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Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers Graduates
and Topics of Research Papers

Sherman College is proud to announce the graduation of 18 deserving candidates from the esteemed Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers. This year-long 100-hour course challenges the modern chiropractor in the knowledge and application of chiropractic philosophy.

We thank not only our graduates but Sherman Philosophy Department Chair Dr. Bill Decken for leading the program and Dr. Gary Pennebaker for spearheading the group in Minnesota.

Why the ACP?

“Enrolling in the ACP program was the most important decision I have made as a chiropractor. The in depth analysis of our philosophy and history has given me incredible certainty that has resulted in improved communication of the principles with my practice members and other chiropractors. Do it for yourself, your practice members and the profession” – Steve Tullius, DC, AC

ACP graduates

Matthew Alvord, D.C.
Minnesota, Innate Intelligence: the minor premise

Morgan Binnie, D.C.
Minnesota, Philosophy of chiropractic and its application with pediatrics

Richard Brescia, D.C.
Illinois, the mechanistic evidence of interference to the mental impulse

Joshua Carmack, D.C.
Tennessee, The Sacred Trust – A Challenge to Preserve “The Missing Link” of Chiropractic

Ronald Castellucci, D.C.
North Carolina, The Philosophy of Chiropractic and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Troy Higley, D.C.
Minnesota, Preserving chiropractic philosophy by protecting chiropractic lexicon

Carolyn Kusek
DC2B, Palmer College of Chiropractic,  Vitalism and the nature of Life as it pertains to the chiropractic approach to health.

Laurence Layne
Florida, The GPC Service Principle: History, Philosophy and Practice

Abel Montoro Murcia
DC2B, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Spain, The Influence of the Principle of Time in the Chiropractic Profession: A Clinical Application

Paul D. Moon, D.C.
Minnesota, Subluxation: Fact, Fiction or Legend

James Peck, D.C.
Massachusetts, The Straight – Mixer Quandary: Will Chiropractic Survive? Can it Thrive?

Joseph Stevens, D.C.
Minnesota, The Interaction between Educated and Innate Intelligence and its Congruency and Application in Chiropractic Practice

Erick C. Swenson, D.C.
Minnesota, The Philosophy And Art Of The 33 Chiropractic Principles

Steve Tullius, D.C.
California, Universal Intelligence: Philosophically and Scientifically Defensible or Religious Pseudoscience? Part 1

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