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Sherman Connect Conference Calls: 
Brainchild of Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C.

by Webmaster and Social Networks Manager Charlotte Babb

Now in the fifth week, the Sherman Connect chiropractic conference calls are building some buzz for Sherman College and for chiropractic. The calls are free, and they feature highly sought-after speakers who support Sherman’s mission and vision.

“When I was at Sherman, I would go to the extensive AV library and listen to the visionaries of chiropractic,” says Dr. Daniel Knowles, member of the Sherman Board of Trustees. “This wealth of resources kept me focused and on track. I wanted current students to have the same kind of resource available.”

And so Knowles came up with the idea for the Connect conference calls. One of the goals for the calls was to build relationships with alumni, students and other chiropractors by making this resource available online. All the calls are recorded and available on the Sherman website.

The Board of Trustees hopes that having these speakers will inspire chiropractors to come to Lyceum and support Sherman College in its vision and mission, as well as encourage current students to dig deeper into the philosophy, art and science of chiropractic.

“Sherman is a relationship resource,” says Knowles. “It’s like a family where you can network and connect with the most exciting visionaries in chiropractic today.”

Knowles’ vision for Sherman is to be recognized as the obvious leader in vitalistic chiropractic education world-wide, and the Sherman Connect calls are one way to spread the word.  Each call has attracted nearly 100 callers, as well as increased web site traffic and new “likes” for the Sherman Facebook page.

Sherman Connect Schedule February 20 - March, 9 pm EST:

  • Feb. 20: Tedd Koren, D.C., How Chiropractic Can Connect Us to Deeper Healing
  • Feb. 27: Garrett Gunderson, Building Wealth by Investing in Alignment
  • March 5: Matthew Loop, D.C., Introduction to Internet Marketing for Chiropractors
  • March 12: Steve Tullius, D.C., Bringing Philosophy into Practice

Join the conference call: (209) 647-1600 Access Code: 577840#

Sherman Welcomes New Regents

Sherman College welcomes and thanks the following individuals who have joined the Sherman College Board of Regents:

RegentsRene Acosta, D.C., Sandy Springs, GA
Andrew De Saro, D.C., Richboro, PA
Scott Fye, D.C., Huntingdon, PA
Frank Hahn, D.C., Franklin Park, NJ
Keith Henry, D.C., Spartanburg, SC
Kenji Nakata, D.C., Hyogo, Japan
Martha Nessler, D.C., Springfield, IL
Bradley Rauch, D.C., Stowe, VT

Members of the Board of Regents provide for the advancement of Sherman College with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. The collective financial commitment of its members is a major source of funding for the college annual fund.

Regents are leaders in the profession and participate in activities that give visibility and stature to Sherman College. Sherman Regents are an effective and vital group of Sherman advocates.

When you join this group you become a partner with the college, helping to extend Sherman’s influence in the world. We invite you to join

For more information, download a Regent Program brochure or contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan, 864-357-4271, ext.277;

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be nominated to join the Board of Regents?
No, membership on the Sherman Board of Regents is open to anyone who wants to support Sherman at the regent level of giving.

Do I have to be a Sherman graduate to join?
No. Anyone who wants to support Sherman can join.

Do I have to be a doctor of chiropractic to join?

What’s in it for me?
When you join this group you become a partner with the college, supporting the greatest chiropractic college in the world. That alone is pretty gratifying!
As a regent, your registration for Sherman’s Lyceum Homecoming is considered a benefit of your regent status. You are also entitled to: continuing education program discounts and discounts on your purchases at the Sherman College Bookstore.

Are my Regent donations tax deductible?
In accordance with IRS regulations, only the portion of your contributions exceeding the value of any goods or services you receive are tax deductible. If you take advantage of the Lyceum registration benefit, your tax deductible contribution total will be reduced by the fair market value of Lyceum registration.

Practice-Based Research

by Assistant Director of Research John Hart, DC, MHSc

We chiropractors believe vertebral subluxation is a real condition, with real adverse health consequences. While there is some evidence to support this idea, as a profession we need to continue adding to the body of evidence if we want to become stronger. That said, this is not the main reason for doing research; the main reason is to improve the quality of chiropractic care that we give to our patients.

The question then becomes: who should do this research – academicians or practitioners? The answer is: both groups can. For practitioners, an example of a research project is the case study. The case study was my first experience in research as a practitioner. I wanted to share an interesting “story” about one of my patients with others by way of publication but wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed. So I contacted my alma mater, where I received guidance, and the paper was eventually published in a peer-reviewed research journal. If I can do it, I know you can!

Although the primary responsibility of the Sherman College Research Department (SCRD) is to assist with on-campus research, we are also glad to help with off-campus research.  Some of the steps for conducting research include:

a) writing a design
b) gathering data
c) analyzing the data
d) writing a paper
e) submitting the paper for publication

The SCRD can help with these steps. In addition, your project may require an approval process such as from an Institutional Review Board prior to initiating your study.  

For further information about research at Sherman, along with SCRD contact information, visit our web site:  ../research/default.asp or contact me at

BJ PAlmer BustB.J. Palmer Busts presented
to 17 Supporters

In recognition of their value to Sherman College, each quarter a bust of B.J. Palmer is given to doctors of chiropractic and others who refer students who matriculate. In the fall and winter quarters, 17 of these busts were awarded. Sherman College appreciates your support in referring students into the profession.

“Our hope is that this small gift will remind our supporters, their patients and their colleagues of the contribution to chiropractic and Sherman College that they have made,” says VP for Academic Affairs Bob Irwin, D.C. “We sincerely appreciate referrals because it means that the referrer is supporting our profession and placing their confidence in Sherman College as the place for chiropractic education.”

Fall Quarter 2011

Kevin Phalan, D.C., referred Jessica Boersma
George Auger, D.C., referred Gregory Brown
Amanda Laferty, D.C./ROAR, referred Leyton Childers
Aaron Cloutier, D.C., referred Andrew Cooledge
Renata Kowal, D.C., referred Kelly Davenport
Jay Schwartz, D.C., referred Christopher Fagerstrom,
Erik Beauvais, D.C., referred Jeffrey (Ryan) Sturgill
Kelvin Ng, D.C., referred David Tan
Jonathan Brown, D.C. referred Nikki Tatham

Winter Quarter 2012

Greg Howell, D.C., referred Gaby Baumgartner
Jonathan Holloway, D.C., referred Matthew Boyeson
Dennis Yeung, D.C., referred Ka Kin Chow & Yuen Mei Ng
Joshua Darrah, D.C., referred Christine D'Alonzo
Charles & Angela Dixon, D.C., referred Carl "Chase" Dixon
Winston Carhee, Jr., D.C., referred Antjuan Mitchell
Christine Theodossis, D.C., referred Krishna Murphy
Liam Schübel, D.C. referred Courtney Sharpe & Heath Sharpe

Enrollment Events for 2012

Referrals from doctors of chiropractic are the most valuable source of new students for Sherman.  In the next year, five on-campus events will be held for prospective students to meet with current students and faculty, talk with admissions and financial aid staff, and see for themselves if Sherman is a good fit.

  • February 23 and July 26  Shadow an Intern Day
  • May 24-26                       Lyceum & Career Day                        
  • August 17                        Southern Fried Friday
  • November 9-10               Pride of Sherman Tour

Please mark these dates in your calendar and tell prospective students about them.  Share your pride in Sherman by helping us recruit students to these events. For more information contact Stacy Bradey, 800-849-8771, ext. 200,

Speakers at Lyceum, Thursday, May 24

  • Ron Castellucci, D.C.: Caring for the Older Patient
    As we know, chiropractic is for life. Much of the focus is on the vital importance of pediatric care: Begin at the beginning. But what do you do when that patient becomes more senior – do your setups need to change? What special considerations need to be made for patients with osteoporosis, history of stroke, or DJD?

  • Dean DePice, D.C.: Health Reform/Self Reform
    As the single largest group of alternative health care providers, chiropractors possess the perfect positioning to facilitate a “true health care reform.” The strength to succeed resides in each doctor, as well as the ability to gain total clarity regarding what they (and their patients) possess and how to present it to inspire the greatest outcomes.
  • Donald Epstein, D.C.: The Reorganizational Chiropractic Practice
    How do you best serve your patients to not just create outstanding results, but reorganizational results, taking them beyond restoration to a prior state? Today’s health and wellness consumers are searching for more from their practitioners. Are you prepared to deliver the outcomes that they are really looking for?

    The Reorganizational Chiropractic Practice will help your patients create more sustainable change, provide energetic resources for progress, experience the organizing intelligences of life, know the timing of change, and help you find a greater satisfaction in practice by learning the difference between managing pain and making progress.

  • Nalyn Marcus, D.C.: Women in Chiropractic
    Jam Sessions! Round tables! Mentor Speed Rounds! Adjusting from a Woman’s Perspective.

  • Dan Murphy, D.C.: Subluxation Neurology
    Dr. Murphy shares his knowledge on Subluxation Neurology and its multiple concepts of spinal cord laminar reflexes, visceral function, the importance of mechanoreception in autonomic parasympathetic/sympathetic balance and more.

adjusting hands

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings
Sherman College
Recruitment Event
April 19

“Bring a prospective student to
New Beginnings.
Make a difference
in a young person’s life.
Every student sent to Sherman advances chiropractic!”

This is the message New Beginnings is sharing as it promotes its April 2012 program. In order to better serve attendees, New Beginnings has extended the hours and days for the April Conference.  Registration starts at 9 a.m. on Thursday. The first speaker begins at 9:15 a.m. For more information, go to

May 24-26, 2012
Time to Align


Up to 24 Hours
Continuing Education

Tedd Koren, Feb. 20

Alumni Reunion

Sherman College classes of 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007 and Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic classes of 1982, 1987 and 1992 are invited to an Alumni Reunion Reception on Thursday, May 24, 2012; from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at the Spartanburg Marriott Downtown.  The reception will feature a pasta bar and heavy hors d’oeuvres along with a cash bar:  $25 in advance, $35 at the door.  To see who else is attending, visit ../

Sign up on your Lyceum
registration form, ../lolr/
call the Alumni Office
at 800-849-8771, ext. 277,
or sign up at the registration tables at the door at Lyceum. The earlier we know who is attending, the better we can plan appropriately.

GArrett Gunderson, Feb 27

ROARing for Sherman

The Sherman College Reach Out And Recruit (ROAR) program has an active spring schedule, with representation at health fairs, CE programs, high school and college classrooms, career and college fairs, and more! Many thanks to the following ROAR members who are helping out with these events: Ron Castellucci, Holly Clarke, Daniel and Kristen Denette, Bethaney Lawson, Amy Nedrow-Zesiger, Ally Padden, Gary and Cathie Padden, Jason Price, Levi Pulver and Todd Riddle.

Winter/Spring quarter events include:

  • Total Health Fair, SC
  • New Beginnings January Weekend, NJ
  • Junior Achievement of Upstate, SC
  • York Tech Transfer Fair, SC
  • Carolina High School, SC
  • Berea College, KY
  • Baker College Career Fair, MI
  • Massachusetts Chiropractic Society Spring Meeting, MA
  • NC Chiropractic Conference, NC
  • New Beginnings April Weekend, NJ
  • ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports, OH
  • MAC Conference, MI
  • UNC Charlotte Kinesiology Class, NC
  • … and many more to come!

For more information, visit

Are you
for Sherman

Promote your practice
while you share chiropractic
as a profession.

Two Students Awarded K. R. Jones Memorial Scholarship

Two students were awarded the K.R. Jones Memorial Scholarship and a one-year membership in the South Carolina Chiropractic Association, which includes registration for the annual conference and trade show in June in Myrtle Beach. This will allow them the opportunity to meet many chiropractors from the South Carolina and to participate in over 24 hours of education. The awards will be presented this weekend in Columbia at the K.R. Jones Philosophy forum.

  • Guthrie Schroeder won 1st place and $2500
  • Jared Dreckman won Honorable Mention and $1000

Matthew Loop

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