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South Carolina Meets New Jersey for New Beginnings

by Admission Representative Daria Winnicka

I had the pleasure of representing Sherman College recently in Long Branch, New Jersey, from October 27-30, for a celebration of principled chiropractic at the 20th anniversary of New Beginnings.

The weekend started out on Thursday with a number of passionate speakers. Friday kicked things into gear with Sherman’s very own Dr. Ron Castellucci as the first speaker of the morning. Notables in chiropractic such as Dr. Peter Kevorkian, Dr. Dean DePice, Dr. Patti Guiliano and Dr. Nalyn Marcus made the day that much more philosophy-packed and exciting.

On Friday, a special luncheon encouraged current chiropractic students to stay motivated and rooted in philosophy. Later that evening, Sherman President Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer, faculty member Dr. Ron Castellucci and I had the opportunity to have dinner with alum Dr. Luke Badman. We love taking time to reconnect with grads in the field to hear about their successes and share updates about the college.

New Beginning students
Students and DCs at New Beginnings.

Dr. Schwartzbauer spoke Saturday morning, confirming Sherman's commitment to excellence in chiropractic education. He discussed the Sherman curriculum, particularly the college’s devotion to balancing the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic, which made me proud.

philosphy hours
Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer addresses New Beginnings.

At the Fellowship luncheon, all present got to sign a historic poster that will be displayed at all future New Beginnings weekends. This poster read, “On October 29, 2011, a group of principled Chiropractors met in New Jersey and pledged themselves to protect and preserve philosophical chiropractic for generations yet to come.” I felt honored to be part of the occasion, especially considering the date marked my four-year anniversary of working for Sherman College.

Signing the Philosophy board
Dr. Luke Badman signs the poster.

On Saturday night, New Beginnings attendees enjoyed a Halloween banquet and costume party, with costumes ranging from vertebrae to activators to the typical angels and devils. I joined with a current student and a recent alum, and we dressed as a “Sherman swim team.” Best costume idea ever? We thought so!

John Spanger - I got your Back
Sherman student John Spangler,
dressed as an activator for Halloween, displays his t-shirt

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