology staff at Sherman as help desk technician. Originally from Georgia, she comes to Sherman from Okinawa, where she lived with her husband for three years before they returned to Spartanburg to be near family.

Employees Earn Recognition of Service Awards

One year of service
Michelle Guffey, Amilliah Kenya, Luke Chomic, Jaime Browning and Charles Kenya

Five years of service
Stephanie Johnson, LaShanda Hutto-Harris, Pengju (George) Luo, Monte Guffey, Kenneth Gilbert.

Fifteen years of service
Laura Greene-Orndorff, William Fehl, Angela Thrift

Twenty-Five years of service
William Decken

Changes to Upper Cervical Academy Schedule


UCA Module: Upper Cervical Anatomy at Sherman College with Dr. Charles Kenya has been rescheduled to January 2012.

Philosophy/History/Literature Review Module, Charlotte, NC Saturday, December 10th - 8am to 8pm - 800-266-9432 Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel, 2800 Coliseum Centre Drive, Charlotte

Upper Cervical Protocols, Charlotte, NC Spring 2012 - 8am to 8pm in Charlotte

Neurology I & II, Technique Overview & Pediatrics Modules offered online at your convenience

100-Hour Upper Cervical Certification Program Pricing
Doctor: $300 per module

- Pay for all six: $1500 - Save $300
Student: $150 per module
- Pay for all six: $750 - Save $150

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