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Sherman Shares - January 2012

Sherman Connect Program Has Strong Start

The first Sherman Connect call with Dr. Dean Sottile was a rousing success with more than 150 callers taking advantage of the Monday evening program. Dr. Sottile “brought the heat” with a passionate message of chiropractic.

The Sherman Connect weekly conference call is a free service provided to everyone who loves Sherman College and the values it stands for.  Each week a member of Sherman's Board of Trustees will host a guest speaker who will share some aspect of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic and its successful application in practice.

A schedule of speakers for the weekly calls is available at
Join the conference call: (209) 647-1600, Access Code: 577840# 

Pass the word to your colleagues to take advantage of this opportunity to hear these exciting speakers:

  • Jan. 23: Arno Burnier, D.C., Touch is the language of LOVE;
    hosted by Sherman Board member Danny Knowles, D.C.
  • Jan. 30: Shawn Powers, D.C., Maximize Who You Are and What You Do to Get What You Want 
  • Feb. 6: Kevin Donka, D.C., Subluxation-Based - REALLY?
  • Feb. 13: Jason Ulsrud, D.C., Living in the Chiropractic Truth 
  • Feb. 20: Tedd Koren, D.C., How Chiropractic Can Connect Us to Deeper Healing
  • Feb. 27: Garrett Gunderson, Building Wealth by Investing in Alignment.
  • March 5: Matthew Loop, D.C., Introduction to Internet Marketing for Chiropractors
  • March 12: Steve Tullius, D.C., Bringing Philosophy into Practice
  • March 19: Keith Wassung, D. C.
  • March 26: Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
  • May 14 Dan Yachter, D. C., Nothing Excites More Than the Principle

Lyceum: Time to Align – May 24-26, 2012 –
Plenary Speakers Announced

Dean DePice, DCDean DePice, D.C. - Thursday, May 24, Plenary Session
Dr. DePice has been practicing since 1987. Majoring in chemistry and biology, combined with his lifelong experience and knowledge of chiropractic, positions him as a doctor who pursues knowledge upon patient outcomes with a balanced focus on the practical application of science and philosophy.

His success lies in his consistent execution of delivering an ideal balance in personal and procedural development, and integration of science and philosophy into practical patient experiences. Building team driven practices, cash practices and lifetime care are all cornerstones of TLC coaching.

Dr. DePice excels at understanding and inspiring patients and doctors alike with a clear approach to combining science and philosophy in practice to optimize both the patients and doctors outcomes. He is able to accomplish this with the support from his wife, Dr. Jen DePice and his three children.

Dr. Joe Borio Joseph C. Borio, D.C., - Friday, May 25, Plenary Session
Dr. Joe Borio’s chiropractic education started at National College of Chiropractic and continues to this day in his chiropractic practice in Cicero, NY. During the past 20 years, Dr. Joe has grown one of the busiest high volume practices in the country regularly adjusting more than 300 people a day. 

Chiropassion Consulting was started 10 years ago in an effort to help chiropractors and their teams reach the best goals and levels of care possible for their patients. Dr. Borio’s clients will tell you he is an honest man with a great outlook and a warm personality whose motivational speaking and conviction for his love of chiropractic is apparent in everything he does.

“The future of chiropractic is in our hands, and it is a huge responsibility,” he says. “Chiropassion Consulting is one of many efforts to keep true to the chiropractic principles while ensuring the success of all the clients we help.”

Bill Esteb William D. Esteb - Saturday, May 26, Plenary Session
After working as the creative director for various advertising agencies in Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco, Mr. Esteb was introduced to chiropractic in 1981 when he was asked to write what became known as the Peter Graves video for Renaissance International.

Later, Esteb got together with two chiropractors and formed Back Talk Systems where he was the creative force until 1999, when he started Patient Media, Inc. In 2004 he co-founded Perfect Patients, an interactive web service which manages the online reputations of more than 2,000. In 2011 he co-founded The Paperwork Project with Kathy Mills Chang, which supplies state-of-the-art chiropractic paperwork and documentation resources at

The author of 10 books from a chiropractic patient’s point of view, Esteb blogs weekly at and sends “Monday Morning Motivation” emails. When he isn’t writing about chiropractic or speaking about chiropractic, he can be found thinking about chiropractic—from a patient’s point of view.

Shadow DayShadow an Intern Event Offers Glimpse into Typical Chiropractic Student Day

by Admission and Event Coordinator Stacy Bradey

On Thursday, February 23, the Office of Enrollment Services will host Shadow an Intern Day – our first event of the year.  This event provides prospective students an opportunity to experience a day in the life of a chiropractic intern.  Guests will be paired with one of our Health Center interns for a glimpse of patient visits, health talks, the digital x-ray suite, and a general overview of the expectations and responsibilities of the intern program.  They will take a campus tour and have lunch with us in the Atrium. 

Please help us promote Sherman College and refer contacts who are interested in a chiropractic education and career to this event. If you would like to participate as a speaker, open your office to future groups, or add to our events in other creative ways, please contact me at
or 800-849-8771 ext. 200. We would love to have you here!

I want to ROAR for SHERMAnReach Out And Recruit (ROAR) Brings Students to Sherman

by Director of ROAR Jaime Browning, D.C.

The purpose of the Reach Out And Recruit (ROAR) program is to help build the profession and support Sherman College’s growth by promoting chiropractic as a career and recruiting future leaders to the field. The following seven students were referred to Sherman by ROAR members in 2011. Thank you, ROAR docs!

  1. Linda Markgraf referred by Dr. Liam Schubel (Spring)
  2. Kelley Gentry referred by Drs. Lee & Margaret Angle, DCs (Summer)
  3. Jess Boersma referred by Drs. Steve Niemiec & Kevin Phalen (Fall)
  4. Leyton Childers referred by Dr. Amanda Laferty (Fall)
  5. Andrew Peasley referred by Drs. Gary & Cathy Padden (Fall)
  6. Ryan Sturgill referred by Dr. Erik Beauvais (Fall)
  7. David Tan referred by Dr. Kelvin Ng Say Koon (Fall)

I am also excited that my referral, Chris Zuccato, enrolled in Summer 2011.
Are you ROARing for Sherman? To find out more about our ROAR program, visit or contact me at or 800-849-8771, ext. 220.

Paddens Earn Second $5,000 in Scholarship Funds to Award to Future Sherman Students

Alumni Gary and Cathie Padden of Lakeview, MI, have proven that it really does pay to refer students to Sherman College. In just three years, the Paddens have referred 11 new students who have enrolled at the college; the couple just earned a second $5,000 My Scholarship award.

As part of the college’s My Scholarship program to encourage referrals and build enrollment, a $5,000 Gary and Cathie Padden Scholarship has been established for the Paddens to award, in whole or in part, to any future chiropractic student(s) of their choice.

The Paddens’ most recent student referrals earning them a second $5,000 scholarship (plus another $1,000 toward the next award) include current students Casey Bogart, Carissa Meyers, Andy Padden, Lisa Patrick, Andrew Peasley and Justin Peasley. Myers and Patrick, the couple’s most recent referrals, enrolled in the college’s Winter 2012 class earlier this month. The couple returned to Spartanburg in December 2011 to attend the commencement ceremony in support of their first two referrals, Nick Schuster and Ashley Stalmack.

“We are very grateful to Drs. Gary and Cathie Padden for the confidence they have shown in Sherman by referring students to us, and we are excited to celebrate this milestone with them,” says Vice President for Enrollment Services Kelley Jones Ashcraft, M.B.A.

For more information about the My Scholarship program, visit

Cast to be Chiropractors by Schübel and NogradyCast to Be Chiropractors Released by Sherman Board Member Dr. Liam Schübel and Dr. Judd Nogrady

"Here are two friends with one calling. Two styles but still one profession. Most importantly, two personalities focused on one objective. Enjoy this read. Think about your own journey. Amp up." –Sherman Philosophy Department Chair Bill Decken, D.C., ACP

Join chiropractors Dr. Liam Schübel and Dr. Judd Nogrady as they bring you into an exciting new world of passionate service to humanity in their book, Cast to Be Chiropractors. Learn why chiropractic is one of the greatest healing professions on the planet and how you can get involved in changing the world's understanding of true health and vitality. For B.J.'s take, see this video: (a comedy by Spinal Column Radio).

Limited edition hardcover copies are available for $40 at

Become a

Members of the Board of Regents provide for the advancement of Sherman College with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. The collective financial commitment of its members is a major source of funding for the college annual fund.

Regents are leaders in the profession and participate in activities that give visibility and stature to Sherman College. Whether through speaking engagements, legislative roles, student referrals, or financial support, regents are an effective and vital group of Sherman advocates.

When you join this group you become a partner with the college, helping to extend Sherman’s influence in the world. The future of Sherman College and chiropractic depend upon the strong leadership, guidance and support of individuals like you.

Regent FAQs

Do I have to be nominated to join the Board of Regents?

No, membership on the Sherman Board of Regents is open to anyone who wants to support Sherman at the regent level of giving.

Do I have to be a Sherman graduate to join?

No. Anyone who wants to support Sherman can join.

Do I have to be a doctor of chiropractic to join?


What’s in it for me?

proud regentsWhen you join this group you become a partner with the college, supporting and helping to extend Sherman’s influence in the world. That alone is pretty gratifying!  As a regent, your registration for Sherman’s Lyceum Homecoming is considered a benefit of your regent status. You are also entitled to: other continuing education program discounts and discounts on your purchases at the Sherman College Bookstore.

Are my Regent donations tax deductible?

In accordance with IRS regulations, only the portion of your contributions exceeding the value of any goods or services you receive are tax deductible. If you take advantage of the Lyceum registration benefit, your tax deductible contribution total will be reduced by the fair market value of Lyceum registration.

We invite you to join the Board of Regents.

For more information, download a Regent Program brochure or contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan, 800-849-8771, x.277;

Six Interns Join ACE Program

Congratulations to Sherman College’s newest ACE Interns: Clayton Broome, Joshua Cebula, Sandip Patel, Kunal Patel, Dayna Socha, and Crystal Zagwyn.  The Academy of Chiropractic Excellence (ACE) is a mastery program designed to provide participating interns with advanced knowledge, skills, practical experience and motivation in the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations utilizing the techniques and procedures taught in the Sherman College curriculum and commonly used in the profession. ACE interns provide peer tutoring or remediation to any student interested in developing their knowledge and skills, no matter their level of proficiency. Interns may also provide classroom support in the form of teaching assistance.

Research News: Dr. Luo Article Published

Lin, S.; Guo, Y.; You, Q.; Yin, Y.; Liu, J.; Luo, P.G. Effects of High-Intensity Pulsed Electric Field on Antioxidant Attributes of Hydrolysates Derived from Egg White Protein. Journal of Food Biochemistry. (Published online Dec 30, 2011).

The full paper can also be accessed online at:

CE at Sherman

Upper Cervical Academy
January 28 & 29, 2012
Sherman College of Chiropractic
Spartanburg, SC

Upper Cervical
Certification Program

takes you to the next level of excellence: consisting of 64 core hours and 36 elective technique hours, it’s your technique!

For more information and registration go to

Register Now


Board Certified
Atlas Orthogonal
Certification Program

Sherman College is proud to have partnered for more than 10 years with the Sweat Institute and the estimable Drs. Roy and Matthew Sweat for the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal program (B.C.A.O.).

Program schedule :

- Module I March 3-4, 2012
- Module II June 9-10, 2012
- Module III July 14-15, 2012
- Module IV August 18-19, 2012

Tedd Koren

February 4-5 -
Koren Specific Technique
16 hours CE
Orlando, FL

February 11-18 -
Koren Specific Technique

16 hours CE
Western Caribbean Cruise

February 25-26,
as Expert Witness
Chiro-Legal Consulting,
12 hours CE
Sandston, VA,
with Darlene Holland, D.C. &
William Shields, Esq.

Chiropassion Consulting

March 2-3
The Science
Behind Chiropractic
& Vertebral Subluxation
& Educating Patients
12 hours CE
Chicago, IL
Joseph Borio, D.C.
Dave Mager

March 3-4,
Atlas Orthogonal Module I
13 hours CE
Atlanta, GA,
B.C.A.O. Certification
Roy Sweat, D.C.
Matthew Sweat, D.C

March 24-25,
Koren Specific Technique

16 hours CE
Dallas, TX

March 31-April 1,
Koren Specific Technique,
16 hours CE
Philadelphia, PA

For a full list of Continuing Education programs
and for details
on the programs listed
above, visit ../

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Weekend
January 26-29
Long Branch, NJ

Sherman Faculty
Dr. Ron Castellucci to Present

What doctors asked for: one hour from each presenter! Experience incredible philosophy talks from internationally known chiropractic speakers, including Jay Handt, Brian Capra, Peter Martone, Kevin Jackson, Armand Rossi, Jeanne Ohm, Chuck Ribley, Dean DePice, Rob Schiffman, Sue Brown, Reggie Gold, Joe Borio, Fred Schofield and Skip George. Take advantage of “speed coaching” with a panel of successful woman chiropractors, sharing their knowledge and ready for all those hard-to-answer practice questions. The New Beginnings program includes philosophy, fellowship and family fun. For more information, go to

Alumni Directory Easier to Access

We’ve made it easier for alumni and friends of the college who consult the Online Alumni Directory for patient referrals to access and search our alumni database for graduates of Sherman and Pennsylvania Colleges of Chiropractic.

“Using the directory no longer requires a login password,” says Director of Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan. “Alumni use the directory to find fellow alums across the globe.  We hope the changes we have made will make it easier for everyone.” 

Searching by city name is a feature that was also recently added by popular request of our users. The online directory is available at

Are you
for Sherman

Promote your practice
while you share chiropractic
as a profession.

for 2012

by Enrollment Event Coordinator Stacy Bradey

Referrals from doctors of chiropractic are the most valuable source of students for Sherman.  In the next year, five on-campus events will be held for prospective students to meet with current students and faculty, talk with admissions and financial aid staff, and see for themselves if Sherman is a good fit. 

  • February 23 & July 6
    Shadow an Intern Day
  • May 24-26
    Lyceum Career Day
  • Aug. 17
    Southern Fried Friday
  • Nov. 10  
    Pride of Sherman Tour

Please mark these dates in your calendar and tell prospective students about them.  Share your pride in Sherman by helping us recruit students to these events. For more information contact Stacy Bradey, 800-849-8771,

Loan Forgiveness for Service
in Areas of National Need

For each school, academic, or calendar year of full-time employment in an area of national need (described below) you complete on or after August 14, 2008, up to $2,000 of your outstanding student loan balance will be forgiven, limited to $10,000 total and five years of service. NOTE: This program is subject to federal funding allocation and availability.

Research News: Dr. Luo Article Published

Lin, S.; Guo, Y.; You, Q.; Yin, Y.; Liu, J.; Luo, P.G. Effects of High-Intensity Pulsed Electric Field on Antioxidant Attributes of Hydrolysates Derived from Egg White Protein. Journal of Food Biochemistry. (Published online Dec 30, 2011).

The full paper can also be accessed online at:

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