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One of those Cartoons

Ahhh, something we can all relate
to…stress….  I like this little guy cause
he captures one of “those moments” when it’s all too much. 


Today I took a few hours off and picked
up my daughter from school early (early for me- not her) and we went off to get
a fruit smoothie at…hmmm that place on the other side of town that you really
have to want to go to cause it’s on the other side of town.  Oh ya, “Bella Latte’”.  I love having a pocket full of ideas to turn
to  when some “Ahhhhh…” time is needed
and that is one of them.

So, we went and got our three berry fruit
smoothies (ahhhhh…) and headed home to gear up for a bike/walk with the dogs.  The dogs suffer as well when I’m overly
busy.  And as usual they were loyally
awaiting our return.  We packed up bike
and dogs and off we went to the walking/biking trail in Spartanburg that was
created from an old train track.  Forgive
me but I forget the name of that too.

Temporary memory loss (brain farts is
what I call them) is what happens when you’ve memorized more than what’s good
for you and your brain decides to, uhm, take a break.  We learned about it in Neuro.  It has a name too.  🙂  I’m over simplifying but…. that’s because my
brain is on temporary rest.   

It’s rather humorous that I’m actually
accepting it.  There was a time it
freaked me out!   :-)    But, live, learn and detach!  Detachment is key here because I am getting
perfectly fine grades, am learning much, functioning well and I know my
memorizing skills and recall will return when I need them – like tomorrow or
sooner if I choose it  :-)  .  

The point here is that I chose not
 to become that little guy in the cartoon.  I chose to take a break.  And this turned out to be quite a glorious
afternoon to take that break and play!         


First World Problems

I believe there are two types of necessities in this world: survival necessities and cultural necessities. For survival, humans need heat, food, water, shelter, and belief in a higher power or purpose. I acknowledge that this isn’t an all inclusive list, but I think that is a reasonable assessment of the basic needs for a human to live. Without those basic needs, Mans life is in jeopardy.

Cultural needs, on the other hand, I would define as something we need to fit in or do an everyday task. A prime example is a car. There are plenty of societies in the history of mankind that have flourished without the car. However, I would have a hard time making it to school every morning without this modern day transport. This technology has changed the way that our entire society works and regards time when transporting people or goods. Before the car, things just traveled slower and people stayed in places longer, but the advent of the car modernized our society to the raging metropolis it is today.

So why am I saying all of this? Well, my internet is out at my apartment complex and it is very frustrating to lose this 21st century convenience. Actually, it is more than frustrating me. It is inconvenient for doing assignments online. It prevents me from googling information for my classes like anatomy and biochemistry. But, most important to my everyday life, I can’t watch YouTube videos or listen to Pandora.

This is a classic case of first world problems. It doesn’t affect my life. It only makes my computer usage more intentional since I don’t have internet after I leave Sherman College. (however, I would note that I have become more productive).


Oh Super Bowl Commercials

Would you pay $0.04 for 30 seconds of my attention?  The answer is yes if you are one of the 40+ companies that advertised during last night’s super bowl.  Commercials during the Super Bowl sell for $4 million dollars for 30 seconds, but when you consider that over 100 million people watch the super bowl that $4 million dollars does not seem like such a bad investment.   

My shout outs for great commercials:

Jeep and USO – you did a great job keeping us guessing until the end!

Audi – kissing the girl at prom.  Many a young boy wishes for that kind of bravery!

Pistachios – great job using Gingham style in the most ridiculous way possible!

Calvin Klein – Sex appeal need I say more!

Tell me what you think: 

What works better Doritos with several different short commercials, Dodge with one really long commercial, or Bud Light with a continuous theme?

What was your favorite commercial?

Which commercial was the biggest waste of $4 million+ dollars? 




Doing it for the First Time

Do you remember that feeling you had when you finally turned sixteen. You had been driving on your permit with your parents for like a year (more or less depending on the restrictions of your State of origin). You are used to having some oversight. You can't make a wrong turn because your parents would be right there to be a "passenger seat driver." But, in that moment when you take that first solo drive to some place new, there may be some anxiety.

I am having a similar feeling right now since this is my first self produced blog post on TypePad. My prior posts were sent through the administration, but today, the training wheels come off of the bike. So, I am just hoping that I can do this right.

However, there is a certain freedom in being able to blog at any point in time. That is the paradox of freedom. Freedom must be well balanced with responsibility. I can blog about whatever I would like, but there is an expectation that I don't abuse this freedom with slander, hate speak, or anything indecent. However, this blog became very philisophical in nature.

In the mean time, I hope this blog shows up and I formatted it correctly with no spelling mistakes.