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Where Are the Miracles?

Dr. Peter Kevorkianby Peter Kevorkian, D.C.,
Chair of the Sherman College Board of Trustees

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ―Albert Einstein

I remember the emotional swells that would erupt inside me when I was a student and I heard the miracles that would occur after a spinal adjustment. As I moved through my education and immersed myself in chiropractic philosophy, this passion became a drive to want to “heal the world” with chiropractic care.

Through the learning process – reading, lectures, questions, discussions and at times, heated arguments – I became aware of a lack of congruency in my logic. I realized that chiropractic doesn’t create miracles; only life creates miracles. Chiropractic creates the optimum conditions for life to do what only life can do.

Recently, a woman brought her five-year-old son, Johnny, into our practice for care. He had been diagnosed with nystagmus. He had been to numerous physicians and specialists, and the mother was “giving chiropractic a try” before subjecting her son to the recommended surgery. After an initial consultation and a chiropractic orientation, she realized that her entire family would benefit from chiropractic care. So Johnny began care, along with his two siblings and his mom. After about a month, the mother noticed that Johnny seemed to be walking better and tracking better with his eyes. Other family members observed and remarked on the same changes. 

Another month later, the boy’s physician discovered that the condition had completely reversed itself. He could not believe it, and said he had never seen that happen before. The mother came to the office reporting the good news and thanked us for all we were doing. Wanting to communicate my excitement appropriately, I said, “Isn’t it beautiful to watch the miracle of life do its job?”

She responded, pointing to her other two children, “Dr. Peter, the real miracle isn’t only Johnny, it’s also them. The real miracle is that because they are getting adjusted, they won’t develop many of the problems that other people will have as they grow older.” This experience was an awakening for her, and it was also an awakening for me – to realize that the silent everyday miracles are as powerful as the miracles of people overcoming a chronic disorder or an acute disease.

When a practice member/patient reports a positive sensation, reduction of symptoms or a life-changing occurrence, it is so easy to say “chiropractic did that,” when in reality, LIFE did that. Chiropractic removes nerve interference. In the absence of nerve interference, and clear of subluxation, life is better able to adapt and more fully express itself. As chiropractors, when we give due respect to the beauty and infinite wisdom of life, we empower people and transform lives.

As the leader in chiropractic education, Sherman College holds in reverence and honors the miracle of life – the intelligence that organizes the universe and gives life its optimal expression.  We strive to lead the college in complete congruence with that ideal and ensure that it lives in every aspect of the student experience.

If you want to ensure that more students have this kind of chiropractic education, refer them to Sherman College (check out the ROAR program), and share your resources with us (Regents do this in a great way). Your support will help us educate the next generation of chiropractors.

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