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Sherman Shares - October 2012

Share your PRIDE on Monday, October 29

Sherman PrideAs a member of the Sherman Pride, you are part of the family of chiropractic. On Monday, October 29, we ask you to share that pride as part of Sherman PRide Day.

This is a day for Sherman College to honor and celebrate its alumni, and it’s also a day for YOU to honor and celebrate your affiliation with Sherman College. It doesn't matter where you live or what you do, it is easy to participate.

  • Wear a Sherman College shirt to the office.
  • Shout out on Facebook with photos, memories and status updates regarding Sherman College.
  • Change your Facebook profile or timeline cover photo to something Sherman-related (you can even download ours).
  • Talk about Sherman to family, friends and patients.
  • Put a Sherman poster on your office wall (get them here).
  • Host a chiropractic career session in your office.
  • Call a classmate.
  • Send a donation to the Sherman ADJUST fund.
  • Tweet about Sherman (i.e. “I'm proud to be a #ShermanCollege alum”).

You can also send us (or post on Facebook) your stories about being at Sherman for us to celebrate you: (100 words or less)

  • What’s your proudest achievement as a doctor of chiropractic and how did Sherman help prepare you to achieve it?
  • How has being a Sherman chiropractor served you as a career?
  • What brought you to Sherman/why would you recommend Sherman?
  • What’s your favorite memory of Sherman?
  • What advice do you offer for current and prospective students?

For more ideas and resources to celebrate
Sherman PRide Day, visit ../pride.

Alumni and Senior Interns Enjoy Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest 2012

Alumni association members, senior interns, and guests mingled and mixed at the recent Oktoberfest hosted by the Sherman College Alumni Association. Take a look at our facebook photo album from the event.

Presidential Search Narrows
to Three Candidates

Presidential Search Narrows to Three Candidates
The Board of Trustees is nearing the conclusion of its search for Sherman College’s next president, says Chairman Dr. Peter Kevorkian.  The board has narrowed the field of applicants to three candidates: Dr. Shawn Powers, Dr. Edwin Cordero and Dr. Joe Donofrio. Finalists were chosen from 20 applications received after Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer announced in May that he would be stepping down. Kevorkian said the trustees expect announce their selection in November.

Edwin CorderoDr. Cordero is a practicing chiropractor in Boynton Beach, FL. He was selected as chiropractor of the year in 2011 by the Florida Chiropractic Society. He is dedicated to serving the profession and has participated in chiropractic mission trips in Panama and has served as chiropractor for the Costa Rican team in the Central American Olympics.

Joe DonofrioDr. Donofrio has been a member of Sherman College of Chiropractic’s faculty since 1997, and he currently serves in additional administrative roles as dean of clinical sciences and chair of the technique department. He holds the certification from the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP) program and has lectured internationally on various topics.

Shawn PowersDr. Powers, who has presented at several Sherman College Lyceum programs, is from Austin, Texas, and has been a previous chiropractor of the year. She is a founding member of the League of Chiropractic Women. She has established a successful business coaching practice, dedicated to helping chiropractors achieve their goals and dreams, and she travels giving motivational speeches for the advancement of chiropractic care.

Dr. Schwartzbauer has continued to serve as the school’s leader while the board searched for his replacement. He has served as the college’s president since 2007, leading the college through reaffirmation of both institutional and programmatic accreditation, improving student learning and patient care, and implementing a comprehensive chiropractic curriculum.

Loan Options Help Ease Financial Burdens

Kathy Wilsonby Kathy Wilson, Director of Financial Aid

The current economy has been especially tough on graduates with large student loan debt.  The current administration passed legislation providing  additional loan repayment options. 

First of all, direct unsubsidized loans have a six month grace period from your graduation date prior to going into repayment. Graduate Plus loans go into repayment immediately, but students have options for deferment or forbearance if needed. 

Several repayment options are available that can be tailored to fit your specific economic situation.

1. IBR – Income Based Repayment

All Stafford, Plus and Consolidation loans made either under the Direct Loan or FFEL program are eligible for repayment under IBR. With this program, you pay as you earn. Under the IBR, your monthly payment amount will be less than the amount that you would be required to pay under a standard 10-year repayment plan and may be less than other repayment plans. Lower payments may be of benefit to you, but this also results in a longer repayment period and additional accrued interest. However, if you repay under the IBR for 20 years and meet certain other requirements, any remaining balance will be cancelled. Your payment amount cannot exceed 10% of your discretionary income.

2. ICR – Income Contingent Repayment

This plan, like the IBR, is based on your household income and size. This plan will result in a lower payment than the standard repayment plan, but will extend the repayment period and increase the amount of accrued interest.

3. Standard Repayment

This plan is based on a standard 10-year repayment plan with a set payment amount based on the amount of your loan. This option will allow you to pay your loans off quickly and reduce the amount of interest paid overall.
There are also options for loan forgiveness depending on the area in which you work. Information on loan forgiveness can be found on the Department of Education website.

Loan consolidation is another option to help manage your loans. You can group all of your federal education loans into one consolidation loan. This makes it much easier to manage and allows one easy payment. However, consolidation does extend the repayment period to 30 years and therefore, accrues additional interest. There is no penalty for early repayment, and you can save that interest by paying your loans off early.

A number of colleges have seen increases in their default rate. Sherman College and its graduates have maintained a 1.1% default rate.

This makes a statement as to the education our students receive. Whether it is practicing chiropractic, teaching, coaching, etc., our graduates are successful and able to pay their loans.

Sherman Welcomes Largest Class since 2005
Fall 2012 First Quarter

The Sherman Admission Office completed the 2012 enrollment cycle with the largest incoming class since 2005, increasing enrollment by 26%.

Sherman College had the largest actual number and the largest percent increase of new students among any chiropractic college. Forty-two students joined the college, and your referrals played a large role in that number.

In addition to encouraging and supporting referrals, the admission staff continue to explore additional ways to engage prospective students and increase enrollment. Welcome, new students!

Student Projects and News

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas ChildThis quarter, the Christian Chiropractic Club will be coordinating a collection effort on behalf of Samaritan's Purse. Each year at this time, supporters of this charity fill shoe boxes with small items for needy children around the world.

Brochures with instructions on how to pack your shoebox are available, and filled shoe boxes can be dropped off in the bookstore by November 18. The club looks forward to giving needy children some happiness this Christmas.  For more information, contact John Feinberg at 864-381-3433 or

New Student Chapter of IFCO

A student chapter of the IFCO has been chartered at Sherman. The club will meet on Mondays at 11 a.m. in room 43. For more information, visit

Be Our Guest!

Do you remember what it was like to be a chiropractic student? Wouldn’t it have been great to get advice from and read stories about successful chiropractors who graduated from your college? Now YOU can be one of those chiropractors.

Our Sherman Pride blog ( is written by current students and gives prospective students a look at the day-to-day life of a Sherman College student. But we’d also love to feature our graduates from time to time.

Let us know if you’re interested in guest blogging. It’s easy, it gives you a chance to share your Sherman/chiropractic story, AND you might just give the bit of encouragement a prospective student needs to make his or her final decision to attend Sherman.

Blog Ideas:

  • Why you decided to become a chiropractor
  • Why you love chiropractic
  • Why you chose Sherman College
  • Why you support Sherman
  • What it’s like to be a Sherman grad
  • How Sherman prepared you for success in practice
  • What you enjoy most about being a chiropractor
  • Advice for prospective and current chiropractic students
  • Tip for being a good chiropractor/health provider
  • Top 10 list – be creative!

Blog Writing Tips:

  • A paragraph or two can be a blog post
  • A video or series of pictures/captions can be a blog post
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short
  • Usea bulleted list if applicable (they are easy to read/scan)
  • Write in a voice that you would find interesting
  • Be positive (but also be honest)
  • Link to a relevant page on the Sherman web site when possible.

Please include a photo and a sentence or two about you (and your practice), as well as your contact information (e-mail would be best) if you are willing to be contacted by blog readers.


The 9th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium was held on campus at Sherman College October 20-21. Speakers from around the country used the 20-minute format to make presentations on new research and to share their philosophical views of chiropractic.

The symposium was attended by doctors, Sherman students and faculty. The two-day event was packed with speakers like Dr. Christopher Kent, who spoke about “the new direction in chiropractic education,” as well as presentations of case studies by Dr. John Hart and Dr. Jack Van Devort. Two Sherman students, Karen Lumb and Jasen Van Dyke, made research presentations.

With more than 130 registered for the event, IRAPS was well attended and well received. This annual event grows stronger as the need to share cutting-edge research and philosophy findings are appreciated. 

Ready ROAR GoWellness Fair a Success

The First Wellness Fair at Sherman College on Saturday October 13 was a rousing success with more than 300 in attendance, including 35 vendors and 76 students.

The vendors all complimented the event production, and the Blood Connection was thrilled with the 31 pints of blood donated.

There were 84 spinal screenings, resulting in four new patient appointments, and 75 free visit coupons were handed out.

Aisha Reid won the student door prize basket, and John Sickles (a patient of Dr. Bill Decken attending the fair on behalf of the Spartanburg County Public Library) won the iPad Drawing.

Plans are underway for the second annual Wellness Fair next fall.

See student photographer David Tan Chee Kiong’s Facebook photo album here.

Samuel and Sandra Berkowitz

The Samuel and Sandra Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship

To honor the high service ethic of the Berkowitz family, this scholarship will be awarded to service-minded students at Sherman College.

Recipients of this scholarship must demonstrate a history of service in their applications.

This fund will begin distributing scholarships once the account reaches $50,000 and produces earnings.

Please donate now to propel this scholarship fund over that goal.

In Memoriam
Karen Sorota, D.C.

The Sherman College family extends deepest sympathies to the family of Dr. Karen Sorota of Louisville, KY, who died August 28. She is survived by her husband of 42 years, former trustee Phillip Sorota, D.C., and three children-- alumna Hannah Sorota Hall, D.C., Noah and Nathan.

Sorota worked with her husband at their home practice, Sorota & Sorota Chiropractic Office and was a long-time regent and advocate for Sherman College. She was a 1975 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Guest Column:
Own the Principle

Dr. Joe Borio
by Sherman Trustee
Joseph Borio, D.C.

The direct and piercing truth is that all the gadgets, marketing, office procedures, handouts, fancy offices, and management companies you work with will fail to bring you true success unless you own the principle of chiropractic.

If the big idea has not resonated in the deepest part of your thoughts and every fiber of your being, then you’re just going through the motions and working your way through till the weekend or, even worse, retirement.

I have heard many reasons for not telling the story or sharing the principle over the past 20-plus years from friends, colleagues, presidents of chiropractic colleges and clients, but if we are to rise up from mediocrity, we need to find a way and stop making excuses.

What stops many of you from telling the story is fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, fear of …continue reading

Save the Date:
May 23-25, 2013
40 years and
Still TIC-ing

Larry Shops AMAZON

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Amazon will donate 4% of your purchase amount to Sherman.

Rugby Shield


With a 2:2 record for their first season, the Sherman PRIDE Rugby team prepares for the Palmetto Union Tournament to be held at the pitch at Furman University in Greenville, SC, October 27-28.

Two more home matches are scheduled after that for the fall 2012 season: November 10 against Asheville RFC and November 17 against the University of Tennessee Side A (a double-header on campus with Greenville vs. Tennessee’s B Side).

The spring schedule begins February 2, 2013, at home against Augusta.

Reaching Out And Recruiting for Sherman

Graduates and supporters are ROARing for Sherman at graduate and career fairs across the eastern seaboard, from Rhode Island to Georgia, and west to Ohio and Michigan.

Prospective students learn much from participating doctors of chiropractic who can share their own experiences both in school and in practice.

New Jersey is well covered by Dr. Bob Berkowitz at Rutgers Professional Day, and by Dr. Frank Hahn at various community festivals and graduate fairs, as well as at the IFCO Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Drs. Matthew and Elizabeth Christopher and Dr. Steve Dotson attended career fairs in Kentucky, and Dr. Michael Minge presented in Tennessee.

Dr. Steve Niemiec attended a career fair in New York, and Dr. Micah Dunn recruited in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lillian Thomas presented in Asheville and at Western Carolina.

Dr. Anthony Monnin represented ROAR in Ohio.

These ROAR members are spreading the word about chiropractic as a career and about Sherman as the path to that career. ROAR members referred nine students this fall.

Thank you, ROAR docs!

Are you
for Sherman

Promote your practice
while you share chiropractic
as a profession.

Pride of Sherman Tour
November 10

Spread the word to your prospective students about our last enrollment event in 2012, the Pride of Sherman Tour, on Saturday, November 10, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Guests will

  • Tour Sherman’s campus, anatomy lab and Chiropractic Health Center. 
  • Talk with faculty and students about the curriculum and learn about our academic program, campus community, financial aid and housing options. 
  • Learn why our current students chose a chiropractic career and why they feel Sherman is the best place to earn the doctor of chiropractic degree. 
  • Round out the day with a visit to a recent Sherman graduate’s office in Spartanburg for a glimpse of what the future of a Sherman graduate might hold.

Register for the Pride Tour here. 

Sherman Connect
Free Conference Calls

Oct. 29: Russ Rosen, D.C.
Nov. 5: Erich Breitenmoser, D.C.
Nov. 12: Rene Acosta, D.C.
Nov. 19: Ronen Mendi, D.C.
Nov. 26: Tom Potisk, D.C.
Dec. 3: Ed Plasker, D.C.
Dec. 10: TBA
Dec. 17: Ed Plentz, D.C.

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