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Alumna Author Lauren Nappen, '93,
Releases Wishing You

Sherman Alumni at Book Release party

Nappen's book release party with chiropractors with decades of expertise in attendance (from left):

  • Dr. Lampe: 55 years in practice
  • Marylyn Hilston, D.C., ’76, of Kimberton, PA
  • Inez Hayes, DC, ’82, of Lambertville, NJ
  • Charlie Hilston, D.C.’78, of Kimberton, PA
  • J.P. Kalellis: Life graduate,
  • Lauren Nappen, D.C., ’93, Mechanicsville, PA

Dr. Lauren Nappen, who describes herself as a natural born healer, chiropractor, spiritual Wishing you by Lauren Nappen, D.C. intuitive, visionary and witness, has been encouraging people to rewrite their personal stories for the past 18 years by sharing the benefits and wisdom of alignment with self and spirit.

She is the creator of various workshops and seminars, including Wellth of Soulutions, a monthly spiritual gathering that focuses on the joy of the soul. 

Holding advanced certifications in a wide variety of healing disciplines, Nappen currently shares her gentle “ahhhjusting” style and spiritual ministry at her healing sanctuary, Ahhhjusting To Life, in Bucks County, PA, where she lives and works with her 3 black beauties, Riley, Emma and Oliver. For more information visit www.ahhhjustingtolife.com

What People Say:

“With pure simplicity, Wishing You captures signs of wisdom and grace we can use along the way to the best of who we are to become.”

—John Morton, author of The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings

“This little booklet may be small in size, but the message it carries is bigger than any I know of today! When you read it over and over again, the wishes get stronger and more meaningful. Everyone you know and love needs a copy.”

—Dr. Jim Dubel

Wishing You is a beautifully designed book - it's simply gorgeous - inside and out! Each burst of inspiration and passage hits you in a different way depending upon where you are when you read it. I also love using it as a ‘message book’ - by closing it and asking the question, ‘What do I need to know today?’ and opening it to just the passage I need.”

—Elizabeth Pfeiffer on Amazon.com

Wishing You by Dr. Lauren Nappen, ISBN 978-0-938467-14-4, 6 x 6, HC, illustrated, 56 pages, Retail Price $22.95 Available at your favorite local and online bookstore and http://headlinebooks.com/selfhelp.shtml

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