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Dr. Joe BorioThe Why Behind Your Why

by Dr. Joe Borio:

Learning as a young athlete and student, I was always taught to know your why:

  • Why you want to win
  • Why you want to be the best
  • Why you need to adjust people.

Finding your why is critical to aid in achieving your goal but can be difficult for some. The easiest way to find your why is to first start with setting up your goals. As you search for your goals or what is most important to you, your why begins to reveal itself.

These reasons why give your goal a purpose and meaning and help you in gaining a greater sense of clarity for your destination, rather than wandering around aimlessly. Deciding why you want something helps you to know what is important, making every step you take more efficient.  Every decision is easier to make because you are clear about how this decision fits into your goal.

To help gain the greatest sense of clarity and purpose, always ask yourself the three whys (noted above) about any goal you want to achieve. This helps not only to determine how important this goal or desire is, but it also ensures there is enough fuel in your tank to do what it takes. Your reasons need to be significant enough for you to want to assign and execute action steps now toward making your goals a reality. This concept of goal mastery is not a new one, but it is highly effective in helping people reach new goals.

What is even more effective, however, is the act of self-searching. Look deep within and find what motivates you. We know we all want things or we want to reach growth and new levels of achievement, but why? What winds the spring inside your heart and mind? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What is the why behind the why? The real reason you do anything. The reason you are who you are. What is the essence of you deep inside? What gives you a visceral response? What makes your blood boil? What gives you the will to keep on fighting?

Think about D.D. Palmer or his son B.J. Palmer. How big was their why behind the why? When you really think about what D.D. Palmer did, you realize it wasn't chiropractic he was fighting for; it was finding the cause of disease – but why? D.D. Palmer lost three wives and decided that he would not rest until he found what causes one man to become sick and the other not. Why? So no one would ever suffer from the unnecessary pain and loss of a loved one from ever happening again. To prevent a young son from ever having to live without his mother. This idea consumed him, and it was his why behind everything D.D. did. It is the ultimate energy source that gives the power to fly above the problems to which you and others fall victim.

So, why did you end up becoming a chiropractor? Ask yourself why and then ask why to those answers until you get thru all the superficial whys. Then, after a few hours or days or weeks, you will find your true answer. This is where all the energy of the universe can be harnessed and made into the most powerful fuel source ever. It is the force that drives the wind and brings up the sun. This is where your life from this point forward will be made.

When you understand that you and you alone have the knowledge and ability to change the outcome before the beginning was even chosen then you will know your why is the real one and that everything else becomes easy. In the same way Mother Theresa made every day filled with love or Martin Luther King never wavered from the responsibility of humanity shedding the idea of inequality among all of us.    

Know that the challenges facing the health of humanity start with all of us. The battle will be first fought and won within your soul. When you find the clarity in why you are standing over the next patient feeling the need to adjust something, know you are there for a reason and a purpose. When you can harness the power of the universe and marry that with educating everyone you touch on the principle of life that lies within them, the rest of the stuff around you loses its significance or drain upon you.

Know that every time you place your hands upon someone, you have the responsibility to educate. You decide that every adjustment has tremendous value and it is your responsibility to express the importance and significance of life every time you adjust them. You recognize that every adjustment has a purpose, and when patients miss an adjustment it must be discussed, or you just communicated that it doesn't matter.

You accept the responsibility of frequent and educational re-exams, understanding it is critical to discuss x-rays and neurological tests, and subluxation findings every visit. You decide to have spouses or significant others attend a patient report, accepting the role of teacher and leader so the children of tomorrow have a better chance of a fully expressed life. You decide today that humanity is damaged and disconnected from our source of strength and power and it is up to you as a chiropractor and a steward for humanity, recognizing the existence of the universe and its eternal strength and intelligence in every mental impulse transmitted from their brain to express life, to make the world a better place for our children's children.

You are the next generation of leadership for the future health of planet earth and the last chance for humanity to reconnect to its source. Don’t waste the gift you have been given or a moment of the time you have left. Find the why behind your why and change the world!

Dr Joe Borio is a chiropractor, coach, mentor, author, and dad of two boys. You can connect Dr Joe at or on Facebook. You can also register for his weekly video, “Thot Flashes.”

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