Sherman Leadership and Faculty Help Serve Nearly 50,000 During Mission to Panama

Submitted by Dean of Clinical Sciences Armand Rossi, D.C.

During the last week of March, 10 members of the Sherman College administration and faculty joined 39 other chiropractors from around the world on a week-long mission trip to Panama sponsored by Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide (CREW). The trip was a fantastic opportunity to administer chiropractic care to a massive number of people in Panama. The final numbers showed 49,170 adjustments delivered in 5 days by 49 D.C.s. I’d like to let some of our Sherman people tell you about it in their own words.

Radiology Department Chair Laura Greene-Orndorff, R.T., D.C., ’95

This Panama mission trip has filled my heart. The people of Panama are wonderful!! To serve these individuals was an honor and a blessing. Even though there was a language barrier, they had so much trust in what we were doing, plus they wanted all their children checked. To see their profound gratitude was very humbling.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Joe Donofrio, D.C., ’94

What concerned me the most was the obvious, overwhelming need for chiropractic care, and only a handful of chiropractors to provide it. Forty-nine chiropractors for one week was just a drop in the bucket for a country that needs hundreds of chiropractors, 52 weeks a year.

Director of Student Clinics Claudia Seay, D.C., ’80

The experience was one of excitement, caring, giving and loving. To share chiropractic with the people of Panama was exhilarating. The love the people showed was humbling, and to know that it changed their lives made it so much more meaningful! It is amazing that something that we sometimes take for granted was so wanted and needed by the people of Panama.

Assistant Professor Kevin Power, D.C., ’81

Overall, it was a great experience. I enjoyed making the acquaintance of D.C.s from many different parts of the world, coming together in a common cause. I was most impacted by the beautiful people of Panama – trusting, accepting and appreciative of our efforts.

Executive Vice President Neil Cohen, D.C.

The Panama mission trip was more than incredible. It reinforced my definite major purpose as a chiropractic servant. Additionally, it provided me with a vision of what chiropractic can look like when delivered with the pure love and intention to a pure and beautiful people. So many moments far exceeded my own expectations, and clearly, I received much more than I could ever possibly give.

Instructor Rick Brescia, D.C.

The Panama trip was amazing! It was so refreshing to see that even with language barriers, lack of understanding, and cultural differences, people still wanted to get checked and would insist that you check their children. The world wants what chiropractic has to offer; we just need to go out and tell them what we have and serve.

Assistant Case Doctor Tate Gentile, D.C.

Panama was an absolute transformational experience. Not only did I get to work alongside like-minded chiropractic warriors from all over the world, but was able to experience the beauty and love of the Panamanian people. My expectations were blown out of the water and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of chiropractic in such an amazing country.

Chair of Clinical Curriculum Matt Hudson, D.C., ’06

As a subluxation-centered chiropractor, I revel in the ability to service others through the power of chiropractic. And while there were no shortages of amazing stories and experiences from all the chiropractors servicing the thousands of individuals in Panama, I was most awestruck by the way the people of Panama embraced the power of chiropractic care and how that fostered a greater passion for chiropractic inside of me.

Dean of Clinical Sciences Armand Rossi, D.C., and President Edwin Cordero, D.C.

Dr. Cordero and I were two of the Sherman people who have been to Panama previously. The sentiments mentioned above are echoed by us from our first mission trip years ago and we were certainly not disappointed with the results and the opening up of hearts on this trip. Once again, Sherman College is bringing chiropractic to the world.