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It’s All True!

Board study is playing heavily on many minds right now; Part
One, Part Two, Part Three, Part IV as well! O, yea, let’s not forget PT Board! As
students we get or can get bogged down in the moment, brain to the grindstone.
This is when it is so very critical
to get up, go outside and experience the natural world and movement again! And
so with this thought in mind, last night we took the dogs to the Milliken pond
and visited nature in an urban setting for a while. 

When I do take a moment to move through nature, I find
myself wondering what took me so long to free my spirit. But I know what it is;
it is the desire to do well and pass Boards (or classes). It is part of the
focus of a dedicated student life.   

The point of all this is that I awoke this morning with that
glimmer of possibility in my mind. 

ItsAllTrueimage source

My mind was momentarily opening to the memory of what I
believed…what I knew…it is all possible! The goals that I have set…are real…and
will happen…it’s all TRUE! What we
feel in our hearts and minds, and desire greatly to achieve, will become
reality…we just have to put the work into it! It’s that simple. 🙂


3 Today!

My baby girl turned 3 today! For some children when they reach 3, their parents say thank goodness we are out of the terrible twos. For other children they miss the terrible twos, but find the terrorizing threes. I am not sure what I will say about Roslyn looking back in a few years, at about 2½ she learned the word no, but she can have such sweet moments. Those moments are what bring joy to a parent’s heart. 

So why tell you about her birthday? It is hard to believe 3 years ago I was in the hospital. Any parent can testify to how fast time goes by. When your children are up at night crying and you just want them to fall asleep because you are so exhausted, you begin to think time cannot go any slower. And before you know it your children have graduated and moved off to college, in the case of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle can’t believe where the time has gone. 

The same is true for Sherman. When you are in the middle of the quarter studying for one test after another time cannot move fast enough. Then you reach then end of the 12 weeks (the length of 1 quarter), and realize that it went by fast. I can’t believe Roslyn is now 3 and how fast time has gone. I keep this in mind when I think of the 14 quarters or 3½ years I will spend at Sherman. It will be over before I know it!



It would appear that the weather has finally broken here in
South Carolina
. It has been quite the wet summer. Average rain fall for an
entire year is usually just less than 50 inches, but this year has already seen
that much rain with four more months to further surpass that total.

It hasn’t
just been the rain that has made it so weird. It has been the amount that falls
at one time. I can speak from experience that the freeway has been hazardous on
certain days from the rain. South Carolina locals have told me that the last 7
years have been borderline drought and extremely hot in the months of July and
August. It has relatively been cold and wet. I guess this year is a time for
nature to rehydrate.

But for now, the question with the humidity dying down and
the leaves already beginning to change: what is the winter going to hold? Some
are worried it will be a cold one. Either way I am ready for another season in the
lovely South Carolina.


Some thoughts on GMOs

I recently read a Facebook post claiming there is potential research on genetic modification of human fetus/embryo. I didn’t think much of the post since I have a biochemistry background. There is always some lab picking away at the secrets of universe via messing with genomes, etc. However, I was hanging out with someone who thought it was terrible and ungodly. The original poster of the Facebook comment also believed it was ridiculous and unnatural.

Naturally, and yes I use the word naturally, most Sherman students I have run into are against GMOs. It isn’t natural for a plant to have fish, bacteria, and/or viral DNA in its genome. I also wonder if RoundUp has patents in the GMO corn that produce their own pesticides. However, beyond the "ungodly" justification, very few of my classmates have backed up their claims with real science. Their views are more based in non-peer reviewed internet articles and a gut feeling that messing with nature is wrong. (Which I don't think is that big of a deal because I think it takes decades for science to prove something bad anyways Ex: smoking)

So, where does that leave society and GMOs. I believe technology always precedes morality. A prime example is nuclear power. It has the potential to be a more efficient and long lasting solution to coal and gas power. However, nuclear power is also very good at demolishing cities and destroying the surrounding environment/ecosystems if not properly regulated and maintained.
I am skeptical that anyone can truely measure the ramifications of eating GMOs, using GMO products, or modifying the human genome.I personally believe good and bad effects are being seen and will continue to develop over time with genetic experimentation. Every break through will be hailed as a marvel. Now man can control its fate with genetic disease, famine, and plague. But ultimately, it could lead to a society similar to the one described by the movie GATTACA or a zombie apocalypse. So, I would like to see nature run its course.


4th Quarter and House Hunting

4th quarter has not been a particularly easy quarter as was warned by many upper quarter students. I don’t think you can say 4th quarter is harder because of any one reason. Yes, neuroanatomy is a lot of information. Yes, 2 different micro classes take up macro amounts of time. But I think it is other things like we have classes from 8am-5pm, instead of 8am-3pm like it has been the last few quarters. That is an additional 10 hours at school each week. I will be honest, we do have breaks in the day, but I don’t find an hour enough time to leave campus and do anything of importance like grocery shopping, laundry, or working out at the gym (including taking a shower) and make it back in time for the next class. Those precious 10 hours might be the hardest thing about 4th quarter. 

If that’s not enough, for me personally, I have been house hunting. I really don’t recommend house hunting before midterms in 4th quarter, but I am very excited about the house we have found! It is a townhouse by el burrito, a small local Mexican restaurant that every Sherman student has heard of. The best part about the townhouse is I will have a yard that I don’t have to mow, and I won’t have to listen to the guy in the apartment next to me playing video games at all hours of the night! We should move in over fall break if everything goes according to plan.  Now I just need to focus on finals and not let this be too much of a distraction.


Coming Home From Board Review…

ComingHomeFromBoardReviewsimage source

Yes, indeed! We came home rather worn out from Board Review this past weekend. These cavalier pups are expressing just what I’d like to be doing right about now… recovering, snuggling and enjoying the simpler things of life!

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great board review, I don’t regret it. Just sayin’… sometimes ya need a little down time! 

Until then, just keep on studying!



I would like to start by thanking Dr. Browning for planning and organizing this event that exposed 50 + students to a specific upper cervical technique that we would not have been exposed without this opportunity.

Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) mission is to train, develop, and mentor doctors and students of chiropractic to be excellent ambassadors, practitioners, and researchers of the specific knee chest upper cervical work. Dr. Henri Dallies and Dr. William Soriano of KCUCS taught a 4 hours seminar yesterday afternoon that included x-ray analysis, pattern work, and setup practice.

I think as humans we instinctively want to help people feel better. As a student what has been one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp is that sometimes doing nothing is the best option. The body goes through a healing process, and sometimes you can feel worse before you feel better. I also think it can be hard for patients to hear when they are in pain. It is harder to say no I am not going to adjust you today because your body is healing then to say ok yes hop on the table. What I liked about the seminar yesterday was learning about pattern, and reasons not to adjust. If you have the opportunity to learn more about KCUCS I would recommend learning something new!


Dr. Cordero: “How Are Chiropractors Made?”

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Cordero speak on topic of “How Are Chiropractors Made?” I was very excited to hear him speak since Dr. Cordero does a lot of traveling as he continues to promote Sherman College.

Dr. Cordero began by showing my favorite Key and Peele sketch.


It is all about miscommunication. Dr. Cordero stated that if every chiropractor has a different objective, then their philosophy will be constructed around that objective and create a miscommunication between the profession and general public. The classic example given was a chiropractor that focusses solely on pain management. This chiropractor will only maintain patients in their office for as long as a patient is experiencing pain. As soon as the pain is gone, the patient will assume that there is no longer a need for chiropractic services. This is so sad since chiropractic care can “reconnect the individual to the source.”

Dr. Cordero also warned against the poverty mindset. If a chiropractor is only concerned about the money, they will always be accommodating the complaints of symptoms. Dr. Cordero gave the example of adding extra therapy such as “rubbing [their] feet or rubbing [their] elbow to make them feel better.” This isn’t chiropractic. If a doctor has low confidence and can’t stand on their philosophy, “then they don’t have a leg to stand on.”

So how are chiropractors made according to Dr. Cordero?

1. Know what you want to do

2. Know how you will do it

3. Train

Dr. Cordero emphasized the necessity to continue to practice so one can deliver the goods when it comes to the art of adjusting. He recommended time spent connecting to the innate within by mediating, praying, and being connected to a local philosophy group. He also stated that one can’t know for sure how an individual will respond to having that interference removed from their nervous system. Occasionally, a patient may have to go to the ER after an adjustment since their body is all of a sudden detoxing. The philosophy will keep the doctor grounded.

Dr. Cordero closed with another classic youtube. Its not about the nail.


The problem with patients a lot of the time is that they just want to be heard. Part of the job of a chiropractor therefore is to listen and give out of their own abundance and love to reconnect that person and the community with the Source.
Dr. Cordero closed the meeting with a time for questions. It was definitely a good study break, but it was time to get back to work.


Southern Cooking

Since moving to South Carolina, I have enjoyed many new experiences.
In the past I have blogged about visiting Biltmore House, having a wide array
of churches to visit, and recently white water rafting. But now I get to
comment on the food. I have been attending Gateway Church which is just a short
walk from my apartment complex. Once a month on Wednesday night they have a church
potluck. This past week was Hawaiian themed but it felt more South Carolina themed
by the cooking.  Pulled pork with vinegar
based BBQ, pineapple casserole, fried okra, deviled eggs, mac and cheese, broccoli
based Cole slaw, baked beans, and green beans with banana pudding and key lime
pie for dessert. A true Southern meal if I have ever seen one.

Before moving to
South Carolina, I didn’t know what pineapple casserole or fried okra was; deviled
eggs and baked beans were something I typically avoided at potlucks; and I
haven’t seen banana pudding at very many events (but I love it). I think I have
truly adapted to the atmosphere while going to Sherman y’all.


2013-08-07 19.13.37

What Do I Know?

What do I know?

Not much and so much. 

I know what’s important. I know that the body can
heal itself. I know that we can help or hinder our body’s function and

How can we help it?

A great many ways; that is why there are so many
healing choices. But the only way to
remove / correct nerve interference to the central nervous system is through chiropractic
care; regularly scheduled chiropractic care.

How do we hinder the body’s ability to function and
heal? Oh, there are a great many ways to do that too. Chiropractic-ally
speaking, we hinder our healing capacity by ignoring our physical body. 

We can easily ignore our body’s natural desire to be
balanced by sitting sloppily and moving without realizing that certain
positions and certain work stresses can be detrimental to the skeletal system
and therefore the central nervous system. It’s really simple in concept. 

When we ignore our body’s innate intelligence and
over-ride it with not-so-wise decisions, we become disconnected to our inner
wisdom. We “turn it off,” so to speak. 

The AWESOME thing is that despite our sometimes
unwise choices or unexpected life situations, we can heal our body with our very own innate intelligence. The
AWESOME way to do that is through regular chiropractic care. 

Just ask a chiropractor or chiropractic intern today!