Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, it’s May 30! Whew! So much has happened this quarter… recovery from Boards, Lyceum 2012, my first elective (Yay!), end of the elementary school calendar, aka summer time for my daughter, and today is registration for next quarter! 

I always love registering for the next quarter! Call it geeky if you will, to me is a time to look forward to the next “season” of classes. It’s a mark of accomplishment before finals occur. 

Finals, if you must know, take a lot out of me. But somehow I always bounce back. People who have seen me through this process just know ahead of time I’m gonna fret and vibrate waaay too much stress. O well, I really, really, try not to! VB-Sigh. Each and every final season I’m always convinced I’m gonna DIE this time for SURE!!! And somehow I always make it!

When I look back at all the drama, post graduation, I’m sure going to have a good laugh at myself. In the meantime, I do the best I can and will have to be satisfied with that. If only “we” could truly detach from ourselves and find a way to make life easier while we were going through it, there would be so much more… peace in our worlds.

Ahh, just now I had a mah-velous idea…. I’m gonna reward myself BEFORE finals! Heck! Why wait ‘til I’m barely coping? Maybe planning ahead will ease my stress a bit. Perhaps a new hairdo or a nice long massage or….a pair of very pretty pink crystal earrings? A girl’s gotta look smashing during Finals Week right?  I thought so!  🙂


SUCCESS = Sherman College

When you think of success, what comes to mind? Well, here at Sherman College success comes in many different forms. For example, Sherman has met the goal of raising 15,000 dollars for new equipment for the health center. For anyone of you who does not realize what that means, let me say it as simple as possible; IT’S HUGE! The main reason that this is such a big accomplishment is because not only did Sherman College raise 15,000 dollars, but three doctors agreed to match whatever Sherman raised, up to 15,000 dollars. Therefore, instead of 15,000 dollars that just became 30,000 dollars. Now do you understand why that is such a “BIG” deal.

With that type of success, one would assume that there is no more surprising news, but there is. Not only is that 30,000 dollars going to help with providing new equipment for the health center but it is going in an endowment fund which means that it will always be there. That is awesome to know that Sherman College is moving in the right direction. They are always looking out for the students and making improvements that allow the students to have the best experience possible.

Even though a lot of credit needs to be given to Sherman, you cannot give ALL the credit to Sherman College. If you ask me, I think everyone who participated in this should get a big THANK YOU. Whether you helped making phone calls, sending emails, donated, or any other contribution, I personally would like to say THANK YOU for all that you did in helping Sherman in reaching its highest possible potential. Without you, Sherman College would not be able to celebrate this success.


“Cast To Be Chiropractors”

CastToBeChiropractorsWhile at Lyceum this year I planned to pick up a copy of “Cast to Be Chiropractors” by Dr. Liam P. Schubel and Dr. Judd Norgrady. And of course, I planned to have it signed by Liam, who is one of the members of the Sherman Board of Trustees. And so, I did both! 

I’ve learned, slowly, that I can’t sit still all day long and study. My body just can’t take being still sooo long and I therefore plan (or they just sneak in) breaks in my studies. And so today, as I had a lovely and quiet afternoon without any interruptions, I planned some of my own distractions. 🙂 The best of which was and is taking breaks to read “Cast to Be Chiropractors.”

You see, as a chiropractic student I feel it is great fun reading about the history of chiropractic and about the paths that others took to get to their Doctor of Chiropractic and beyond….
Here you have a little excerpt that I especially liked from the book. It is written by Dr. Judd Nogrady: 

Living life with a deep commitment to chiropractic is not an easy path. You must lead rather than follow. You must put others in front of yourself. It means rarely having a normal dinner or bed time. It means total commitment to others and to the art, “your art,” of chiropractic.

Most people don’t choose a life path for themselves. Instead, they live their years letting life just happen to them. They rarely look up or side-to-side. They just take what comes along and pass on without a ripple. Others, however, make choices, goals, and long term plans. They usually live longer, more fulfilling lives and are productive for all their years.

Then there are still others who are chosen through no decision of their own. The universe reaches out and plucks them from the multitudes, setting them toward a specific path. They don’t worry what others think, and they couldn’t care less about the platitudes of the masses. They’re too busy serving others. When they pass, a huge hole in the fabric of life is altered until another is chosen to fill the void. They are chiropractors, and if you are one or are planning on being one, you have huge shoes to fill and a universe to serve.

I think you can quickly gather the philosophical bent that I have regarding chiropractic. That is, chiropractic delivered from the heart, in service, creates the best use of the philosophy, art and science. It is also perhaps the most solidly effective.

If you missed this years’ Lyceum Career Day, I hope you plan to come to the next one! Come and get spizzed by Chiropractic! There are great things happening at Sherman College of Chiropractic!


League of Chiropractic Women

The newly created League of Chiropractic Women is coming to Sherman Campus! As a student organization, the League is focused on empowering women in Chiropractic whether they be DC’s, DC2B, CA’s or spouses, mothers or sisters (etc.). There is even a Men’s Auxiliary which I am very excited about because it means that the men/spouses can support the women in a playful and fun way.  Ladies, I hear they’re talking about bake sales!  🙂

Our First Meeting is today and there will be present some of the Founding Mothers of the League. How cool is that? There will be a luncheon and a brainstorming session with lots of new friendships formed. 

Can’t wait!  Hope YOU’LL JOIN US! 


Last Day of LYCEUM 2012!

Another glorious day in Spartanburg, South Carolina!!

We are gearing up here for our last day of Lyceum. 🙂

This is our “must pack” list:

  1. Baby Bird; we are nurturing a little bird found on the ground at Sherman! She is doing amazingly well, has received 2 adjustments!!!  We must take her with us everywhere! Grace and other Chiro-Kid friends are digging for worms all day long feeding her and they are doing a fabulous job with this delicate little life form. We can’t leave her alone so she’s top on the list to “pack” for the day.
  2. Odd assortment of food items; coconut water, Odwalla juice, perhaps some kid snacks.
  3. Backpack with writing pad, pencils and schedule.
  4. Camera! Perhaps we can get it “on-line” and working (I absolutely dislike figuring out why my camera isn’t charging).

Ooooh! Dr. Jaime forwarded to me a picture of my daughter from our 2007 Lyceum in which all the kids were taught a super-cute “Toggle-Dance” that they performed one night. Here it is….awwww!


My daughter is in the blue dress. Dr. Jaime is teaching them the “Toggle-Dance.”  🙂

Kids absolutely have a blast during Lyceum with all the other Chiro-Kids and miss them terribly when it’s time to leave. One more day of fun for them….leaving will be hard tonight! But we’ll focus on how Chiro-Kids are BFF and will see each other at the next Conference! What LUCKY KIDS! What LUCKY parents to have a life time of fabulous friendships as well!



Unfortunately this year I don't get to be there. Last year, my first visit to the school was for Lyceum and it was terrific. This Year, with the extra long weekend, I opted to take the time off to be with my family instead of staying in SC for the festivities. My house in KY is for sale, and with any luck, next year my family will be living in Spartanburg and we will be able to enjoy all that Lyceum has to offer.

It really is a great opportunity to be able to meet and talk to other DCs from around the country and be able to glean some of that knowledge for use with my own future practice. It's also a great opportunity after a year of the daily grind of school to get reenergized about all that chiropractic is. Going to school full-time tends to make you forget that there's a real world out there where we're going to be living and practicing when we get done. This year I guess I'll just have to hear about all of it from some of my classmates who stayed for the weekend.


It’s Time to SPLIT!

As the weather is starting to warm up, what is better than going out and getting an ice cream. Currently, around Spartanburg there are many different places to get good ice cream, cheap. So being I am a Chiropractic student and on a budget any good deal deserves to be passes on.

Clearly I did not make it to every ice place in Spartanburg but here are just a few of the ones I did. Currently, Sonic has a special going that any milkshake any size is half off after 8pm. You can not beat that. You can pick any flavor, add things in, and it comes with whip cream and a cherry and it is half off.

The next place is a local favorite, Brusters. Brusters always has specials going on everyday of the week. So I will share with you some of my favorites. Currently, they have 2 for $6 (waffle cone). If you have someone to go and get an ice cream with that may be worth your wild. Also, if you bring your own banana on Thursday’s you get half off a banana split. The banana split is huge and there is enough for two people. So again, if there are two of you this may be a perfect break and treat.

Finally, the last place around Spartanburg is QT. Yes, I know what you are thinking. QT is a gas station, but currently they have vanilla ice cream cones for $0.49. That is right, only 49 cents for a vanilla ice cream cone.

Therefore, being the temperature is starting to warm up, cool yourself down with an ice cream from some of the places around Spartanburg.


Maid of honor: The hardest part of all….

One of the best things in life is to see someone important in your life extremely and truly happy, ready to take a step down a new path. My only sister is getting ready to start a new life with a wonderful man. With all the happiness, planning of the wedding, and getting all the fine details down it slipped my mind all that I have to do in order to make sure her day is as special and perfect as possible. I guess the minute she asked me to be the maid of honor I had to realize that it is now my mission and goal to make sure she has the best day possible. So this is where the problem comes about. I have to come up with and give a speech at the wedding. Two problems come into play. First, I need to be able to come up with a speech that will do justice to not only my sister but my soon to be brother. How do I sum up 20 years of experiences in less than five minutes? Yet, to think that is not my only problem. The second problem is the fact I am a very emotional person. Therefore, how in the world am I supposed to talk about experiences from the past without crying through the entire speech? There are so many things to worry about with so little time. I guess I do have to say that if my only problem with the entire wedding is the speech, I must have done a decent job with everything else and I will make it through it and my sister will experience one of the best days of her life and the start of a new beginning to hopefully many more wonderful memories.  


Bright, Beautiful Morning!

It’s a totally lovely morning outside! Sky looks clear, it is coolish, yet perfect. The household is quiet. :)  I’ve got two dogs sleeping peacefully, and even the two cats are quiet. The little girl sleep over in the next room has not yet burst out asking for breakfast. 🙂
As for me, I awake slowly and quietly, writing my blog with a cup of coffee. Yesterday I had a great class in Network Spinal Analysis. We did a lot of “hands-on” work and it was very intensive. So much so that I had to take the rest of the day off! Well, it was a 4 hour class! LOL. But that’s ok, it was the end of the week and today as I wake up I’ll plan my day of study. 
Always much to do on my list- but I guess I really don’t know how to live any other way! This week coming up is Lyceum which is always a terrific time. It’s one of those things you want to capture and hold so it doesn’t go by too quickly. Charged full of energy, people, excitement, science, art and philosophy of chiropractic, it’s always memorable!
Friday there will be a special night dedicated to Reggie Gold, D.C., icon of the chiropractic world and an integral figure in Sherman’s history who recently passed away. 
Saturday night is the Dinner-Dance with a theme of the Roaring Twenties! That should certainly be a great time for everyone. As for me, I will be selling “Subluxation” T-Shirts!  Look for me and stop by!  🙂
I’m hearing some laughter in the room next door.
Well, with such a lovely morning I believe we’ll begin with walking the dogs around the block (after breakfast) and then I’ll head into…. Cardio Diagnosis? X-ray Analysis? X-ray Set Ups? Clinical Reasoning?  Network Spinal Analysis? What to study first? I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll just begin somewhere and continue to the ….end!  HAPPY DAY! 

To Go or Not To Go??

In life there is always going to be different views and opinions on just about everything simply because we are all unique and have a mind of our own. One specific question that is always being debated is whether or not a student who is in Chiropractic school should start going to seminars or wait until you are finished to start. So who is right?

Let’s look at it from the side of view that you should wait until you are done with school before going to additional seminars. Would it be more worth wild to wait until you have an understanding of all the fundamental information before going and learning specialized information? Also, why spend money that is not yours and your going to have to pay back? Or, how do you even know what technique is going to fit you best? Therefore, should you wait?

Ok, now lets see the other side of the coin. While you are learning the Chiropractic profession, should you experiment and find exactly what fits you? While the cost of seminars is usually a lot less expensive especially when you are a student? To help make the information you are learning in school a more practical understanding.

So with many different views on whether or not you should wait I personally believe that it is totally up to the specific individual. Everyone needs to do what works for them. Everything is not for everyone and everyone is different therefore do what makes you happy and just make sure you make an educated decision that you can live with. So…what do you think?