The Saturday before finals is a good time to start studying. Instead, I found myself moving. When I moved in a year ago, it seemed like a good idea to move in two weeks before classes. I assumed I would use the time to become acclimated to living on my own in a new state. Now, I realize that signing a year lease in the fall means moving out the weekend before finals. This is the case since the fall break lasts a week therefore, two weeks prior is finals.

I am definitely glad that my Sherman family was willing to help me out. It was a full day’s worth of work moving all of my stuff, but hopefully this won’t feel so ruff next year. A special thanks to all the first quarter students that went out of their way to come out and help.

Now, I have a third floor, two bedroom apartment. I also have a new roommate who will be a first quarter student this quarter. I think having a roommate will make this upcoming quarter have a different feel than prior quarters. I am hopeful since we were friends prior that it will be a good year.

IMAG0595The finished product


Neuroanatomy II

Neuroanatomy II has quite the reputation at Sherman College.
I believe Dr. Duke has been teaching the class since 1981. He has a refined
method for conveying the material which has been developed over many
generations of Sherman students. Many will tell that it was the hardest class
they took while in the basic science curriculum. I personally would describe it as a journey with ups
and downs. My advice to future quarters would be to buckle up and go along the
ride. You may feel like you are in art class sometimes, but the end result will be a better understanding of the inconnected system of the human brain. 

2013-09-05 09.53.53Here is a diagram of a class drawing dealing with the connections of the limbic system (which deals with memory and smell). By the end of Neuro II hopefully you will know all about
this too.


Family Life

I typically write about my own family, but this week I was inspired to write about a fellow classmate. Cameron Guida and his wife Katie Guida are both students at Sherman College. Katie is in 1st quarter and Cameron is in mixed quarter after transfer to Sherman from another college. We have several married couples at Sherman and we have several students with children, but Cameron and Katie fit into both categories. AvaKate is 2 years old and absolutely adorable.

How do they make it work? AvaKate goes to daycare during the day and is picked up by Katie in the afternoon. Cameron has upper cervical class at 4:00 and then trades with Katie at 5:00 so she can go to lab. This week Katie had a lab exam at 4:00. What do you do? Answer: bring AvaKate to upper cervical class. 

I know there are parents thinking, how is it possible to be a parent and a student at the same time? What happens if my kids get sick and can’t go to daycare? You are allowed a few absences in every class or every once in a while we have had an extra classmate for a day. A guess what, children who are under chiropractic care get sick less!


County Fair


The county fair is a fine southern tradition. Where else would we dress up little girls to compete in Fairest of the Fair, deep fry candy bars, and let our children go on rides that look completely unsafe and dirty. 

As a child I always look forward to fair week.  When I was younger my mother helped me enter arts and crafts into the contest, a tradition that my daughter Abigail carried on this year. She had 15 entries and won 5 blue ribbons and 5 white ribbons. As a teenager, I was able to meet my friends and go on the rides without parent supervision always a big deal to a teenager. I would also volunteer at our church booth, selling food to raise money for the youth group. The church booth is famous for our chicken and dumplings. There is just something about the nostalgia of the fair that brings me back year after year.  


Holiday Weekend

After hanging out with Melinda, Phil and Wendy at the Bill
Engvall show, I packed up and headed North. I was headed to Asbury College in
Wilmore, Kentucky in order to visit my sister Hannah. She just started her
college career. It was about a 3 and ½ hour drive. I was a little surprised
when the GoogleMaps directions took me off the highway and on to back country
roads for about an hour of the trip. It was a fun drive going around the curves
and whipping through the small towns, but I opted for highway driving on the way

When I arrived on campus, Hannah met me outside their
chapel. It was a beautiful campus. Unfortunately, everything was closed down
for the holiday weekend. We hung out with one of her friends who was ironically
named Ryan. We enjoy activities like pool and The Princess Bride.

2013-09-01 17.21.39
2013-09-01 17.14.02
2013-09-02 10.55.00



On Monday, we went to Lexington and saw the city. Then it
was back home to Spartanburg.

It was quite the weekend spanning three states: Kentucky,
North Carolina, and Tennessee.


Working for this Weekend

Before I began at Sherman, I was excited to enroll in a program
that was streamlined
and went through the summer. This promised to get me out
of school quickly in order to “fast-track” the academic preparation for being a
Doctor of Chiropractic. However, after two quarters I began to realize that the
summer quarter wasn’t going to be fun.


Most upper quarter students promised
that 4th quarter (which coincided with summer 2013) would be one of
the hardest quarters. After two quarters, I began to comprehend the full amount of work involved. Fellow blogger Melinda and I have both confirmed that 4th quarter holds unique challenges via prior posts. So now that it is finally Labor Day weekend, I find myself
happy that I have made it thus far.

To make matters worse, there are no holidays in the summer quarter other
than Labor Day. It is nothing but none stop school for 11 weeks other than a
single day (the Monday of Labor Day which I get to enjoy this weekend!). In
prior quarters, I had learned to appreciate the little breaks like Thanksgiving,
Christmas, Veteran’s Day, etc.

Looking back, things always seem easier than they might have
felt in the moment. I would say the first summer hasn’t been as rough as I
thought leading up to it nor as easy as I hoped before beginning the program. It
has been a happy medium of work and fun. Either way only two more to go!




By the way, leading up to this weekend, I have felt like
this song really captures my efforts this quarter.




Labor Day Weekend

I am so excited for the weekend!! I am going with Phil, Ryan, and Wendy Parker (fellow Sherman tudent) to see Bill Engvall at Biltmore on Saturday night!!! If you don't know who Bill Engvall is his one of the 4 comedian off the blue collar comedy tour. He is famous for his "here's your sign" jokes. 

Ryan and I have written several post about Biltmore before if you would like to know more about it visit. Tomorrow we will be enjoying an adult outing with wine tasting, a picnic dinner on the grounds, then 5th row seats for the concert!! 

Sunday night Knoxville has Boomsday. It is the biggest fireworks display on Labor Day in the country. It is at least 30 mins of fireworks timed to music. I am not sure how Roslyn and Abigail will do with the fireworks. They typically don't like loud noises, but we will see! 

Monday will be spent at the lake with a cookout. Then driving back to Sherman. While we do have an extra day I will have to study some since we have an exam scheduled for 8 am on Tuesday morning! Then it is 2 weeks to finals and one more quarter down!!


Prospective Students

I have had the opportunity this week to be in contact with 2 different prospective students. The first stayed with Rachel and me to get the feel of what it is like as a Sherman student. The other I talked with over the phone and answered questions about what life is like as a mom and a full-time student. 

A typical day in my life starts with bible study before school. (Whatever your faith is I believe it is important to grow spiritually as well as academically.) I usually try to study 30 mins before school on days I have exams. Classes run from 8am to 5pm. Lunch is from 11-12 this is when clubs meet. Also, several students are involved in tutoring during this time either as the tutorer or the tutoree. After school if I feel very motivated I will go to the gym. I like to do Pilates and Zumba at the local YMCA. I have dinner most nights with Rachel and Ryan. Then I make flash cards and draw pictures on the dry erase board to study.  There are usually several phone class home squeezed in there as well. Repeat 5 days a week.

I think one of the biggest questions people ask themselves is can I do the work? If you have not been a full time student in a while, it can be a shock to the system sitting in classes all day, then studying in the evening. The most important part of 1st quarter for me was just getting back in the swing of being a student. It is completely doable. Just asks yourself…Is this what I want? 

One of the things I forgot to mention to the mom over the phone was if you are going to commute then I suggest making a trial run one day. Come in the morning at the time you would have to leave your house to see what the traffic is like. Spend the day at school and see how you feel being away from your children. (You might enjoy the break away more then you think!) Then drive home and evaluate your commute. If you have any questions
there are plenty of people more than happy to answer then for you, or respond
below and I will give you my thoughts!




I just gotta say it! 

13th quarter class schedule is out and it is
looking GOOOOD!

There is no 8:00 a.m. class which is a big deal because
I won’t have to hurry my daughter to school at 7:15 every morning! Won’t that
be wonderful!  And, only two classes for
me with Clinic! Wow! Amazing! Can I believe it? Well, I’ll try really

Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty to do with Part IV Boards and Exit Exams. And there is plenty to plan for ahead. Jeepers! I’m
almost there!


Retracing – What’s That?

Retracing – have you heard of this chiropractic

It refers to the body healing old injuries,
one at a time (perhaps more), as they occurred but in a backwards sequence. The
way it works is that as the body becomes stable through chiropractic
adjustments, it also becomes able to heal not only the recent damage but also old
injuries. Sometimes the injuries are healed in order of importance or in order
of the most recent injury. It all depends upon what your innate intelligence

The way one may experience this is by
unexpectedly feeling that one is getting “worse” or that aches and pains that
have not been felt for awhile are coming back and you’ve done nothing to
exacerbate them. Sometimes you may think you are imagining what you’re feeling
or that perhaps the concept of retracing is just wishful thinking. Not so. Many
have experienced retracing, I for one have. If you think about it, it makes
sense. This ability/principle provides the body with an infinite capacity to

How awesome is that? Innate intelligence
amazes us once again!


Retracing; what a
concept! (image source)