The Great Undertow by B.J. Palmer

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The great Undertow by BJ PalmerThe Great Undertow:
Lost B.J. Palmer Book (1929) Published by Dr. H. T. Hughes

by Rob Sinnott, D.C.

I had the pleasure of preparing this text for publishing for the great chiropractor Dr. Harold Hughes (PSC '47) over the past 18 months. Dr. Hughes passed from the physical plane days before this text went to print here, but thankfully his sons have completed the final steps and made it available to a profession in desperate need for the words etched across these pages.

Dr. Palmer's last revision of this text was never published. It was dated weeks before the Great Depression struck America, and I suspect this to be the reason it was set aside for so long. As an avid historian of the profession, I promise you that this is without question the most important book written by BJ Palmer. It is a book for TODAY. It speaks to the issues we face today with clarity, if we would but learn from these pages.

Dr. Hughes had made arrangements for the proceeds of this text to go 100% to his student scholarship trust fund. It has my wholehearted endorsement to any interested in the future of the profession. No chiropractic book collection is near complete without this book and it should be required reading in our schools!

The Great Undertow  by B.J. Palmer, Ed. By  H. T. Hughes.  ISBN 978-0-578-09234-8, hardback (case-wrap), 330 pages available from