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Simple Thoughts, Simple Actions

Here I sit, Christmas Eve morn. Of course I awoke early, no such thing as sleeping late for me. I don’t know how to do that anymore! 

I’m contemplating my day ahead as the Main Conductor of the holiday festivities; the one in charge of the food, the wrapper of presents, the games, the Christmas movies and then I reminded myself about my new attitude; keep it simple, happiness and joy first! This attitude I adopted just this past Thanksgiving and it worked splendidly! On that holiday I didn’t even decide what to make/cook until I felt like it and then only started the cooking when I felt like it – no schedule, no fuss, and no muss. 

For Christmas (tomorrow) I have husband and son flying in from Maine and one son flying in from Montreal (tonight) so there will be a flurry of activity around their homecomings. Excitement, excitement!

This is where I am at the moment; all these thoughts. Yet again it’s the simple things that catch my attention. Perhaps that’s the whole point of life I also remind myself. It’s not the complexity of the celebrations or the money spent on them. It’s the intent. It’s the action and the love. 

My daughters’ young cat climbed into my lap as I sat down to look at my table full of notes to myself, left over school papers and puzzles pieces (Christmas puzzle). She immediately flopped over into my arms in a particular way that expressed the way in which she was raised. I’m not speaking of how I raised her. I’m speaking of her very earliest life before she came to us. 

Ginny was raised by a woman who rescued animals. When I went to pick out a barn cat for my brother at this woman’s home, she opened the garage door and out poured perhaps 30 cats of all sizes and ages. It was an amazing sight when I think about it. All cats of all sizes and ages got along remarkably. There was no disorderliness. And there were tons of them free ranging, so to speak! 

Well, there was Ginny right at my feet amongst them all. She was a tiny 2 month old kitten that for some reason I immediately bent down and picked up. Now mind you I was not planning to bring home a kitten! I already had 3! She was beautiful; long haired and a tortoise shelled calico. Well! Did I mention that my daughter loves calicos?

The woman that rescued her said she absolutely could not be a barn cat at my brothers’ mini-farm. This kitten was her special love. So… since she couldn’t live with my brother I knew she must come home to us.

GinnyAnd this is my point; the time that the rescuer took with this kitten shows to this day. She is the most loving cat I’ve ever met. Ginny climbs into your arms and wraps her paws around your neck or shoulders and loves you back as if she was a child. For this is how she was raised from her earliest days; with great tenderness and love.

So my simple thought today is about how our actions, simple as they may be, have very great consequences to the world at large. If one kitten raised with such tenderness and love still expresses the gift she was given… how much can our actions potentially change the world? 

One of B.J. Palmer’s most famous quotes is this;

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”             

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanza to all!


Approaching the New Year

For some it is now the time to focus on the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions.  I must say however that I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because… I don’t usually wait for the New Year to decide to do something important. If I can identify something that needs changing, I usually try to do something about it in a timely fashion. 

Perhaps I link the New Year’s Resolution thing with the boyfriend and midnight thing and realize that neither point have ever lived up to their “hype.” In the girl-world resolutions usually mean dieting and New Year’s means anticipating midnight kisses with the tolling of the clock. In my memory such things don’t usually live up to the drama portrayed in popular culture. Being the realist that I am, I create my own dynamics. 

Yet, I have been trying to wrap my mind around one thing and become more prepared with it. That is; the First Board Quarter and the following progression to Student Clinic. It all has sounded quite overwhelming to me. Primarily because I work hard enough with regular classes to, in my sane mind, choose to add a Board Exam onto the load! And so, this past quarter has had me do a lot of soul searching. 

This is what I may have discovered… actually I know that I have discovered it. Are you ready? It is this; I am not Superwoman! Kinda disappointing isn’t it? I must say; Superwoman is pure fantasy! I’ve learned that I do have limits and I that I do pay the price for overworking. To date I’ve pulled all the rabbits I have out of my hat. I’ve done all the planning, the visioning, the hoping, the praying and the working that one can do. I’ve bought all the books, made all the note cards and have done my best to talk my daughter into going to bed early every night…(she won’t)…It’s time I recognize the reality – I have a few limits! ! ! ! 

God knows how hard it was for me to come to this conclusion!!! And the reason is this; denial is useful! Denial can keep the truth of vulnerability at bay. Denial of one’s weaknesses can keep the warrior going strong. 

And it’s true that the warrior has been going on strongly here and now needs to pause to scope out the next mountain. I feel like Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as he knelt before the invisible energy shield that barricaded him from the evil Sith pacing on the opposite side. 

He seemed to pause to gather his strength and determination just as I am. Unfortunately, in the end, the hero Qui-Gon fell to the Sith. Obi-Wan Kenobi was unable to rescue him. Perhaps it was his fate. Pause to honor a fallen hero. 

StarWarsPhoto from Wookieepedia, The Star Wars Wiki

Hmmm, it kinda makes the mountain look a bit higher and colder doesn’t it? 

Well, there is one difference between Qui-Gon Jinn and I (besides the fact that I am not a hero). The difference is this; I will choose to create a situation in which I will not fail. Qui-Gon did not have time to set up a successful environment – the Sith was there and he had no choice but to follow through.  I have a choice.    

After much soul searching and measuring of my capacity and responsibilities I have decided to accept what is (the part where I am not Superwoman). My responsibilities as a mother are not to be set aside. My responsibilities to my health are not to be forgotten. Pacing my day, studies and responsibilities are critical to my success.    

My plan is this; to take a class load that will be successful for me in my First Board Quarter. It is true that my class load will be different than another student’s. That’s ok. I will do what I must do to succeed. Success occurs differently for each student. My accomplishments are not to be measured to another individual’s, only to my goals and capacity. 

Soon I will be putting my blinders on and tuning out as many distractions as possible for the next several months. I will pace myself and know what keeps me strong and what takes my energy down. And most importantly I will accept myself for who I am and therefore be successful. Yes, there will be study sessions with fellow students as well as alone. Hopefully there will be lots of good sleep, healthy food, regular chiropractic checks and…more than a few prayers. I know I cannot climb this Mount Everest alone. Everyone needs a buddy or two on the road. So, regardless of the New Year, my resolution is this…to succeed.   



I’m listening to a beautiful rendition of “Greensleeves.” So lovely. I think of it twine-ing the pieces of my life together; the study, finals, thoughts of myself and others preparing for trips across the country for Christmas visits. I see beautiful rolling vistas of green hills and peacefulness reminiscent of the English countryside. This is what I need to envision in order to “turn down” the cortisol that is still coursing through my veins from finals.

Greensleevesimage credit

I need to focus on such things because they are actually the important things of life; peacefulness, reconnecting with self, Life and family. Reminding myself that there is never enough time allotted for climbing the mountains of study and finals but there must be the peace and joy in life to make it all worthwhile. The practice of Chiropractic ultimately cannot focus on the rush, the noise, the student loans, the getting over the bar of exams of one kind or another. 

Ultimately Chiropractic is connecting with Universal Intelligence, Innate and human beings often called patients. I must remain in this renewal cycle to be of use to myself and the living beings I connect with Chiropractically. 

It’s not the test, it’s the process…

It’s not only the struggle, but also the joy. 

It’s not dis-ease that is important, but rather living subluxation free!   

“Greensleeves” is my reconnect today to the peace and joy of this moment.


Merry Finalsdays and a Happy New Quarter!

Greetings my friends!

Finals week is here and time is precious, so I'll make this short and sweet!

My wife and I have had a discussion over the past few years and I thought I would "take it to the streets", as it were. I have a daughter from a previous marriage (I know, who would ever want to not be with THIS guy!), named Angel. So we have already had a couple Christmases were Santa has come to visit the Brown household. And now with the new baby, the excitement is renewed as he begins to understand what is going on.

Every year we have had the deep discussion involving whether Santa wraps his gifts or not. Growing up at my house we would wake up, head to the living room, and behold the wonders that Santa bestowed upon us! It was like a picture perfect moment, our eyes wide (still half-asleep), jaws agape (drool hanging from our lips like melted icicles) and heart stopping with anticipation!

In her family, Santa was so gracious as to wrap her presents. She had the anticipation of wondering what was inside, but had to wait to see what was inside as she opened ALL her presents. Who wants to wait??

Well, to try and quell this burning question I asked some friends on facebook how Santa's rewards were layed upon them:

My question: [OK folks. Need some help. When Santa comes to visit your house, does he wrap the presents or does he just make em look pretty for everyone??? Just discussing how he did it different for my wife growing up vs. our house growing up]

…and these were the responses I received:

"Of course he wrapped them!!! My mom would always use Santa face paper for all the gifts from santa and different paper for all of the rest."

"The older I got he wrapped them more for surprise factor."

"We had both one out unwrapped and others wrapped."

"Santa never wrapped mine and didnt wrap my childrens. He said we could have more gifts with the money that would be spent on wrapping paper."

"Santa started wrapping at my house when the oldest child started requesting it from him…until then, presents were left unwrappped. I believe this year he will wrap the big child's and only some of the litte ones ;-)"

"All of my gifts were wrapped as a child. This year, Santa told my daughter he was bringing lots of presents, so that means mommy and daddy will leave gifts from us unwrapped!!"

"It's funny how important consistent traditions must be planned. If it were up to me, unwrapped but it isn't so they get wrapped gifts. Time and money should be factored in, though."

"wrapped! in a different paper than what you would wrap your gifts in. And, as the kids get older, Ex: Mommy can always say, "Santa left me a note last night saying the gifts on the left side of the tree are for Child A, and the Right for Child B." That's how my Mom did it for my and my siblings"

"we wrap in a different paperfrom the rest but with no name tags or bows. to me it prolongs the excitement of christmas morning bc that's all we open that morning."

"It's not a decision that gets made, Santa makes up his own mind. But, he always delivered the presents here wrapped. Some years without tags but always in seperate piles."

"When I was growing up Santa presents were unwrapped. Santa leaves them unwrapped for my kids. Bonus is less wrapping and you don't have to hide a roll of paper from the kids."

" He almost always wrapped ours. Except for the bicycle. One year he delivered early. He knew papa was in the hospital so he waited until after we left to visit him. Santa's smart."


"We always do santas gift unwrapped, all gifts from us wrapped."


And there we go. Looks as if it's a good sample…and EXACTLY like it is in our house. Thanks guys! For nada!! I'm stuck in the same place I started in!

Oh well. I guess it doesn't matter, so long as we remember the reason for the season.

Ok, this was sweet but not so short –  gotta hit that anatomy. Won't hit itself!

1st quarter is almost over!!

Only 1194 days til graduation!


‘Twas the Night Before Finals…

Books2‘Twas the Night before Finals                                    
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
‘Cept a Chiropractic Stu-dent.

The tables were laden with diagnostic books with great care
In hopes that exams would come upon me fully aware.

The creatures were all snug in my bed nice and warm
They all knew I’d still be there when they awoke in the morn.

The coffee pot flowed and I was nearly out of cream
I thought if I sat here much longer I’d scream!

Unfortunate for me I’d become all too aware
The longer I sat
The more subluxated I’d fare.

As I poured knowledge in one ear it flowed out the other
Sometimes I wondered if I should bother.

My head carriage was anterior
My spine was kyphotic
The Anemia Review notes were becoming hypnotic.
The Christmas lights were twinklin’
And I had a thought
I’d be lucky if on Tuesday my brain would have an inklin’.

To all of my Chiropractic friends who study with Faith
I prayed that your Christmas soon would be great!

The love shared correcting vertebral subluxations
Will someday prove worthy
Of helping our patients without hesitations.

Our purpose today will be the same then
To bring Peace, Love and Hope
To all patients with haste!

For a body that is free
And a body that functions
Is the best gift received
When without vertebral subluxation!




Here it is…last regular class day, of the 1st quarter, of the greatest experience of my life! Next week is finals week. We have a final in terminology and abnormal psychology on Tuesday, palpation and anatomy on Wednesday, histology and ethics on Thursday, and chiro philosophy on Friday.

After next week, I'm no longer a freshman "1st quarter". I will be upgraded to "2nd quarter". This next quarter presents a lot of changes, a lot of classes. Biochem (eww), palpation II (we learn how to "feel" structures, muscles, etc.), spinal biodynamics (physics of the spine?), anotomy II (more cutting on cadavers, learning all those muscles, nerves, vessels, etc.), philosophy II, history of chiro, toggle (part 2, learning part of the art of chiro), and microbiology (more fun). And we have to remember all this stuff??

HA. Just hoping my old brain can keep all this info I have learned thus far, as well as the info I will learn for the next 13 quarters. (Yeah, that's what I said…total of 14 quarters for those that don't know)

I'm excited that these finals mark the end of an era – this first quarter of chiropractic school. I'm excited that January marks the beginning of a new challenge: new classes, new professors. If I'm being honest, I'm also looking forward to bagelfest. I get to boo the incoming 1st quarters. Sadistic? Perhaps. But hey, it's tradition. Who am I to argue with tradition?

By the by…only 1198 days til graduation

I can't wait!



The Weekend Before… The Weekend Before… Finals

Yes. I am studying, have been all weekend. 

Yes, I am tired of sitting here. But I do break it up. After all, there is much to do in a household of a little girl, her two Calico Kitties, a Newfie and a Cavalier King Charles (dogs). For example, we went on a Christmas scavenger hunt yesterday and walked about a mile with hot chocolate and hot dogs at the end. I also bathed my big Newfie in the bath tub….it was too cold outside for that.

Yep, that’s her!  My Kai-Kai! 🙂 She’s a good buddy through thick and thin! She thinks she belongs on the bed after she has had a bath. After all, she’s nice and fluffy now and smells like flowers…. And yes, the bathing meant the whole entire bathroom got all wet and furry as well as yours truly. 

In the meantime, Grace (daughter) has been working on a biographical report which requires her to type for the very first time EVER! So that needs tending to. She also has her first Christmas Concert to practice for tomorrow night in which she plays bells and snare drum and… there is a Geography Bee to study for. 

Christmas presents need to be searched for on line and ordered. That takes more time than you would think but less time than driving around. And then there’s the usual “stuff” to do around the house. 

For added distraction this evening we may make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! YES! And not from one of those Pillsbury dough tubes either! I’m talking real chocolate chips. 🙂

Honestly, I need the distraction more than the chocolate. Micropathology, Lab Diagnosis, Hard Tissue, Endocrine and Ortho-Neuro tests, quizzes and practicals are all rattling around upstairs. So much to juggle and so much life to “manage” that there are times that I must just walk away and let my brain settle in.   

Otherwise… nothing sinks in… and that’s not a good thing.

Angelsmiley     Diane