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Lyceum 2013

40 Years = $40 Alumni Registration
for Lyceum 2013 May 23-25, 2013

Sherman and ADIO/Penn College Alumni can register for $40* before May 11, 2013. First year graduates still attend free. The regular price for other D.C.s is $330 until April 20,  $360 by May 11, or $400 at the door.  Online registration is now open
*This price is for CE registration only and does not include the banquet, child care, or additional events (5K, golf, etc.).

Don’t miss these expert chiropractic speakers at
Lyceum 2013 – 40 Years and Still TIC-ing.

  • Dr. Craig Berko
  • Dr. Joseph Borio 
  • Dr. Bobby Braile
  • Dr. Justin Brown
  • Dr. Ron Castellucci
  • Dr. Lona Cook
  • Dr. Edwin Cordero
  • Dr. Michael Dorausch
  • Dr. Tony DeMarco
  • Dr. Jim Dubel
  • Dr. Hussein Elsangak
  • Dr. Mark Fullerton
  • Dr. Thom Gelardi
  • Dr. Harold "Skip" George
  • Dr. Tim Guest
  • Dr. Steve Judson
  • Dr. Christopher Kent
  • Dr. Peter Kevorkian &
    Dr. Patricia Giuliano
  • Dr. Danny Knowles
  • Dr. Lyle Koca
  • Dr. Tedd Koren
  • Dr. Brian Lieberman
  • Dr. Nalyn Marcus
  • Dr. Russell McArthur
  • Dr. Tim O’Shea
  • Dr. Kevin Pallis &
    Dr. Edward Plentz
  • Ms. Rose Panico
  • Dr. Todd Riddle
  • Dr. Fred Schofield
  • Ms. Susan Schofield
  • Dr. Liam Schubel
  • Dr. David Serio
  • Dr. Dean Sottile
  • Dr. Erick Swenson
  • Dr. Robert Tarantino
  • Dr. Shane Walker
  • Mr. Keith Wassung

It's time to nominate your peers!

Now is the time to submit nominations of people you know are distinguishing themselves in the professional and in their communities. We ask for nominations of outstanding individuals for Sherman College Lyceum Awards and welcome your input.

Tell Your Students about Shadow an Intern Day Feb. 28

adjustmentAspiring chiropractors are invited to visit campus and experience a day in the life of a chiropractic student intern. Prospective students will spend time in our 25,000-square-foot Chiropractic Health Center to observe patient visits, learn about patient care and case management, view the digital x-ray suite, and much more. Sometimes, the best way to see if something is the right fit is to try it out. Encourage your prospective students to register today and discover if Sherman College is the school for them!

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In Gratitude for Strong Response
to Our Invitations,
Sherman Welcomes New Regents

Sherman College welcomes and thanks the following individuals who have joined the Sherman College Board of Regents between December 17, 2012, and February 12, 2013.

Matthew Alvord, D.C.,
Eden Prairie, MN

Tracey & Peter Amlinger, D.C.,
Missisauga, Canada

Darcy Andersen, D.C.,
York, PA

Jack Bourla, D.C.,
Redwood City, CA

Jennifer Brandon, D.C.,
Cape Coral, FL

Kevin Davine, D.C.,
Juno Beach, FL

Ian Davis-Tremayne, D.C.,
Mill Valley, CA

Carol & Greg Demetrious, D.C.,
Wilmington, NC

Dean DePice, D.C.,
Willow Grove, PA

Jessica & John Drew, D.C.,
Columbia, SC

B.J. Hardick, D.C.,
London, Canada

Andrew  Harding, D.C.,
Kansas City, KS

Roberta & Haig John, D.C.,
Melbourne, FL

Shawn & Lyle Koca, D.C.,
Blair, NE

Jay Komarek, D.C.,
Gunnison, CO

Tedd Koren, D.C.,
Gwynedd Valley, PA

Tim Langley, D.C.,
Marietta, GA

Rachel & Brian Lieberman, D.C.,
Rome, GA

Allison Manis, D.C.,
Juno Beach, FL

Derek Maxson, D.C.,
Sugar Land, TX

John Mormile, D.C.,
Portland, CT

Kevin Muthersbaugh, D.C.,
Fairfield, CT

Michael O'Halleran, D.C.,
Massapequa, NY

Joshua Petersmith, D.C.,
Des Peres, MO

Danny Rives, D.C.,
La Porte, TX

Daniel Schaeffer, D.C.,
Winnepeg, Canada

Paul & Pennie Schwartz, D.C.,
Malverne, NY

Marilyn Shore, D.C.,
Delray Beach, FL

James Siller, D.C.,
Yuba City, CA

Michael Sontheimer, D.C.,
Lima, Peru

Steve Stinnett, D.C.,
Humble, TX

Tim Zook, D.C.,
Niceville, FL

Members of the Board of Regents provide for the advancement of Sherman College with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. When you join this group you become a partner with the college, helping to extend Sherman’s influence in the world. We invite you to join.

WE Love Chiropractic

We recently asked prospective students to join us on Facebook and tell us about the moment they fell in love with chiropractic and knew it was the profession for them.  The stories shared were all inspiring and heartfelt. Our winning entry was from Tara Levesque of Maine.

As a chiropractic assistant, Levesque found her passion the day she saw her chiropractor adjust a newborn baby. Our five faculty and staff judges loved her enthusiasm for chiropractic and her excitement about becoming part of the profession. We hope the cozy Sherman College jacket we’re sending will keep her feeling warm and fuzzy about chiropractic until she enrolls in 2015. Everyone who entered the contest will get a thank-you gift in the mail from the college.

Here’s what Tara had to say:

I've worked as a CA for 5 years but didn’t know my true passion was becoming a chiropractor myself until I went to the hospital with the doctor I work for to adjust a newborn. The mom was very upset the baby wasn’t nursing, and she was having a hard time getting him to latch and feed. His atlas was cleared, and a few hours later we received a text message thanking the doc and telling him how grateful she was that he came in. The baby napped when we left and when he woke he latched and nursed for the first time. That was when I knew.... My doc gave that family so much more than just an adjustment; the mom was able to feel like she could provide for her baby (a fear every new mom has), the baby was able to nurse and eat the best possible food (no formula), and the relationship between a nursing mom and baby was established. We will never know the true power that adjustment had! It's similar to the “potential of an acorn.” I CAN'T wait to get to Sherman (2015) so I too can be used as a vessel to bestow true LIFE to as many people as possible!!

Check out all the love stories and get regular updates from the college on our Facebook page (

Student Receives $1,000 “Educate Your Heart” Scholarship

Charles AgbetsoamedoSherman student Charles Agbetsoamedo of Ghana has been chosen as one of two recipients nationwide to receive a $1,000 “Educate Your Heart” scholarship from Krill Oil.

Agbetsoamedo’s essay, titled “Lifestyle to Promote a Healthy Heart and Holistic Well Being,” is featured on the organization’s web site, as well as a biography and information about being a chiropractic student.

In addition to assisting in the anatomy lab at Sherman and tutoring other students, Agbetsoamedo has a current GPA of 3.913, having successfully completed 68 classes, 3 national board exams, and 752 clinic hours so far. In the biography section, he details the rigor of the academic program at Sherman and shares his excitement about finishing the program and serving patients.

“I have two more national board exams and a few more classes and clinic requirements to meet before graduating,” he explains. “I love my program and I’m very excited to work with my patients in the school clinic to help them improve their health and holistic well being. I look forward to serving more people through chiropractic care. I love what I do and look forward to successfully completing my program to help many more people.”

Dr. Edwin Cordero

The Investiture of
Edwin Cordero, D.C.
as the fifth president of
Sherman College of Chiropractic
will take place on Thursday
the twenty-third day of May
Two Thousand and Thirteen

Please Reserve the Date
A formal invitation and
additional information will follow

Please make sure we have your address on file so we can send you a formal invitation in the mail.

Save the Date:
May 1-3, 2014

Beginning in 2014, Lyceum will be held a few weeks before Memorial Day weekend. The event is scheduled for May 1-3, 2014, and in the future, Lyceum will be scheduled around the first weekend in May. We wanted to share this news with you as early as possible.

We anticipate that this change in date will eliminate a number of scheduling conflicts for our guests and open the event to a wider audience of chiropractors and friends who previously have not been able to attend. As always, we rely on and appreciate your support and attendance for making every Lyceum a success.

League of Chiropractic Women
Sherman Philosophy Event
Saturday, April 6, 3 pm

Everyone welcome:
Students, faculty, staff, friends
(including men!)
Dinner Served - $5 Donation

Hosted by the Sherman Chapter of League of Chiropractic Women

Ch-Ch-Changes since 1973

What has changed in 40 years since Sherman College opened its doors?  

  • World population nearly doubled 3.9B to 7B.
  • Gas prices $0.40 to ~ $3.50/ gallon 
  • Average personal income: $12,900 to $50,904 (2011)
  • Average cost of new home: $32,500 to $146,200 (down from $300,000 in 2008). Read more

Larry Loves Amazon

Common Stresses Lead to Need for Chiropractic Care for Children

by Joseph Borio, D.C.

In the January/February 1995 issues of the ICA International Review of Chiropractic, Maxine McMullen D.C., reported on the physical stresses children are subjected to that can lead to spinal problems requiring chiropractic care.. Read more...

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