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Chiropractic Philosophy/Culture: What’s That?

Chiropractic philosophy and why learn it? In my mind, it’s a very simple reason – well, maybe several simple reasons. 

Reason One:

The purpose of learning chiropractic philosophy is so that you as student and future chiropractor know why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is the real purpose?

Reason Two:

As a student/future chiropractor, you are not swayed by popular opinion in methods of practice by others whether they are patients, practice members, other chiropractors or agencies of chiropractic.  

Reason Three:

Knowing your purpose, you can fulfill your destiny with efficiency and great care of your patients (fill in other goals- this is a short blog). 🙂


Here is what Keith Wassung, lay speaker on chiropractic, has said about the subject describing it as the “culture and heritage of chiropractic.”

“Learning the culture and heritage of chiropractic will allow you to make quality decisions about your own practice. It will teach you that Chiropractic is a life-long pursuit and not just some way to build professional prestige and money. It will teach you the proven principles upon which all successful practices are built. It will teach you the importance of hard work, the importance of effective communication It will teach you the importance of a positive mental attitude, of focus, commitment and persistence.”  ~ Keith Wassung

Mr. Wassung was a recent speaker at Sherman College.

These are just some thoughts on why we learn philosophy and culture of chiropractic. There is much to read and research regarding it. I hope you take the time to immerse yourself in it, if you are a serious student of chiropractic.


Staying Strong Through Adversity

If there is one constant in life it is that hardships will come along at one time or another. We all hope and pray that those times will be fewer rather than more, and while we have a degree of control over it, we cannot avoid it all together. With a program that lasts for almost four years, it is nearly guaranteed that at some point along this road, a situation will arise that will test your mettle, and your resolve to follow your chosen course. Those situations are different for every one of us, whether it be failing a class or board exam and having to retake it, deaths of family members, relationship troubles, or any number of other problems that occur both in school and in personal lives. But all of these troubles have a common element, they all make it harder to focus on school and perform at your highest level. They all have the power to cause you to lose your way if you do not have a firm conviction that what you are doing is the best thing that you can be doing. This is one of the reasons that I am grateful to be a student here at Sherman. I am not here just to learn how to diagnose back pain and move bones, but instead I am here to learn an entire worldview that not only influences how I will treat my patients in my practice, but that along with my personal and religious values, gives me a conviction that I am going to be of greater value to this world and to my family when I finish here than I could have been without it. I am a stronger person today than I was a year ago when I got here, and though I still desire not to have to face the struggles that are in front of me today, I know with a surety that I cannot be broken, and that tomorrow I will be a graduate of Sherman and will be able to help those around me to overcome the struggles that they face.