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Peter Amlinger, D.C.
Ron Castellucci, D.C.
Matthew Christopher, D.C.
Tony DeMarco, D.C.
Dean DePice, D.C.
Jim Dubel, D.C.
Andy Forelli, D.C.
Harvey Garcia, D.C.
Cherie Goble, D.C.
Irene Gold, D.C.
Amanda Hess, D.C.
Steve Judson, D.C.
Jami Karr, D.C
Christopher Kent, J.D., D.C.
Jay Komarek, D.C.
Tedd Koren, D.C.
Patricia Kuhta, D.C.
Brian Lieberman, D.C.
Nalyn Marcus, D.C.
Sal Martingano, D.C.
Matthew McCoy, D.C.
Dave Mruz, D.C.
Jeanne Ohm, D.C.
Stan Pierce, D.C.

Todd Riddle, D.C.
Scott Rosa, D.C.
Armand Rossi, D.C.
Robert Schiffman, D.C.
Fred Schofield, D.C.
Susan Schofield.
Simon Senzon, D.C.
Dean Sottile, D.C.
Robert Tarantino, D.C.
Keith Wassung
Tim Zook, D.C.

Sherman College appreciates the following individuals who joined the Sherman College Board of Regents in February 2015.

William Civello, DC, Livonia, MI
Gregory Franklin, DC, Columbia, SC
Jessica Harden, DC, Fort Mill, SC
Michael Heskett, DC, Morristown, TN
Karan Miller, DC, Bausman, PA
Matt Tonnos & Amy Culver, DCs, Grimsby, Ontario

Members of the Board of Regents support Sherman College with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. When you join this group you become a partner with the college, directly impacting its student recruitment program to grow the profession and campus enhancements for our current and future students. We invite you to partner with us as well.

Sherman Visits Universidad Central de Bayamón & Universidad Catolica in Puerto Rico

Sherman college and Bayamon
(seated l-r) Dr. Kim Stetzel, Trustee; Kristy Shepherd, Senior Director of Admission; Karen Canup, V.P. of Business & Finance; Roberta Thomas, Executive Administrative Asst.; Fr. Oscar Morales, O.P., Council of Founders Member; Mrs. Encarnita Catalán, President, Board of Trustees

(Standing l-r)Mr. Evaristo Santos, Board of Trustees Member; Dr. Luz C. Valentín, Dean of Academic Affairs; Mr. Noel Ortiz, Dean of Administration and Finance; Dr. Bob Irwin, V. P. of Academic Affairs; Dr. Neil Cohen, Executive Vice President; Dr. Lillian Negrón, President; Dr. Danny Knowles, Trustee; Dr. Edwin Cordero, President; Dr. Liam Schübel, Trustee; Dr. Peter Kevorkian, Trustee; Miguel Hastings, Director of Presidential Initiatives; Dr. Pedro Robles, College of Sciences and Professions of Health Director; Mr. Angel Valentín, STEM Project Director

Sherman College Board of Trustees and administration team visited Universidad Central de Bayamón (UCB) in Puerto Rico on Friday, February 6, 2015. The team also visited Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico (PUCPR) on the same day.  UCB signed a transfer agreement last year for the doctor of chiropractic program at Sherman College, and PUCPR signed a three-plus-one agreement.

Agreements in Costa Rica Bringing
Sherman College to the World

Universidad de Iberoamerica (UNIBE) in San José, Costa Rica, and Sherman College are developing an articulation agreement to be signed this spring at Lyceum. UNIBE President Dr. Emma Grace Hernandez and Provost/Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies Dr. Roberto Rodriguez will be attending Lyceum, Sherman College’s annual homecoming and continuing education event, representing the institution.

Dr. hernandez Dr. CorderoDuring his visit to UNIBE in January, Dr. Cordero joined Dr. Hernandez to sign a cooperative agreement designed to enhance the academic and scientific interchange between the two colleges.

Recognizing the importance of mutual collaboration and the contributions to society made by institutions of higher education, the colleges agreed to promote exchange between faculty and students of each institution as well as the exchange of academic and research information.

(l) Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Cordero sign a collaborative agreement.

Alumni Reunions in 2015: Is it YOUR Year?Alumnae

Alumni who graduated in 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985 and 1980, this is YOUR year!

If 2015 marks one of the five-year incremental milestone anniversaries of your graduation, Sherman College is throwing a reunion party featuring a shrimp and grits bar, salad bar, dessert and a cash bar.  Visit with former classmates and discover the real meaning of homecoming when you get together with friends and the Sherman family.

Make your reservation when you register for Lyceum. The Reunion Reception will be Thursday, April 30, 7:30-9:30 pm at the Marriott. $30 per person, $50 per couple  in advance.

Campus News

New Positions in the Health Center

Dr. Dwayne HoskinsEffective March 2015, Dr. Dwayne Hoskins will be joining the Sherman team as Dean of Clinical Operations and Outreach. Dr. Hoskins graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1993 and recently practiced in Rossville, IN. He has a wide range of experience in community leadership, business marketing, education and technology. He is a third degree black belt instructor and is known by his patients as "The Gentle Giant." The college is eager to add his skills and passion to its team.

Dr. Claudia SeayEffective April 2015, Dr. Claudia Seay will become the Director of Student Clinic. The director of student clinic performs the duties of a case doctor in the oversight of the student clinic. She will continue as interim dean of clinics during Dr. Hoskins’ transition period. The college wishes to express its gratitude for Dr. Seay’s willingness to serve in this capacity.  She is a respected part of our health center and has personally helped train thousands of our graduates.

Dr. Matt HudsonAlso effective April 2015, Dr. Matt Hudson will become the chair of clinical curriculum. The chair of clinical curriculum works to plan and implement effective clinical program learning and evaluation activities. Prior to joining the Sherman team, Dr. Hudson practiced in Charlottesville, VA, and worked as an EHR, documentation and compliance specialist. In his time as a case doctor, he has worked diligently to improve both the clinical intern experience and the quality of patient care, and the college is looking forward to collaborating further with him in his new capacity as chair.

These positions will divide the duties of the health center administration to improve the intern experience and expand awareness of chiropractic in the community.

Dr. Hoskins will be creating and managing initiatives to improve the intern experience through efficient logistics. He will be developing an extern program, connecting with community events to get interns involved, and building partnerships with local agencies and groups. 

Dr. Seay will work with the incoming student interns to manage the college's increased enrollment, getting new interns up to speed quickly.

Dr. Hudson will manage the quality of the clinic curriculum, making sure that faculty are teaching and assessing student learning outcomes with the goal of improved patient care. He will also be creating and managing new initiatives to improve the intern learning experience.

Savannah RetherfordIntern of the month

Savannah Retherford (February 2014) is an eleventh-quarter student from Columbia, SC. She graduates in December 2015 and plans to open a practice near her hometown.

In Memory of Michele Laurentie Bolufer

It is with great sadness the college reports the passing of Michele Laurentie (Bolufer) on January 14.  Michele and her husband, Miguel Bolufer, came to Sherman College in 1974 with their three children and were enrolled in the March class. 

Both excellent students, they embraced the chiropractic philosophy and lived by those principles throughout their lives. Both Miguel and Michele donated their time and their cooking expertise to help make Lyceum successful the entire time they were at school. They became the people to call when a healthy home birth was the desire of the couple in school.  

They both left Sherman bursting with energy and a mission to change the world in their part of Europe.  They returned to Cullera, Spain, opened up a chiropractic office, and practiced continuously until Michele could no longer practice. 

She is survived by her husband, Miguel, and their three children, Samuel;  Natasha and her husband, Javier;, Ines and her husband, Thomas, and their two children, Sarah and Lukas.  She died at home surrounded by her immediate family.  Miguel can be reached by email at

Sherman On the Road

Palm Beach State College

Executive Vice President Neil Cohen, D.C., recently spoke to students
at Palm Beach State College on March 5.

Upper Cervical Experience

Sherman College was well-represented at
Upper Cervical Experience.

Florida State Chiropractic Association
Sherman College has partnered with the Florida Chiropractic Society to be at all FCS events in 2015.

Chinese Exchange Students Visit Sherman

Chinese exchange students
(l-r) Tang Yuying, Xu Xinyi, Jiao Jiao, Huang Jinjian, Yu Chenxi     

Five Chinese exchange students visited Sherman College of Chiropractic from Southeast University in China. They enjoyed auditing basic science and technique classes, making friends, practicing English, shadowing interns at the Sherman College Chiropractic Health Center and traveling a little. Our students impressed them with their passion for chiropractic, their friendliness and their ability to talk about chiropractic anytime, anywhere (including, they say, at the grocery store).

Student Survey Research Affirms Sherman's Mission

by Assistant Director of Research John Hart, D.C.

A survey of chiropractic students in 12 North American chiropractic colleges was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal (referenced below). Interestingly, the research revealed that most students:

  1. Would like to see an emphasis on vertebral subluxation type care in the chiropractor’s scope of practice
  2. Are against chiropractors prescribing medication
  3. Consider it appropriate to update and enrich chiropractic theories based on scientific advancements

These findings show that the focus of Sherman College of Chiropractic meets the expectations of students in its teaching, research, and delivery of chiropractic health care in our Health Center. Dr. John Hart is one of the authors of the study.


Gliedt JA, Hawk C, Anderson M, Ahmad K, Bunn D, Cambron J, Gleberzon B, Hart J, Kizhakkeveettil A, Perle SM Ramcharan M, Sullivan S, Zhang L. Chiropractic identity, role and future: a survey of North American chiropractic students. Chiropractic and Manual Therapies 2015; 23:4. Journal:

Sherman Represented at Furman University A Hero's 5K

Mrs. Debby honored to Gold Sponsor in memory of Son SPC Geoffrey Whitsitt
(l-r) Rachel Lekosky, Ryan Conner, Mrs. Debby Whitsitt, Ashley Liew, Rebecca Miller.

On the cold morning of February 7, six Sherman interns were at Furman University in Greenville to promote awareness about Sherman College and chiropractic to participants and spectators of A Hero's 5K. This annual race is held in memory of SPC. Geoffrey Whitsitt who was killed in action on January 13, 2010. Sherman College was proud to be a gold sponsor of this meaningful event.

Two students represented Sherman with pride in the 5K: Rachel Lekosky finished 4th in her age group with a time of 24min, while Ashley Liew finished overall 2nd and set a 5k personal best with a time of 15min43sec. Sherman students later posed for a photo with Mrs. Debby Whitsitt, Geoffrey's mother.

NBCE Hosts Student Leadership Forum

Paige Sigmon represented Sherman College in Greeley, CO, at the 12th annual Student Leadership Forum held at the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) on January 16, 2015, as one of eight student leaders selected by college presidents.

NBCE President Dr. Donna L. Craft welcomed the students with thanks for their commitment to leadership within the chiropractic profession.  Dr. Craft included a short introduction to the book Winning with Accountability by Henry J. Evans.

Students were introduced to the foundations of NBCE testing, with special emphasis on explaining the relationship between the NBCE and state regulatory boards, accrediting agencies, and educational institutions, the cost of exams and how these costs are set, and the complexities of post-exam analysis and score reporting.  The student leaders participated in a focus group that evaluated student experience from applications to exam administration and security, to score reporting and transcript delivery, and overall customer services. 

Dr. Leroy Otto, President of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (and NBCE Director), presented an overview of that organization and its role in gathering and sharing information on regulatory matters.

We Appreciate our
Corporate Regent Sponsors:

Rob Schiffman REadch the world With chiropraxtic

Amped Now

pizza innPizza Inn Dough-Raising a Success


Sherman College received a check from Pizza Inn for $916.87 for the tips, donations and a portion of the proceeds from the college's fundraising event on February 12.

We appreciate the support of the Sherman College family in making this event a success.

Sherman Connect

Monday evenings in January, 9 pm EST/6 pm PST.

Call 1-209-647-1600 Access Code: 577840#


  • March 2: Keith Wassung, The Focus of the Chiropractic Message (listen here)
  • March 9: Jim Dubel, D.C., Chiropractic,Same As It Ever Was.. Miracles on a Daily Basis
  • March 16: Dean DePice, D.C., First Law of Success (it’s the “-ing” not the “-ed”)
  • March 23: Armand Rossi, D.C.
  • March 30: Ron Castellucci, D.C., Fill Your Office with Love: Why Kids Need Chiropractic


  • April 6: Andrew Forelli, D.C.
  • April 13: Jay Komarek, D.C.
  • April 20: Simon Senzon, D.C.
  • May 04: Brandi MacDonald: Redefining Normal: Identifying our Roles
    in Changing our Practice Members Health Paradigms
  • May 11: Marc Swerdlick, D.C.: The Dark Lord of Chiropractic

Listen to previous #ShermanConnect calls from 2012-2015 at Sherman Connect Archive

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The Balancing Act

President’s Circle member Rob Schiffman, D.C., will be hosting an intensive one-day event, “The Balancing Act,” on April 18 in Chicago. The program is designed to challenge your definition of success and give you the tools to lead a better, more fulfilling, and influential life. Dr. Schiffman will help you learn to confidently bring balance to your roles as spouse, parent, employer, practitioner and entrepreneur - and do so without sacrificing your most valued priorities. For more information, go to

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