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Holiday Weekend

After hanging out with Melinda, Phil and Wendy at the Bill
Engvall show, I packed up and headed North. I was headed to Asbury College in
Wilmore, Kentucky in order to visit my sister Hannah. She just started her
college career. It was about a 3 and ½ hour drive. I was a little surprised
when the GoogleMaps directions took me off the highway and on to back country
roads for about an hour of the trip. It was a fun drive going around the curves
and whipping through the small towns, but I opted for highway driving on the way

When I arrived on campus, Hannah met me outside their
chapel. It was a beautiful campus. Unfortunately, everything was closed down
for the holiday weekend. We hung out with one of her friends who was ironically
named Ryan. We enjoy activities like pool and The Princess Bride.

2013-09-01 17.21.39
2013-09-01 17.14.02
2013-09-02 10.55.00



On Monday, we went to Lexington and saw the city. Then it
was back home to Spartanburg.

It was quite the weekend spanning three states: Kentucky,
North Carolina, and Tennessee.


Working for this Weekend

Before I began at Sherman, I was excited to enroll in a program
that was streamlined
and went through the summer. This promised to get me out
of school quickly in order to “fast-track” the academic preparation for being a
Doctor of Chiropractic. However, after two quarters I began to realize that the
summer quarter wasn’t going to be fun.


Most upper quarter students promised
that 4th quarter (which coincided with summer 2013) would be one of
the hardest quarters. After two quarters, I began to comprehend the full amount of work involved. Fellow blogger Melinda and I have both confirmed that 4th quarter holds unique challenges via prior posts. So now that it is finally Labor Day weekend, I find myself
happy that I have made it thus far.

To make matters worse, there are no holidays in the summer quarter other
than Labor Day. It is nothing but none stop school for 11 weeks other than a
single day (the Monday of Labor Day which I get to enjoy this weekend!). In
prior quarters, I had learned to appreciate the little breaks like Thanksgiving,
Christmas, Veteran’s Day, etc.

Looking back, things always seem easier than they might have
felt in the moment. I would say the first summer hasn’t been as rough as I
thought leading up to it nor as easy as I hoped before beginning the program. It
has been a happy medium of work and fun. Either way only two more to go!




By the way, leading up to this weekend, I have felt like
this song really captures my efforts this quarter.




Labor Day Weekend

I am so excited for the weekend!! I am going with Phil, Ryan, and Wendy Parker (fellow Sherman tudent) to see Bill Engvall at Biltmore on Saturday night!!! If you don't know who Bill Engvall is his one of the 4 comedian off the blue collar comedy tour. He is famous for his "here's your sign" jokes. 

Ryan and I have written several post about Biltmore before if you would like to know more about it visit. Tomorrow we will be enjoying an adult outing with wine tasting, a picnic dinner on the grounds, then 5th row seats for the concert!! 

Sunday night Knoxville has Boomsday. It is the biggest fireworks display on Labor Day in the country. It is at least 30 mins of fireworks timed to music. I am not sure how Roslyn and Abigail will do with the fireworks. They typically don't like loud noises, but we will see! 

Monday will be spent at the lake with a cookout. Then driving back to Sherman. While we do have an extra day I will have to study some since we have an exam scheduled for 8 am on Tuesday morning! Then it is 2 weeks to finals and one more quarter down!!


Prospective Students

I have had the opportunity this week to be in contact with 2 different prospective students. The first stayed with Rachel and me to get the feel of what it is like as a Sherman student. The other I talked with over the phone and answered questions about what life is like as a mom and a full-time student. 

A typical day in my life starts with bible study before school. (Whatever your faith is I believe it is important to grow spiritually as well as academically.) I usually try to study 30 mins before school on days I have exams. Classes run from 8am to 5pm. Lunch is from 11-12 this is when clubs meet. Also, several students are involved in tutoring during this time either as the tutorer or the tutoree. After school if I feel very motivated I will go to the gym. I like to do Pilates and Zumba at the local YMCA. I have dinner most nights with Rachel and Ryan. Then I make flash cards and draw pictures on the dry erase board to study.  There are usually several phone class home squeezed in there as well. Repeat 5 days a week.

I think one of the biggest questions people ask themselves is can I do the work? If you have not been a full time student in a while, it can be a shock to the system sitting in classes all day, then studying in the evening. The most important part of 1st quarter for me was just getting back in the swing of being a student. It is completely doable. Just asks yourself…Is this what I want? 

One of the things I forgot to mention to the mom over the phone was if you are going to commute then I suggest making a trial run one day. Come in the morning at the time you would have to leave your house to see what the traffic is like. Spend the day at school and see how you feel being away from your children. (You might enjoy the break away more then you think!) Then drive home and evaluate your commute. If you have any questions
there are plenty of people more than happy to answer then for you, or respond
below and I will give you my thoughts!




I just gotta say it! 

13th quarter class schedule is out and it is
looking GOOOOD!

There is no 8:00 a.m. class which is a big deal because
I won’t have to hurry my daughter to school at 7:15 every morning! Won’t that
be wonderful!  And, only two classes for
me with Clinic! Wow! Amazing! Can I believe it? Well, I’ll try really

Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty to do with Part IV Boards and Exit Exams. And there is plenty to plan for ahead. Jeepers! I’m
almost there!


Retracing – What’s That?

Retracing – have you heard of this chiropractic

It refers to the body healing old injuries,
one at a time (perhaps more), as they occurred but in a backwards sequence. The
way it works is that as the body becomes stable through chiropractic
adjustments, it also becomes able to heal not only the recent damage but also old
injuries. Sometimes the injuries are healed in order of importance or in order
of the most recent injury. It all depends upon what your innate intelligence

The way one may experience this is by
unexpectedly feeling that one is getting “worse” or that aches and pains that
have not been felt for awhile are coming back and you’ve done nothing to
exacerbate them. Sometimes you may think you are imagining what you’re feeling
or that perhaps the concept of retracing is just wishful thinking. Not so. Many
have experienced retracing, I for one have. If you think about it, it makes
sense. This ability/principle provides the body with an infinite capacity to

How awesome is that? Innate intelligence
amazes us once again!


Retracing; what a
concept! (image source)


It’s All True!

Board study is playing heavily on many minds right now; Part
One, Part Two, Part Three, Part IV as well! O, yea, let’s not forget PT Board! As
students we get or can get bogged down in the moment, brain to the grindstone.
This is when it is so very critical
to get up, go outside and experience the natural world and movement again! And
so with this thought in mind, last night we took the dogs to the Milliken pond
and visited nature in an urban setting for a while. 

When I do take a moment to move through nature, I find
myself wondering what took me so long to free my spirit. But I know what it is;
it is the desire to do well and pass Boards (or classes). It is part of the
focus of a dedicated student life.   

The point of all this is that I awoke this morning with that
glimmer of possibility in my mind. 

ItsAllTrueimage source

My mind was momentarily opening to the memory of what I
believed…what I knew…it is all possible! The goals that I have set…are real…and
will happen…it’s all TRUE! What we
feel in our hearts and minds, and desire greatly to achieve, will become
reality…we just have to put the work into it! It’s that simple. 🙂


3 Today!

My baby girl turned 3 today! For some children when they reach 3, their parents say thank goodness we are out of the terrible twos. For other children they miss the terrible twos, but find the terrorizing threes. I am not sure what I will say about Roslyn looking back in a few years, at about 2½ she learned the word no, but she can have such sweet moments. Those moments are what bring joy to a parent’s heart. 

So why tell you about her birthday? It is hard to believe 3 years ago I was in the hospital. Any parent can testify to how fast time goes by. When your children are up at night crying and you just want them to fall asleep because you are so exhausted, you begin to think time cannot go any slower. And before you know it your children have graduated and moved off to college, in the case of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle can’t believe where the time has gone. 

The same is true for Sherman. When you are in the middle of the quarter studying for one test after another time cannot move fast enough. Then you reach then end of the 12 weeks (the length of 1 quarter), and realize that it went by fast. I can’t believe Roslyn is now 3 and how fast time has gone. I keep this in mind when I think of the 14 quarters or 3½ years I will spend at Sherman. It will be over before I know it!



It would appear that the weather has finally broken here in
South Carolina
. It has been quite the wet summer. Average rain fall for an
entire year is usually just less than 50 inches, but this year has already seen
that much rain with four more months to further surpass that total.

It hasn’t
just been the rain that has made it so weird. It has been the amount that falls
at one time. I can speak from experience that the freeway has been hazardous on
certain days from the rain. South Carolina locals have told me that the last 7
years have been borderline drought and extremely hot in the months of July and
August. It has relatively been cold and wet. I guess this year is a time for
nature to rehydrate.

But for now, the question with the humidity dying down and
the leaves already beginning to change: what is the winter going to hold? Some
are worried it will be a cold one. Either way I am ready for another season in the
lovely South Carolina.


Some thoughts on GMOs

I recently read a Facebook post claiming there is potential research on genetic modification of human fetus/embryo. I didn’t think much of the post since I have a biochemistry background. There is always some lab picking away at the secrets of universe via messing with genomes, etc. However, I was hanging out with someone who thought it was terrible and ungodly. The original poster of the Facebook comment also believed it was ridiculous and unnatural.

Naturally, and yes I use the word naturally, most Sherman students I have run into are against GMOs. It isn’t natural for a plant to have fish, bacteria, and/or viral DNA in its genome. I also wonder if RoundUp has patents in the GMO corn that produce their own pesticides. However, beyond the "ungodly" justification, very few of my classmates have backed up their claims with real science. Their views are more based in non-peer reviewed internet articles and a gut feeling that messing with nature is wrong. (Which I don't think is that big of a deal because I think it takes decades for science to prove something bad anyways Ex: smoking)

So, where does that leave society and GMOs. I believe technology always precedes morality. A prime example is nuclear power. It has the potential to be a more efficient and long lasting solution to coal and gas power. However, nuclear power is also very good at demolishing cities and destroying the surrounding environment/ecosystems if not properly regulated and maintained.
I am skeptical that anyone can truely measure the ramifications of eating GMOs, using GMO products, or modifying the human genome.I personally believe good and bad effects are being seen and will continue to develop over time with genetic experimentation. Every break through will be hailed as a marvel. Now man can control its fate with genetic disease, famine, and plague. But ultimately, it could lead to a society similar to the one described by the movie GATTACA or a zombie apocalypse. So, I would like to see nature run its course.