What Do I Know?

What do I know?

Not much and so much. 

I know what’s important. I know that the body can
heal itself. I know that we can help or hinder our body’s function and

How can we help it?

A great many ways; that is why there are so many
healing choices. But the only way to
remove / correct nerve interference to the central nervous system is through chiropractic
care; regularly scheduled chiropractic care.

How do we hinder the body’s ability to function and
heal? Oh, there are a great many ways to do that too. Chiropractic-ally
speaking, we hinder our healing capacity by ignoring our physical body. 

We can easily ignore our body’s natural desire to be
balanced by sitting sloppily and moving without realizing that certain
positions and certain work stresses can be detrimental to the skeletal system
and therefore the central nervous system. It’s really simple in concept. 

When we ignore our body’s innate intelligence and
over-ride it with not-so-wise decisions, we become disconnected to our inner
wisdom. We “turn it off,” so to speak. 

The AWESOME thing is that despite our sometimes
unwise choices or unexpected life situations, we can heal our body with our very own innate intelligence. The
AWESOME way to do that is through regular chiropractic care. 

Just ask a chiropractor or chiropractic intern today!


Royal baby born

It's a boy! The next heir to the British throne was born today. You either fall into the category of completely obsessed royal watcher or ok so what is the big deal, but either way this is a momentous occasion. The baby is now the 3rd person in line for the throne after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William.

I know for my generation we were not able to remember the birth of Prince William or Prince Harry.  This Prince is the start of a new era in the royal family.  The modern marriage of Kate and William has breathed new life into the monarchy.  The delivery of this royal baby adds a new chapter to their fairly tale romance. 

His Royal Highness will have an impact on the world we can only speculate about. He may or may not be king in my lifetime, but my children will see him ascend the throne. The British commonwealth includes 15 countries and has the potential to shape the future of not only Great Britain but the world. 

*Addendum The baby has been named! George Alexander Louis or more formally His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge!!


Thoughts on 4th Quarter

I have found in the past few weeks that fourth quarter is a
little different from the first three quarters. The first difference is 7 classes a week last
for two hours. I am not one to complain about learning, but sitting in the same
seat for two hours is downright painful. It is a lot to absorb in one sit and
is doing very little to help my already limited flexibility which is being
challenged by upper cervical technique class.

With that being said, I have really enjoyed the material
which I have been learning
this quarter thus far. I get to learn about the
inner workings of the brain and spinal cord, the histopathology of infection,
the primary immune response, dynamics of the spine, and how to view X-rays.

Second, I am done learning in a lecture setting from Dr. Wu,
Anatomy PhD basic sciences. I still have the pleasure of working beside him the
lab as a T.A. I can learn the practical side of anatomy as I help with dissection,
but I miss hearing stories about the “moon” (which is actually China)  

Finally, there are also a few less faces in our quarter. Unfortunately,
the Fall 2012 quarter has lost a couple students to personal choice of moving
on from Sherman College as well as bad circumstances of struggling with subject
matter. I am looking forward to celebrating when my quarter has passed through
this program to go out and change our communities for the better. I also hope
for the best of those that are looking for other options.


White Water Rafting

One of the great things about summer, is the opportunity to be outdoors. We have not had many chances this summer with all the rain, but today we went white water rafting. We were going rain or shine, but thankfully it was the latter. About 2 hours from Sherman is the little town of Hartford, TN. It is home to several rafting companies, but the company of choice for our adventure was Rapid Expeditions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to go white water rafting! The trip took about 1.5 hours from start to finish going down the Upper Pigeon River. Rapids ranged from class one to class four. I have included a chart that describes how rapids are classified for those that don't know. 

  • Class 1: Very small rough areas, requires no maneuvering. (Skill Level: None)
  • Class 2: Some rough water, maybe some rocks, small drops, might require maneuvering. (Skill Level: Basic Paddling Skill)
  • Class 3: Whitewater, medium waves, maybe a 3–5 ft drop, but not much considerable danger. May require significant maneuvering. (Skill Level: Experienced paddling skills)
  • Class 4: Whitewater, large waves, long rapids, rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed. (Skill Level: Advanced Whitewater Experience)
  • Class 5: Whitewater, large waves, continuous rapids, large rocks and hazards, maybe a large drop, precise maneuvering. Often characterized by "must make" moves, i.e. failure to execute a     specific maneuver at a specific point may result in serious injury or death. Class 5 is sometimes expanded to Class 5+ that describes the most extreme, runnable rapids (Skill Level: Expert)

Afterwards we went for a 3 mile hike round trip to the night whole. The night whole has crystal clear freezing cold mountain water with a couple of 10 ft rocks that people jump off. Fellow adventures Ryan Burkhart, Brad Marx, Chad Janes, Meagin Sumrall, and Paige Sigmon all jumped, but I like the old saying if all your friends jumped off a cliff would you go too? My answer is no! I think summer quarter might be the hardest not because the classes, but because I am less motiviated to study when we have long summer days and I want to be outside. Oh well, it was nice to enjoy this weekend before the class load gets to heavy. Monday is the start of another week, and time to get back to work.  


LCW Debbie Cordero

This past week I found time to visit a League of Chiropractic Woman (LCW)
sponsored event during lunch break. The Sherman chapter was hosting Debbie
Cordero, the wife of President Cordero. She was there to talk about principles
of managing a chiropractic practice.

After a 20 minute introduction to the LCW as well as a sneak peak at
upcoming events from club co-presidents Anna Elkins and Rachel Leskosky, Mrs.
Cordero moved right into her speech.
She began by explaining a little about herself and her college education. She
stressed the importance of learning. She recommended being well versed in
literature to be able to relate to people. Being a better communicator is key
in starting a practice.

IMAG0477She also explained some of the hardships of when Presdent Cordero went to
Chiropractic school in 1989. She had to balance a family of two children as
well as three jobs to make everything work. It was during this time that she
was inspired by the vision of chiropractors like Sid Williams to appreciate the
message of chiropracTIC.  

After this brief introduction she explained that everyone has hard time like
she did as Dr. Cordero was earning his degree. One makes it through these hard
times by being a RHINO.

She stated that in all things “you have to become a rhino.” They have thick
skin and when they charge, they do so powerfully.  She emphasized that everyone must put the
blinders up and don't let the doubters cloud goals. She said "You must be
a rhino when getting through boards, opening up shop, hiring staff.  Get it in your head and it will help you get
through those situations. Charge massively.”

She also talked on the importance of training staff, both procedurally and
philosophically. This allows them to effective in sharing the vision of the
doctor as well as not being disorganized. There also needs to be system of
double checking to minimize the potential to for mistakes in finances/billing
as well as prevent potential embezzling.

Mrs. Cordero also gave financial advice like the 80-10-10 rule. This rule
divides the priority of spending of 80% goes towards bills, 10% goes into
savings, and 10% is for tithe.

She also handed out cards with word affirmations printed on them. She
believes that if one only lets positive in, only positive will come out. This
is important to be confident like the rhino in charging ahead. Finally, she
encouraged everyone to write down goals and keep the goal sheet with us as
constant reminder of where to charge.

I enjoyed the event and have a better grasp on managing a practice thanks to Mrs. Cordero. I hope to hear more from her as time
goes on.



Ideal Spine

What is the ideal spine? This question was brought to the forefront of my
mind after day one of spinal biodynamics II. It is a subluxation free spine,
right? I think that answer is about as useful as answering Jesus to a
catechism/Bible school question. Subluxation is the aspect that a chiropractor
is trained to correct to help improve the structural integrity of the spine as
well as the overall health of the an individual, but I think the
ideal/perfectly formed spine has a little more involved than simply lacking
nerve interference. I think there must be an optimal shape, curvature, dynamic
interaction between the vertebrae that optimize an individual’s ability to
function and hold an adjustment for an extended period of time.

SpineidealFor spinal dynamics, I read an article written by Dr. Don Harrison PhD, DC,
MSE and Tad Janik, PhD along with follow up work by Deed Harrison, DC. These
doctors have mathematical justification for the ideal spine as a system of
curves based on ellipsoidal arcs. They used a lot of math to show that the
curves along with the anatomy of the bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints work
together to minimize stress and compression. The original 1979 article also
stress the importance of the lordotic curve in the neck to prevent anterior
movement of the skull.


Fig 3.3 Harrison, D. (1979). The ideal normal
upright static human spine.

I find this very interesting concerning the many number of whiplash cases
that I have personally been involved in. I am also aware that forward head
posture is also rising in prevalence from the increase in technological use
coupled with sedentary lifestyles in America.

When correcting the spine, chiropractors have to choose how involved to
become in the process of correcting the structural loss of curvature. There are
specific chiropractic techniques, stretches, traction machinery, and spinal
decompression machinery which can more specifically address this issue;
however, doctors must keep in mind their commitment to address subluxation
first. I hope that as I continue my learning at Sherman, I will get to hear
more about my options for helping my patients function to their fullest.


Elf Meme

I saw this meme not too long ago and it reminded me of my
Microbiology experience in undergrad. I took the pre-nursing program medical
microbiology class which is typically offered to second semester freshman
looking to enroll in the nursing program.

ElfmemeI wasn’t a senior at the time, but I knew I was going to
transfer to Sherman, so it was my last semester of undergrad (close enough
right). I felt like the big man on campus since these freshmen were seeing
things like the krebs cycle, amino acid structure, basic cellular differences
between prokaryotes and eukaryotes for the first time while I had every enzyme
and structures memorized from my biochemistry classes. I thought it was all
just so silly and borderline a waste of my time for the first four weeks of

However, I find myself eating those words now since I am
taking microbiology and micropathology at Sherman.

Despite my initial criticism
of the ease of that microbiology class, it has proved to be a great stepping
stone in introducing me to the pathology of basic bacteria, virus, and fungi
which has helped me a lot at Sherman. So, moral of the story is take
microbiology and biochemistry before enrolling in chiropractic college at Sherman and you will save
yourself some effort or risk it for the basket and take it for the first time


New Quarter

A new quarter, 42 new faces. I think potential students are
beginning to catch on to the vision that is being cast by President Edwin
Cordero. President Cordero shared news of his success in promoting the name of
Sherman College as the premier chiropractic college in the world during his
last President’s Assembly. Before the summer break, he had been traveling to
many conferences throughout North and Central America. He has been spreading
the word that it is time to come and learn how to heal the sick.

As the school begins to anticipate larger class sizes, I
hope we are able to keep the current small school feel and culture so we are
more in touch as a school wide community. I am also excited to being the process
of learning 42 new names.

Welcome to Sherman College all Summer 2013 students.


Upper Cervical

I have always been a firm believer in education outside the classroom.  Becoming involved in clubs is the best ways to add to your education.  A few clubs I have been involved in include: Palpation a great way to learn from fellow students.  Philosophy club can keep your spizz for chiropractic alive. League of Chiropractic women allows me to connect with female doctors, because lets be honest women just do things differently then men.  Christian chiro club keeps me spiritually lifted when classes become overwhelming. 

This past week I had the opportunity to visit another club, upper cervical.  I am taking upper cervical technique right now, so I figured this would be a good time to visit the club.  Dr. Scott Baker hosted the club at his office.  I am very grateful because I have not visited many offices in the area, and would like to visit more.  If you are a doctor in the Spartanburg/Greenville area and would be willing for students to visit your office, but don't know who to contact I would be happy to be talk. 

Dr. Baker explained upper cervical rational as well as showed us his wicked fast toggle.  I have heard chatter about upper cervical, but it was nice to listen to a doctor who has chosen this as his technique.  This office visit was perfectly timed with our president's assembly with guest speaker Dr. Ray Drury.  Dr. Drury presented miracle stories he has witnessed as an upper cervical doctor.  One of the things I liked best about Dr. Drury's presentation was when he talked about we need to present a unified front to get the word about chiropractic out to the world.  After hearing from both of these doctors I look forward to continuing my education about the upper cervical technique. 


Welcome to the Pride!

On my refrigerator, amongst numerous phone numbers, “To Do” lists, and noteworthy messages, held up by colorful magnets, is the original Welcome Certificate I received from The Sherman Enrollment Services Team. It is dated September 28, 2009. It certainly would have fared better placed in a memory book, neatly pressed, but… as it was an important symbol to me, I left it right where I could see it every day – on the refrigerator!  🙂

So much has been accomplished, so many fears have been faced and overcome that it is truly amazing to me! In addition to attending Sherman, my daughter began first grade here in South Carolina and will be entering sixth grade soon, one son was married bringing a new daughter into the family, a second son will soon be graduating college, and my husband has retired. Each of us has held as steady as the Rock of Gibraltar through the many storms that naturally accompany our schooling and life changes. Again, it’s truly amazing!

The wonder of it all is that the future will continue to bring so much more!! I guess that’s what life is all about if you meet it head on and experience it at its fullest. 

And so, with all these thoughts I welcome the incoming First Quarter!!! There are many great experiences coming YOUR WAY! May you SUCCEED and LIVE your LIFE to its FULLEST!!!  ~~  GOOD LUCK  FIRST  QUARTER  STUDENTS  ~~ 

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