Summer Break!

Summer Break is just beginning for me after 6 extra Clinic days for the new summer quarter. While classes are done, the Health Center is still open for a few days before it closes for break. It’s been good starting the quarter off in Clinic; getting lots of patient visits in, new patients started and paperwork taken care of. It’s been great having the time to focus just on patients.

Last evening I began the late night that is usually devoted to studies, by listening to a free on-line chiropractic development seminar. The seminar was awesome and I guess it inspired me to begin my daily development of chiropractic art and science that will continue after graduation. It just kinda clicked into place and I see how valuable it will be for my future.

Next, I spent a bit of quiet time reading Dr. Douglas Gates’ book entitled “Correlative Spinal Anatomy.” Yes, the book is really a review of things past studied and thoroughly tested, but eternally valuable in our work. Sometimes when we are in the throes of studies we don’t appreciate what we’ve learned and it’s good to do just that; appreciate what we know and work with every day.

At 6:30 this morning the sky is gray, the atmosphere is humid and warm. Why am I up so early? Ah, my friendly, furry creatures think it’s time for me to get up! After all, they tend to function as very accurate alarm clocks! And I know that even if I told them we were on vacation, they wouldn’t believe me! Truth is; I promised them a walk in the cool of the morning. Silly me!!!  🙂

Ya, all she needs to do is snuffle in my ear and I’m awake!

Joan of Arc

Today I wanted to share a quote (printed card) that I
had saved from a meeting of the “League of Chiropractic Women.” The League was
created to serve the needs of all women in Chiropractic. 

Here it is, simple and to the point;

 “I am not afraid….I
was born to do this.”   Joan of Arc


Quite an amazing statement from an amazing young woman! She
was only 19 when she was put to death in 1430 for heresy after successfully leading the French against the occupying English

The application of this quote can bring fire and life to
one’s vision!


Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

Owning my own home I have a whole new appreciation for spring cleaning. As a child I really never had to participate in Spring Cleaning. I think mom always sent us away to summer camp so she could clean without so much help. I make it though the basic cleaning dishes, laundry, bathrooms on the weekends in between giving my family attention and studying, but tasks like cleaning out the random things that spill in the refrigerator or scrubbing grout lines on the bathroom floor are left for spring cleaning. 

Why do I share such random information? Because even though scrubbing grout lines is not cool in the least bit the gadget makes me laugh. When I was a kid we used old toothbrushes and elbow grease to get the job done. But in the age of innovation the power toothbrush was created for our teeth. Now we have the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber for our grout line. I was a marketing major in undergrad, so anytime I see a new product I am curious about the back store. How did this product come into existence? I bet someone tried to use their power toothbrush and thought if I make the head a little larger and the bristles a little tougher I can change $19.99 for a new product. Hats off to you Rubbermaid for manufacturing and marketing a power toothbrush to make grout cleaning easier!

 Rubbermaid Power + Grout Bundle Pack



Wikipedia: Chiropractic Defined

The Wikipedia page for Chiropractic is ridiculous. The page
is as divided on the identity and practices of a chiropractor as the profession
itself. If the website was my only exposure to chiropractic care, I would be
very skeptical of the profession. I can totally understand why a single
negative remark from a PCP would be enough to discourage seeing a chiropractor.
I am not sure if that is by design or not. In addition, the citations are
almost as long as the information of the web page. Internal medicine on the
other hand has a beautifully crafted mission statement and an easily understood
webpage on Wikipedia. The MD description is also much shorter than our page and
goes through no controversial history.

The page for alternative medicine (which is the current
classification for chiropractic care) even includes this quote from Richard
, an evolutionary biologist: alternative medicine is a "set of
practices that cannot be tested, refuse to be tested, or consistently fail
tests." He has also stated that "there is no alternative
medicine. There is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn't
work." He has argued that, if a technique is demonstrated
effective in properly performed trials, it ceases to be alternative and simply
becomes medicine.

So in the mind of a very influential researcher, I am not
doing medicine. I am doing something that refuses to be tested. I find this
very frustrating. Unfortunately, the controversy doesn’t end there. I talk to
friends that are very skeptical of the profession as well. I talked yesterday
to an undergraduate student doing research over the summer at Calvin College. This
student stated, “It is arguable if ‘chiropractic’ is a doctor.”

I find these inconsistencies with the legitimacy of the
Chiropractic profession frightening and disconcerting. I can’t think of many
professions that the public blatantly denies the validity of their degree. This
is an issue that will not go away overnight. It must be something that
chiropractors are more vigilant about addressing in the future. As a
profession, there must be a mandate to educate their communities on the beauty
of the human body and how Chiropractic care fits into the maintenance of health.


The Trek Back Home

There is no place like home. And nothing feels longer than the trip between Spartanburg, SC, and Grand Rapids, MI. To make things more interesting, I stopped in Sevierville, Tennessee to drop off fellow blogger, Melinda Hallam. I spent the night there and continued on to Illinois to visit my brother at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He rolled out the red carpet as best he could by showing me his research lab and let me hear the depressing stories of failed research ideas of all of his fellow lab mates. (There is nothing more depressing than organic synthesis). Then the next day, I powered through the rest of way home in time for a very relaxing bonfire.















Hanging out at the lake with Melinda and her family.





When I travel home, I always want to stop at Rarity, TN. It just looks so inviting.






My first time in Louisville

















Look at that traffic heading into Louisville







Now it is my turn to get stuck in traffic.






Southern Illinois driving





4 hrs of Southern Illinois driving






The Graduate Student hard at work






Entering Inidana near the tristate area. Only 3 more hours and I am home.






Home at last







Chiro Fellowship Night: for the first time

Finals start next week (June 11-14). That is the reason I decided to
forgo the studying for a few more hours and take part in Chiro Fellowship Night
at Dr. Chris Kersko’s house. I was invited by Wendy Parker and I am glad that
she went out of her way to do so.

It was a potluck dinner with pulled pork, salad, chips, and
pie for dessert. It was a great time to talk and visit with the 15+ students
that showed up. It was a mix from 14th to 2nd quarter.




After eating Dr. Mike Geran, a local Sherman alumnus that
practices in Greenville, demonstrated lumbar sets ups on different students.
Everyone had a chance to feel and assess the restriction in the low back and SI
joint. This was a great opportunity to get my head out of the books and look at
real life applications of the material set forth in the Sherman curriculum.







I hope that others are able to get involved with Chiro
Fellowship Night in the future. The next upcoming event features Dr. Reizer and
the following is President Cordero. It is a great opportunity that Dr. Kersko
has graciously set up to benefit students of all quarters. I would recommend
everyone check it out next month. Just be sure to bring a side dish and an open
mind to learn.


An afternoon in Greenville

It is not often that I take my head out of the books are go exploring the local community.  On this particular day I was taking Ryan (fellow Sherman blogger) to the airport so I convinced Rachel and Christian to go early and eat in Greenville. I am sure many of you have heard the expression the best kept secret of the south. I would apply this to Greenville.

If you have never been to downtown Greenville the main street is filled with restaurants, cute boutiques, and pubs (sorry my husband is British I can’t call them bars). But the best kept secret is Falls Park. I had been to the main street before, but I had never walked all the way to the end. If you walk past Carolina Ale House and keep going eventually you run into the park. I love the architecture of the bridge and the cascading waterfall is beautiful. 

We had appetizers and a pint at the Green Room. (I did not know until after we left, but the Green Room was featured on TV for their French fries.)  We had dinner at California Dreaming where I highly recommend the marinated chicken. And ice cream at Spill the Beans. Not in that order. I love trying new places and managed to go to 3 new places in one day. I think I will need about 10 more trips to try every restaurant on Main Street.   


The Great Debate – Reggie Gold

I watched this old Reggie Gold video on YouTube. Despite
being filmed long before I was born, I think this held some good insight into
subluxation and the grind of old time medical doctors. This is an interview
between Dr. Terry Rondberg, DC, Dr. Jerome Williams, MD, Dr. Reggie Gold, DC,
and Dr. John Grant, physician.


Reggie Gold did a great job of
defending the chiropractic philosophy in this interview. When this interview
was originally taken, the relationship between medicine and chiropractic was
clearly still tense from attempts by the AMA to degrade the credibility of DCs.
Dr. Rondberg and Dr. Gold both had a united front on the purpose and abilities
of chiropractic. It is for the “restoration and maintenance of health (Dr.
Rondburg).” It is about the alignment of a vertebra compared to the above and
below segment. The consequent compression and damage of misalignment leads to
malfunction of organs at end of the nerve fibers. This ideal stems from the view
of the whole body suffering from the presence of a subluxation regardless of
the symptoms. This is similar to bad nutrition causing a lack of resilience of
the body rather than specific disease (Dr. Gold).

The first half of the interview
seemed to be focused on getting the DCs to admit they in some way treated
symptomatology. The moderator was continually attempting to get Dr. Gold to say
that since a patient may seek chiropractic care to help with asthma (a
diagnosis) must mean a DC is treating the disease. It seems to be the
vitalistic worldview that medicine and moderator don’t like or cannot
comprehend. Reggie maintains that the DC is content to address the damaging
effects of the subluxation as an entity of itself instead of diagnosis. This elicits
an “agree to disagree remark” from the MDs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Grant clearly
explains the goal of medicine is to treat what seems appropriate for the
individual parts of the body (disease). Both MDs agree with the major premise
that nerve damage is bad when it causes symptoms while holding that the
practice of chiropractic is based on faith and not science. Dr. Williams even
claims there is no doubt in its lack of scientific validity. He says “there is
no doubt” about as may times as Dr. Gold states he would like to finish
answering the question. Dr. Gold correctly points out that faith isn’t a good
explanation for the positive outcomes of chiropractic care since most patients
use it as a last resort (which implies the least amount of faith) and its
outstanding results on animals (which lack a beliefs system).

I respect Dr. Grant for properly
identifying that there is a force that heals the body. He stated, “…some
[patients get better] from what we do, sometimes by faith in us and sometimes
because the body has a way of healing itself.” He also agrees that medicine is
limited in its ability to offer permanent, long lasting cures to diseases
beyond symptom removal. Conversely, Dr. Williams was unreceptive to the
possibilities of chiropractic. One of his first remarks stated that he knew
very little about chiropractic care, but had already concluded from simple
research it is ineffective. This man I found to be smug and a borderline


It was interesting to see this discussion forum that took
place long before I was born to learn from the leaders in healthcare from that
time. The debate on the validity of chiropractic is still seen today so this
topic is still very relevant. It is up to the each doctor to weigh their own
personal philosophy and hone their healing art, but there is clearly something
involved in the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Rondberg and Dr. Gold
could see it clearly. Hopefully I can do my part in advancing this profession
we call chiropractic.


Just a cone please!

I always preface my order with “I know this is an odd request, but may I have 2 waffle cones with no ice cream?” Everywhere I go I get a different response when I ask this question. Some people just give me the cone and say no charge, others look around for a manager and ask “can we sell just the cone,” and sometimes I have to pay the same price as if I had the ice cream. To some of you this is an odd request, but I try to limit the amount of sugar my children consume. 

My girls are 4 and 2 and have never had ice cream, soda, or chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, it can be hard to keep these things away when they are at daycare, but with a little effort and collaboration it works. On days when they have parties at school I will make oatmeal raisin cookies with apple sauce and a little brown sugar. My mom always comes up with creative ways to cut fruit and vegetables to make them fun.  People always ask do you eat ice cream in front of them. Yes (maybe I would be healthier if I was as strict on myself as I am my kids) I just tell them it is a Mommy/Daddy treat, and when they are as old as us they can have ice cream too. 

Why am I writing this post? 2 reasons: To let people know you can raise your kids with less junk food. And also if you see my daughters eating cones please do not ask them what happened to their ice cream (like the nice lady did this past week). Nothing happened to it. It was never there to begin with.






My vision of chiropractic includes every infant, child, adult and senior in the world being checked for Vertebral Subluxation and then if found, adjusted by a CHIROPRAC-TOR.

My vision of Chiropractic places the profession in a place of honor and distinction because of its’ unique service to all of humanity. What is your vision?