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Komarek Horse and Dog AdjustingHorse and Dog Chiropractic Seminar to Benefit Sherman College

Drs. Jay and Austin Komarek will present a full-day Horse And Dog Chiropractic Seminar in Spartanburg, SC, on Saturday, July 20. This is a full-day animal adjusting seminar with demonstrations, which will be filmed and included in the feature film documentary, “Life Adjusted.”

The morning portion (horse) will be held at a local barn, while the afternoon portion (dog) will be held on the Sherman College campus. Cost is just $99, and all proceeds will benefit Sherman College. To register, download the registration form (PDF), call 800-849-8771, ext. 277, or email

Jay Komarek, D.C., has been in family practice for 35 years taking care of thousands of clients, human, canine and equine. He has been featured on the Today Show for his chiropractic work and has an infinite passion for people and animals.

Austin Komarek, D.C., is a third generation animal chiropractor.Watching his father work with animals and seeing how quickly they responded to chiropractic care played a large role in inspiring him to become a chiropractor. He is passionate about bringing this form of proactive animal care to the mainstream.

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