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What kinds of jobs do chiropractors have?

Consumers increasingly demand alternative healthcare. Chiropractic care appeals to many because chiropractors use alternative, noninvasive methods. Sherman trains people to be independent entrepreneurs as doctors of chiropractic. Job prospects for new chiropractors are expected to be good, especially for those who enter a multi-disciplined practice, consisting of, for example, a chiropractor, physical therapist, and medical doctor. The patient can be referred to an in-house specialist if needed.

Listing of Chiropractic Jobs, Offices and Equipment for Sale, and Employment Opportunities is kept on the Sherman Website to help students and alumni.

Many chiropractors start out as associates in established practices, while others open their own solo practice. Some chiropractors work with athletic teams, either part-time or full time. Some work from a stationary office, others travel. Many kinds of chiropractic jobs are available or can be created with entrepreneurship.

Chiropractors who specialize in pediatric care will be in demand as chiropractic spinal treatment is very gentle, and children enjoy subsequent visits. The rapidly expanding older population, with its increased likelihood of mechanical and structural problems, also will increase demand for chiropractors.

These Graduates found their Niches in Chiropractic

Jennifer Eames DC

Jennifer Eames DC

Chiropractic: the Best Fit for Lacrosse Official Jennifer Eames, D.C., ’02

One reason Jenn Eames, ’02, Marion, MA, chose chiropractic over sports medicine, dentistry and athletic training was that chiropractic does not involve body fluids. As a teen and in college, Eames played many sports: soccer, basketball, team handball, and lacrosse. She first noticed the difference between chiropractic offices and medical offices …

chiropractic success Dr. David Mruz

Dr. David Mruz

Working Close to Home, but Serving the Performers of the World

David Mruz, D.C. ’80, Taylors, SC, cruised into the cycling world purely by chance..receiving a call from the Coors Light Cycling Team…


chiropractic success Dr. Karla Christy

Dr. Karla Christy

Animal Adjusting: Karla Christy Finds Her Niche

Karla Christy, D.C. ’98, Salisbury, NC, just really likes animals. She became a chiropractor because she wanted to work with animals, and she has successfully paired her passion for horses…


chiropractic success Dr. Linda Tarpley

Dr. Linda Tarpley

Blending Home and Office: The Best of Both Worlds

Linda Tarpley, D.C., ’04, Holly Springs, SC, grew up just 20 miles outside New York City, but she credits her decision to establish a home practice far from busy city life with allowing her more time to spend with her family…

lchiropractic success Dr. Shane Walker

Dr. Shane Walker

Leading at a National Level

Shane Walker, D.C., ’00, Naples, FL, currently president of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO), first became acquainted with the organization when he was considering chiropractic as a career.

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