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Teaching ourselves

It is nice to be at a school where other students are just as passionate about the subjects as I am. I came to chiropractic school because I was fortunate to have met a chiropractor who introduced me to the foundation of chiropractic philosophy, that the human body is designed to function properly without the need of supplementation and surgery. These are only a last resort when your choices or circumstances have limited your body's natural ability. It's exciting to now be in a school where both other students and the faculty share in this philosophical foundation. Many of the teachers teach these philosophies directly, whether teaching about anatomy, or psychology, and all of us are able to get involved and gain a better understanding of the career that will carry usthrough the rest of our lives. However, we have learned that sometimes the way that we learn best is when a controversial subject arises because it encourages us to study for ourselves. Outside research was nearly unheard of when I was working on my undergraduate degree, but here, when a subject of controversy arises, students return the next day with 10 pages of research to discuss. This proves to me that the education that we are getting is based on a solid foundation, and my classmates are going to be an asset to the profession when they get into practice.