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Spring Break

I had the pleasure of enjoying Cocoa Beach, Florida over Spring Break '13. My Grandma has a 5th floor condo right on the water near the pier. I traveled with Kevin from the quarter ahead of me to keep me company. We had a good time over the course of the seven days spent there. For the most part, the weather was good, but we had some rain as well as cool mornings to contend with. Overall, we played a lot of Frisbee and dominos as well as enjoying some rays and sand.

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Kevin and I were able to enjoy the clear night skies as well as the sun during the day. With the full moon, we were able to get some good shots. I think we spent almost as much time on the beach at night as we did during the day. Nothing is better than walking with your feet in the water.






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Unfortunately, we lost the majority of a day of relaxation on the beach because of a sudden rain storm. There was a tornado warning in the area as well so it was especially fierce storm.



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      That is more like it!







We also took a day to explore the Kennedy Space Center. We had a bus tour around the space center as well as a tour of the Apollo program which featured many rockets on display.There was also an IMAX theater which featured two 45 minute movies about the International Space Center and the Hubble telecope. They were very interesting and featured many beautiful images from space.

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Kevin and I also spent some time mini golfing to further pass the time and unwind.

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This park featured live gators (no larger than 4 feet). They say statistically that one gator is in every puddle in Florida.This course uses it for promotional purposes.

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Unfortunately for me, the ball didn't want to go in its home.





Finally, we played one game of dominos a night with my Grandma, and to Kevin's shame, I won most games. (It is a good thing he doesn't have a blog to defend himself).

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This was a great trip, but I am ready to get back in the saddle at Sherman for quarter three. I am excited to get my first round of Dr. Duke for Neuroanatomy I. I also hear GI/renal is hard so hopefully I will manage.


Chiropractic Conversation

Phil and I went out last night to Knoxville for a date night. We were at the bar when a man sat down next to Phil. He started chatting with us, and we soon learned he has in town for business. He asked what we do and sure enough the conversation turned to a discussion about chiropractic. I love interacting with people outside of school because it reminds me that not everyone thinks the same way chiropractors do. 

This man told me he was a big fan of chiropractors. That he has been to one for years and that both of his daughters who are competitive gymnasts go as well. However, after talking with him a little more we started telling us about a different chiropractor he use to go see. The reason he stopped going to her was that she was a “little extreme.” I asked he to explain in what way. He said she wanted to adjust babies right after they were born. This is not an extreme concept to me. The birth process can be traumatic. I do not know that every baby is subluxated by the birthing process, but they should be checked. I tried to explain to him why I agree with this chiropractor or what the reasoning behind such a belief is. I told him a couple of stories about chiropractic helping colic babies, or babies that sleep better after an adjustment. He listened, but I don’t know if he heard me.  

I hope I challenged him to consider that there is more to chiropractic, but I think I learned just as much from the encounter. I learned I have to get better and communicating chiropractic. It comes with practice, and does not happen overnight. I was reminded that not everyone thinks the same way. At Sherman I am surrounded by people who think like me, and it is good to get outside the academic bubble and interact with the rest of the world.  I have to get better at asking questions.  I think asking questions is a great way to understand what an individual, and to challenge their thought process in a nice manner. This was a man how told me he believed in chiropractic. Imagine this conversation with someone who had no clue what chiropractic is! 

Why is chiropractic so hard for people to understand and accept? 


Wrapping up 2nd Quarter

I think one of the most satisfying feelings follows accomplishing something. I would also add that the satisfaction is the strongest when that “something” was worth doing and has value beyond the moment. In light of this view, I find it interesting that the phrase YOLO (you only live once), being similar to carpe diem, has become so popular lately. I believe the people that use such a phrase may be losing sight of the value of one’s work showing dividends over time from diligence. Furthermore, shortly after taking satisfaction in a job well done, there is a need to continue on with the next goal since the work of one’s life is always continuing.

IMAG0143As I reflect on this past quarter, I have a little tradition to remind myself of this. I put all of the tests (unless I am disgusted with the test, in which case it makes it way to the trash) on my refrigerator. This allows me to see the good work throughout the course of the quarter and keep it motivating me to keep up the good work. However, at the end of the quarter, they all go in the trash and I start fresh for the next quarter. To quote my father, “On Monday, the clocks reset to zero.” So, I am going to enjoy the break and work toward the next milestone in my Sherman career.


End of 2nd quarter!

I have just taken my last exam for 2nd quarter!!  One quarter closer to become a DC!! The thought of taking boards and seeing patients seems so far away, but I know it will be here faster then I realize.  At the end of finals week I like to talk a minute and reflect on the quarter. 

Number of classes: 7

Quizzes: 3

Test: 23

Credit Hours: 348

Hours spend studying: Too Numerous To Count (TNTC-A new term I learned from Microbiology)


Just to add a little perspective to these statistics. There are 10 weeks of classes for each quarter with the 11th week being Finals. The first 2 weeks are fairly easy because you have to learn some material before you can be tested. Then the tests start. “Mid terms” lasted for 6 weeks. Some classes only have 2 tests while others have 3-5 depending on practicals. I prefer 3-5 because it spreads the weight of your final grade over more tests. Then 2 weeks of lull before finals. Oh, and the whole time you are piling on more information. There is no way to study one test at a time because there is too much information. (I hate to say no way because I am sure some people do, but I don’t know how they do it.) If I could share any advice it would be to learn good study skills and review information every day. Now I get to spend 10 wonderful days with my husband and daughters!   


My First Perfect Score

There are many types of students: people who seem to just get “it” without trying, the people who are happy just to pass, and the people who are always trying to be one letter grade above where they would be without the extra effort. I fall into the last category. I would say I am a B student, but I work hard to be an A student. I want the A. My husband, Phil, gives me a hard time. He is always proud and supportive, but he never really enjoyed school. I like learning new things. I am always asking why? I truly believe I am capable of making an A. And is attitude not half the battle? 

So when I log onto blackboard to check my grade after a test, and I see loading…my heart starts pound. I begin to second guess every test question. I studied for hours…but what if I misread a question. No, I am sure I got them all right. Should I have changed #26? Then the moment of truth…100! Yes! Double fist pump, say a little prayer of thanks, breathe a sigh of relief, revel in the moment, and then get back to work. This is grad school, and there is another test coming tomorrow! 




As I have stated in the past, I am a Michigan native. Moving to South Carolina and Sherman College has been one of the greatest opportunities for me to grow as an individual as well as a student. I have met students, staff, and administration in the school from various other countries and back grounds who have challenged my personal beliefs, which has been awesome. I love being "down" here, but being away from home for almost two quarters has had its lows.

IMG_0770That is the reason I was so excited for my birthday this year. My Father came to visit me. This year was a "big one." I turned twenty-one, so I can finally stop being given nicknames which include baby something.



So, I had the opportunity to share a birthday toast with my father while he was in town.

  IMAG0108I also went out with my Sherman family the other night. I feel incredibly blessed to be here with my "new" Sherman family while still enjoying the one I left in Michigan.



I also had a lot of support from family back home by sending a wide array of cards and birthday wishes.



WCCS Roast featuring Bill Decken

The Sherman chapter of World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) hosted its first Annual Roast featuring Bill Decken, the "Nerve Supply Guy." The club did this event in the hopes to raise money to attend the WCCS being held in South Africa this year. 

The local chapter also has hopes to send students to WCCS meeting in Barcelona, Spain the next year. Club President Morgan Iloncaie is currently drafting a proposal to have philosophy be a required part of the curriculum at each chiropractic college. If this were passed by the WCCS, it would go a long way in shifting the chiropractic profession towards a more principled approach. I believe this would improve the profession, but more importantly for now, what happened at the roast?

858The Team – Dr. Ron Castellucci,Dr. Bill Fehl, Dr. Joe Donofrio (left to right)

Dr. Robert Irwin moderated the event as Dr. Bill Fehl, Dr. Joe Donofrio, and Dr. Ron Castellucci took turns honoring Dr. Bill Decken through jesting. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 866Dr. Fehl was up first. He was wearing a NY hat along with a Hawaiian shirt in honor of Dr. Decken's normal attire
  • Dr. Fehl reminded everyone about the "strong New York" accent of Dr. Decken. (being from the North, I thought this was a stretch, but it was funny in context).

Dr. Fehl also gave some examples of outrageous test questions, to which the correct answer is always innate intelligence.

For example:

  • Why does my NFL player start sing the national anthem after an adjustment? — innate intelligence
  • Why does my patent feel the need to dance after an adjustment? — innate intelligence

Writing these statements down now don't seem as funny as when they were said at the roast. However, if you had Dr. Decken for a class, you understand that innate is always the right answer, so it was funny at the time.

Next, Dr. Joe Donofrio got the crowd laughing with some "you're so ugly" and "you're so dumb jokes." Some of the best examples:

  • 884"He is so ugly, he can correct a subluxation by looking at it."
  • "He is so ugly, he can only be adjusted in the prone position."
  • "Dr. Decken is so dumb, he asked me to help him put his M&Ms in alphabetical order"
  • "He is so dumb, even Dr. Castellucci failed him."
  • Dr. Joe also stated that for someone who doesn't believe in medicine, his voice is like a sleeping pill.

Dr. Joe also prepared a jibjab video showing a comical dive of a man in red speedo and gangnam style dance video with Dr. Decken's head in the video. It was in good taste.

Finally, Dr. Ron poked fun at Dr. Decken's favorite brands and franchises such as his love for Coke and M&M produces as well as his love for the Mets rather than the Yankees. These pranks involved several head cut outs with M&M bodies.

For example, Dr. Ron put up a picture like this and would comment "Dr. Decken taking it easy."Untitled

Overall, the night had many funny moments and the doctors were very generous to Dr. Decken. In his rebuttal, Dr. Decken had a few good jabs. His funniest jokes were directed at Dr. Ron for being a Logan College graduate. They were mostly directly at his experience with Logan Basic technique which involves touching the sacrotuberous ligament aka the buttock. It was a strong finish to a great night.


Babies and Ladies

Babies and Ladies

Hosted By: League of Chiropractic Women, Philosophy club and Little Spines

Guest Speaker: Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby

For those of you that missed this talk, you missed out.  Now don’t worry, Dr. Colby will be back on campus for the LCW Sherman Philosophy Event Saturday April 6th at 3:00pm.  This event is open to everyone.  For more information visit the event page on Facebook at


Why is it important to talk about babies and ladies?  Every person on earth was born and most women will have a baby at some point in their life.  So men out there if you ever are going to be a father someday, this topic is important.  While it is hard to say exactly how your birth process affects you, it does.  Pregnancy and birth is a beautiful process that has been going on for thousands of years.  Dr. Colby shed light on how the birth process has become one of fear in society today, and shared impressive statistics on pregnancy and birth for women under chiropractic care.  We also discussed some implications, such as the impact of subluxation generation-to generation

I know when I hear the word “test” my heart rate increases.  During pregnancy women undergo test after test.  First medical doctors check your heart rate and your blood sugar (those are not so bad).  New technology has allowed medicine to test genetics and all kinds of other things.  Added stress!  I am not going into whether this is right or wrong– every woman has to make her own decision.  But, education about options is important.  Women are told all the things that can go wrong instead of all the things that are going right.  Science knows that our thoughts affect our body.  Stress in pregnancy can affect the baby.  Fear causes stress.  Looks like a downward cycle to me. 

Some interesting statistic she shared were that women under Chiropractic care used 38% less pain medication during pregnancy/birth and had 50% faster births.  That sounds good to me!  The other thing I found most interesting was to think about subluxation as a compounding effect over generations.  If a woman is subluxated and not allowing the body to function at its full potential, then is the baby developing to its full potential?  Imagine it is a baby girl.  She did not develop to her full potential  because her mother was subluxated.  Now she is pregnant and subluxated.  Is her baby going to develop to its full potential?  And the cycle continues…

There was so much more that Dr. Colby shared I have barely hit the tip of the iceberg, but I hope that this blog might inspire a future parent (man or woman) to think about the importance of Chiropractic care, and ask questions. 


Fun In School

I'm right about half way through my time here at Sherman at this point and am getting ready to take part 1 board exams. It has been a stressful quarter to say the least, and that is why I'm glad to be in the quarter that I am. I think every quarter has fun together, but my quarter seems to mesh together quite well and even when things get very stressful we have the ability to step back from everything and lighten each other up every now and again.