Food and Drink Policy

Sherman has a blanket policy that food is not allowed in class unless approved by the teacher, and that non-alcoholic beverages must be in sealed containers. (It makes me laugh that we have to clarify non-alcoholic.)

In most of our classrooms we have 6 foot folding tables, with 2-3 people to a table which is more than enough room for each person to have a drink on the desk with their notes. However, in Dr. Duke's class we have individual desks in rows. If the person in front of you leans back they can easily bump your drink and knock it over.

One of my classmates had a problem with his drink being spilled 3 times last week. Today he came to class and someone had prepared!

Just wanted to share the fun times from Dr. Duke's classroom.


Food and Drink Policy

Trunk or Treat October 31 at Sherman College

What:    Trunk or Treat

When:    Thursday, October 31, from 7:30-9:00 p.m., rain or shine

Why:    Fun for the whole family! Remember to bring your bags or buckets.

Where:    Sherman College of Chiropractic – Health Center parking lot, 2020 Springfield Road in Spartanburg; use zip code 29316 for GPS

Directions:    From downtown Spartanburg, take Pine Street/Hwy. 176 North toward Inman. After crossing over both Interstate 85s (business and bypass), go about a mile. Ingles will be on your right. At the traffic light by Ingles, turn right onto Springfield Road. The Sherman College Health Center is about 1½ miles on the right.

Contact:    Dr. Sarah Stephens, Sherman College Health Center Faculty 864-578-8770, ext. 210 or

Gait Runway Project






Is this a zombie apocalypse? Despite AMC’s Walking Dead being
on my mind, this is just a picture from Neuropathophysiology. In this class,
students learn about disorders of the nervous system and how these disorders
affect the physiology of the body.




One such example is the study of gait (the stride or walk of
an individual). As a teaching aid, the class was divided up into 7 groups to do
a project runway. Gaits from hemiplegic (which may result from a stroke and
affect one side of the body) to an ataxic gait (one seen from drinking too much
alcohol) were demonstrated as best as possible by myself and other classmates.
It was a fun class period and I am glad Dr. York uses such teaching methods to
enhance the learning of an otherwise dry topic.

I believe that this style of learning is one example of why
Sherman College is so great. There is a fair share of lecture during a given
class period, but there is a heavily practical/get-up-and-do-it mentality to
the material.


Howl at the Moon

IMAG0619The first week of class is the perfect time to get away. I
believe last quarter I went white water rafting around this time. This quarter,
I ended up at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar in Charlotte.

The event was
put together by Melinda. She had won the event almost six months ago, but
wanted to maximize the number of Sherman students willing to attend by waiting
for a non-boards quarter. It was a smart decision since the Howl at the Moon
allowed for a party of 100 people to get in to the bar for free and enjoy party
specific specials.

I had fun at the event. A good number of Sherman students
came out early to enjoy the buffet style dinner from 5-7; however, the party
really started around 9 pm when the 5th quarter crew showed up. It
was a lot of fun listening to some of our favorite tunes as requested by the 5
very talented musicians playing for us. We were rocking out to hits like Don’t
Stop Believing, Bohemian Rhapsody, Jeremiah was a Bull Frog, and more.


I was amazed how a musician would be looking up the words to
a song while asking one of their fellow band mates to just switch instruments “real
quick” while they learn the song. This whole process would only take about one
minute. It was cool to watch and made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

As a group, we also had some fun with the phrase of the
night which was posted behind the band… PS. Wade is my Hero.


Women’s Bible Study

You know you are in the south when everything is fried, the accents are thick, and you have been invited to bible study. Consider this your invitation to bible study. Last quarter I completed Beth Moore’s bible study A Women’s Heart on my own. It is not always easy to continue growing your faith when school demands so much time. That is why I believe group bible study and Christian chiropractic club are so important. It gives us an opportunity to fellowship with people who understand what you are going through. We can pray about the stressful things like exams or in my case missing my family, and praise God for the joys when we pass our tests. 

Rachel and I were talking that we should do a bible study together, so this quarter I am leading Beth Moore’s bible study on the book of James called Mercy Triumphs. It is an 8-week course that includes weekly video sessions. If you want to dive in deeper there is daily homework or you can even go as far as to write the whole book of James! The plan is to start this Tuesday October 8, 2013 in OC3 at 7:00pm. This way we can take a week off in the middle for mid-terms and still be finished before finals. 

The bible study is open to all women associated with Sherman: faculty, staff, students, and wives of Sherman students. I know that everyone is at a different point in their faith walk. For some people this might be your 1st bible study, for others you are seasoned veteran, whatever your level I welcome you all.   


Catan Night

I love the board game Settlers of Catan (Cities and Knights
expansion always). I have been playing since I was 10 years old. I know every
rule, piece, and progressive card. I can tell you the number of each piece and
the probability of each dice role. If there is one thing I have mastered in
life, I think it is this game.









I have been teaching the game to Melinda, unfortunately she
doesn’t understand it in full yet. As I watch her make decisions and process
how to play the game, I think of the walk of Sherman students. Students enter Sherman
College with many false notions about the program, teachers, philosophy, and
chiropractic. Each quarter brings a little more to the puzzle. Each classroom
encounter, club meeting, and president’s assembly brings together a strategy
for success. Every one strives for a full picture of the profession and
ultimately, the best for the community they seek to serve.

I hope every student, including myself, are able to overcome
and even enjoy this process of growth. Mastery doesn’t come in a night or
weekend seminar. It comes from hard work and practice. So let’s keep up the
good work as another quarter begins.  


Upcoming events

One year ago today I was sitting in orientation, registering for classes, and meeting the people I would spend the next 3½ years with. I can remember being nervous, hoping I would find good friends, not sure what level of difficulty the classes would be, and not even where the business office was to pick up my student loan check. 

One year later, it all seems old hat. Tonight I am looking forward to starting a new quarter. We have lots of events coming up in the month of October.

Oct. 4 – Happy Hour at Howl at the Moon in Charlotte open to all Sherman students (not a school sponsored event, but just a chance to hangout before to quarter gets too crazy. Find the Facebook event page to RSVP)

Oct. 12th – LCW philosophy event 4:45pm on Sherman’s campus. Find an LCW member to purchase tickets. $10 for students in advance, 12 speakers with dinner provided.

Oct. 19th – The National Talk the Tic competition where students present their health talk

Oct. 19th – 20thIRAPS 12 hours of CE credit available to doctors. Contact Stacy Bradey for more information.

Oct. 22ndFundraiser for Angela including Spaghetti supper and silent auctions.

I am sure there are more events. There is always something going on at Sherman, oh and 9 classes this quarter! 



During my stay at home in Michigan, I was
very excited to learn I could apply for a renewal of an existing scholarship. I believe I
first applied for this particular scholarship freshman year of undergrad, and
the foundation was generous enough to continue their giving for another year.

Despite this good news, I realized that I need to send a
copy of my transcript in with the request for renewal. I am currently on break
and the scholarship is due before I get back to Spartanburg to get my transcript
mailed out. I was very pleased to find out there is an online option for receiving/sending
transcripts. I was a little skeptical that it would work, but I was able to
fill out my information electronically and get it sent off.

For anyone else that may be in similar situation, it is
fairly easy. Just go to the Sherman page and search ‘transcript.’ From there,
you simply make an account with Parchment Transcript Ser. They can send them
via print or electronically through email. It is fairly cheap and easy. You can also order another diploma. Thanks


Breakfast in Bed

While Sherman is a lot of work for the students, it is also a commitment from family and friends as well.  I am sure my husband had no clue what he was agreeing to when he said I could go back to school. 

For those of you that do not know Phil is from England. I always joke the best things are imported: wine, cheese, and husbands! Phil and I had a long distance relationship when we first met. We talked on the phone every day, but we were only able to see each other a few times a year. When I started thinking about chiropractic college, I thought it can't be any worse than when Phil lived in England – we are in the same country and just a few hours apart. Being apart is a challenge, but it is a sacrifice for a goal. 

I know this program would be a lot harder without all the support from my family and friends. I would like to thank my parents for taking care of Abigail and Roslyn. Ryan for the countless hours of studying. But most importantly, my wonderful and loving husband Phil for taking on the role of a single parent 5 days a week. I cannot express how grateful I am for your love and support.  

Just an example of how wonderful Phil is, my week of break started with breakfast in bed! I don't think I have ever been so happy to be home! 


Gratitude and Perspective

It is hard at Sherman to not compare yourself to your fellow classmates. I would say it is part of human nature. We spend all day together, study at night, take all the same tests, and get your grades back at the same time. It is very easy to look at your grade, and then ask the person next to you “How did you do?” I personally try to ask the question “Did you pass?” This way I am not comparing myself, but that does not always work.

It always fascinates me the responses. You have the students that are mad they made a B (myself included at times) then you have the students that are happy they passed. I think at times we all need a little gratitude and perspective. Today is that day for me. 4th quarter is said to be one of the hardest quarters at Sherman, but to quote an upper quarter student, “The hardest quarter is the one you are in.”  

While I don’t agree with the attitude of saying a C is good enough, if a B or C is your best then it is good enough! Yes, it frustrates me when my grade does not reflect my knowledge or effort, but that too is part of being a student. I look at each class and my final grade, and ask myself if I am ready to pass boards based on my performance in this class. I simply want to do my best. I wish all my fellow students good luck on the rest of finals!