Upper Cervical

I have always been a firm believer in education outside the classroom.  Becoming involved in clubs is the best ways to add to your education.  A few clubs I have been involved in include: Palpation a great way to learn from fellow students.  Philosophy club can keep your spizz for chiropractic alive. League of Chiropractic women allows me to connect with female doctors, because lets be honest women just do things differently then men.  Christian chiro club keeps me spiritually lifted when classes become overwhelming. 

This past week I had the opportunity to visit another club, upper cervical.  I am taking upper cervical technique right now, so I figured this would be a good time to visit the club.  Dr. Scott Baker hosted the club at his office.  I am very grateful because I have not visited many offices in the area, and would like to visit more.  If you are a doctor in the Spartanburg/Greenville area and would be willing for students to visit your office, but don't know who to contact I would be happy to be talk. 

Dr. Baker explained upper cervical rational as well as showed us his wicked fast toggle.  I have heard chatter about upper cervical, but it was nice to listen to a doctor who has chosen this as his technique.  This office visit was perfectly timed with our president's assembly with guest speaker Dr. Ray Drury.  Dr. Drury presented miracle stories he has witnessed as an upper cervical doctor.  One of the things I liked best about Dr. Drury's presentation was when he talked about we need to present a unified front to get the word about chiropractic out to the world.  After hearing from both of these doctors I look forward to continuing my education about the upper cervical technique. 


Welcome to the Pride!

On my refrigerator, amongst numerous phone numbers, “To Do” lists, and noteworthy messages, held up by colorful magnets, is the original Welcome Certificate I received from The Sherman Enrollment Services Team. It is dated September 28, 2009. It certainly would have fared better placed in a memory book, neatly pressed, but… as it was an important symbol to me, I left it right where I could see it every day – on the refrigerator!  🙂

So much has been accomplished, so many fears have been faced and overcome that it is truly amazing to me! In addition to attending Sherman, my daughter began first grade here in South Carolina and will be entering sixth grade soon, one son was married bringing a new daughter into the family, a second son will soon be graduating college, and my husband has retired. Each of us has held as steady as the Rock of Gibraltar through the many storms that naturally accompany our schooling and life changes. Again, it’s truly amazing!

The wonder of it all is that the future will continue to bring so much more!! I guess that’s what life is all about if you meet it head on and experience it at its fullest. 

And so, with all these thoughts I welcome the incoming First Quarter!!! There are many great experiences coming YOUR WAY! May you SUCCEED and LIVE your LIFE to its FULLEST!!!  ~~  GOOD LUCK  FIRST  QUARTER  STUDENTS  ~~ 

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Open the Flood Gates!

3 weeks on summer break and I think I have and more rainy days
then sunshine.  I pray the rain goes to
Colorado where they really need it.  In
East Tennessee we have had so much rain this season that the TVA (Tennessee Valley
Authority, the people who control the Dams) had to open the flood gates at
Douglas Dam.  I think this has only
happened 2-3 times in my life.  So I
loaded up Phil and the girls in the rain to go watch.  The amount of water they are releasing could
fill one 25 meter pool every second!

Flood gates open

Family at Dam

Irrational Logic

Maybe I am just crazy, but tell me if this makes any
sense.  I took Phil to the Melting Pot in
Gatlinburg TN for his birthday.  The
Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant where you cook your own food.  It can take between 2-3 hours to eat which is
very European, and is why Phil likes it. 

There is a parking garage in Gatlinburg right next to the
restaurant.  You pay $10 to park as you
go in for all day parking.  The Melting
Pot will take $10 off your meal to reimburse you for your parking if you bring
in your ticket.  Phil’s birthday is July
5th, and the tourist season is in full swing in Gatlinburg. 

Because it was around a holiday I asked the
man going into the parking garage if the melting pot would still comp our
parking.  His reply was “yes, but it is
only good for 3 hours.”  I could understand
this response if you paid by the hour as you exited the garage, but you pay a
flat $10 on the way in.  The parking
garage already has their money, so why does it matter how long you are parking
in the garage? 

Is it just me or is there
some irrational logic occurring in this situation? 



Help A Student

MelindaHallam_EddyRobinsonI met Dr. Eddy Robinson through a chance encounter. I was looking at Chiropractic colleges, but had not decided where to go yet. Dr. Robinson told me about Sherman and I am so grateful that he did. Not only did Dr. Robinson direct me to Sherman, but he has also kept in contact since I started, asking me how classes are going, giving me textbooks he no longer needs, and inviting me to see his practice. Dr. Robinson is a recent grad and just opened his own practice Alignment Chiropractic in Oak Ridge, TN. 

One of the greatest things I have found about the Sherman Alumni is there willingness to help the current students. If you are a recent grad and still have textbooks that are currently being used I am sure there are several current students that would be happy to take then off your hands. If you graduated a few years a go and are well established in an office, invite a student to come see. You never know the impact that you will make on someones life. 

I just wanted to write this post to say thank you to Dr. Robinson and to all the other doctors that are recruiting and mentoring students at Sherman. There is a bust of BJ Palmer that I believe is given to doctors that recruit students to attend Sherman. Dr. Robinson wanted on of these bust from day 1 as a student, but was told he could not buy it. At the top is a picture of Dr. Robinson and myself with the bust that he was given for recruiting me to Sherman. 


The happiest place on earth!

You guessed it….Disney world.

We came to FL to visit my brother who lives in Melbourne. I have always wanted to take Phil and the girls to Disney. I was hesitant to spend the money, but Roslyn is only 2 so we don't have to buy a ticket for her yet.

There is so much to write about the experience. I could tell you all the happy moments. I could tell you about the weather (it was 90 something degrees and miserably hot), I could tell you about the grumpy moments. Instead I want to share the ironic moments that make me laugh.

I was standing in line for it's a small world and I noticed the man in front of me asking his daughter to "walk" or "come on" I did not recognize the language, but it made me laugh on the inside. For supposedly the happiest place on earth there are sure a lot of unhappy moments! How many times do small children get fussed at for not waking, climbing on a rail, or touching something they were not supposed to.

We waited in line for the girls to see Belle. When it was our turn I handed Belle the autograph books and Roslyn became very shy and would not look at the camera. Then she had a melt down crying fit because Belle wrote in her book! We had to rip the page out. However, and hour later it was ok the Snow White signed her book. (Who understands kids)?

The kids of the family in front of us in line while we were waiting for Belle were fighting over which stroller they were each going to ride in and the older brother was sitting on top of his sister. I heard another mother tell her kids everyone was going in time out when they got back to the hotel.

I think this is why Disney changed the slogan from the happiest place on earth to where dreams come true!

I did have a great moment at the end of the day. As we were waiting to see the fireworks over the castle I got Abigail a cone and she told me it was the best day ever!

I think attitude is very important in life. And any time I right a blog post I always want it to reflect my attitude and outlook on life. My advice for any parent going to Disney is take an extra cup of patience with you. Worrying over crowds and wait times, kids hanging on the chains while in line, or touching everything breakable in a shop is not worth the stress. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Summer Break!

Summer Break is just beginning for me after 6 extra Clinic days for the new summer quarter. While classes are done, the Health Center is still open for a few days before it closes for break. It’s been good starting the quarter off in Clinic; getting lots of patient visits in, new patients started and paperwork taken care of. It’s been great having the time to focus just on patients.

Last evening I began the late night that is usually devoted to studies, by listening to a free on-line chiropractic development seminar. The seminar was awesome and I guess it inspired me to begin my daily development of chiropractic art and science that will continue after graduation. It just kinda clicked into place and I see how valuable it will be for my future.

Next, I spent a bit of quiet time reading Dr. Douglas Gates’ book entitled “Correlative Spinal Anatomy.” Yes, the book is really a review of things past studied and thoroughly tested, but eternally valuable in our work. Sometimes when we are in the throes of studies we don’t appreciate what we’ve learned and it’s good to do just that; appreciate what we know and work with every day.


At 6:30 this morning the sky is gray, the atmosphere is humid and warm. Why am I up so early? Ah, my friendly, furry creatures think it’s time for me to get up! After all, they tend to function as very accurate alarm clocks! And I know that even if I told them we were on vacation, they wouldn’t believe me! Truth is; I promised them a walk in the cool of the morning. Silly me!!!  🙂

Ya, all she needs to do is snuffle in my ear and I’m awake!

Joan of Arc

Today I wanted to share a quote (printed card) that I
had saved from a meeting of the “League of Chiropractic Women.” The League was
created to serve the needs of all women in Chiropractic. 

Here it is, simple and to the point;

 “I am not afraid….I
was born to do this.”   Joan of Arc


Quite an amazing statement from an amazing young woman! She
was only 19 when she was put to death in 1430 for heresy after successfully leading the French against the occupying English

The application of this quote can bring fire and life to
one’s vision!


Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

Owning my own home I have a whole new appreciation for spring cleaning. As a child I really never had to participate in Spring Cleaning. I think mom always sent us away to summer camp so she could clean without so much help. I make it though the basic cleaning dishes, laundry, bathrooms on the weekends in between giving my family attention and studying, but tasks like cleaning out the random things that spill in the refrigerator or scrubbing grout lines on the bathroom floor are left for spring cleaning. 

Why do I share such random information? Because even though scrubbing grout lines is not cool in the least bit the gadget makes me laugh. When I was a kid we used old toothbrushes and elbow grease to get the job done. But in the age of innovation the power toothbrush was created for our teeth. Now we have the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber for our grout line. I was a marketing major in undergrad, so anytime I see a new product I am curious about the back store. How did this product come into existence? I bet someone tried to use their power toothbrush and thought if I make the head a little larger and the bristles a little tougher I can change $19.99 for a new product. Hats off to you Rubbermaid for manufacturing and marketing a power toothbrush to make grout cleaning easier!

 Rubbermaid Power + Grout Bundle Pack



Wikipedia: Chiropractic Defined

The Wikipedia page for Chiropractic is ridiculous. The page
is as divided on the identity and practices of a chiropractor as the profession
itself. If the website was my only exposure to chiropractic care, I would be
very skeptical of the profession. I can totally understand why a single
negative remark from a PCP would be enough to discourage seeing a chiropractor.
I am not sure if that is by design or not. In addition, the citations are
almost as long as the information of the web page. Internal medicine on the
other hand has a beautifully crafted mission statement and an easily understood
webpage on Wikipedia. The MD description is also much shorter than our page and
goes through no controversial history.

The page for alternative medicine (which is the current
classification for chiropractic care) even includes this quote from Richard
, an evolutionary biologist: alternative medicine is a "set of
practices that cannot be tested, refuse to be tested, or consistently fail
tests." He has also stated that "there is no alternative
medicine. There is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn't
work." He has argued that, if a technique is demonstrated
effective in properly performed trials, it ceases to be alternative and simply
becomes medicine.

So in the mind of a very influential researcher, I am not
doing medicine. I am doing something that refuses to be tested. I find this
very frustrating. Unfortunately, the controversy doesn’t end there. I talk to
friends that are very skeptical of the profession as well. I talked yesterday
to an undergraduate student doing research over the summer at Calvin College. This
student stated, “It is arguable if ‘chiropractic’ is a doctor.”

I find these inconsistencies with the legitimacy of the
Chiropractic profession frightening and disconcerting. I can’t think of many
professions that the public blatantly denies the validity of their degree. This
is an issue that will not go away overnight. It must be something that
chiropractors are more vigilant about addressing in the future. As a
profession, there must be a mandate to educate their communities on the beauty
of the human body and how Chiropractic care fits into the maintenance of health.