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What Is That I Hear….SUMMERTIME!

IT’S SUMMER! Can you believe it? Today is officially the first day of summer (June 20, 2012). I am not sure why it is so exciting…actually living down in South Carolina it just feels like another typical warm (well actually HOT) day. I guess since it seems to start getting warm in the beginning of March, the seasons tend to run together….is there really a difference between warm, hot, and HOT weather?

I do not mind the hot weather one bit. In my opinion bring on the sun, flip flops, tans, outdoors and OH did I mention the fact that we get a couple weeks off of class. It always seems like in the beginning of break everyone is ready to enjoy their time off being we just got done with finals, but by the end everyone is ready to be back in the routine with all new classes and challenges that are put in front of them. It is hard to think in the last week of classes thinking of anything but break especially when the stress levels are at an all time high.

But honestly coming back to school in the summer quarter is quite exciting! Simply because there is something called FUN DAY. It is where you have fun all day, what else do I have to say?! I still am not sure why, but for some reason Summer just seems to bring good things with it! 🙂




Break is finally here.

Finals are over, and now I have three full weeks to spend relaxing with my family. I don't know if relaxing is really the right word for it since I do have two little girls that are always wanting daddy to entertain for them, but both have been missing me for the past year and were very glad to hear that daddy is not leaving to go back to school this week. They are looking forward to spending lots of time with me, and it should take a few days to remember that I'm still just boring old dad, but a camping trip next weekend should help with those feelings. It's time now to get back to being a family again, and I'm looking forward to it.


Here’s To A Well-Deserved Summer Break!

We are all about to embark on a well-deserved summer break, each of us heading to a different location. Let’s see, I know students from Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Carolina and South Carolina mostly. And, I also know students returning to Malaysia, Thailand, and Germany!

I will be driving to Wisconsin to visit family, stopping in Illinois to see more family. Wisconsin has always been a dream-place for me. Growing up in Chicago, Wisconsin was the place to vacation to. As a young adult I felt really lucky to be able to live there and graduate from the University of Wisconsin. Now I contemplate whether I wish to start a practice there. Not sure because I have spent many years in New England, since undergraduate school, which has also been very special. 

In any case, we will soak up what was once a farm-dominated state with wonderful down-to-earth people. We’ll visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead again and the Swedish shops that are nearby. Definitely there will be trips to the antique stores! Last year I found an amazing cache of Lu-Ray Pastel dishes that just happened to be on sale!!!

CupsCute!  Cute!  Cute!

We may visit an alpaca farm for my sister-in-laws’ home wool projects. That will be fun, fun, fun! She’s considering bringing one home!!!  


Which one do you think it will be? (Last time I went to an animal “shelter” with my brother to look for some barn cats, I brought a beautiful calico kitty home! Hmmm, aren’t the alpacas cute?) Perhaps we’ll preview adopting a pinto pony? OK, we’ll just pet them. 🙂

And I’m sure we’ll check in with a local chiropractor after the long trip in the car. 

Ahhh! I’m ready!! Hope everyone else has a lovely, well deserved summer break!!


Ready for a new quarter

There is a clear feeling of excitement around here right now as we finish up our final week before finals begin. Many, including myself are excited to finish the quarter and have over three weeks off without having to worry about classes and exams.

Though those are great reasons to be excited, there is more to it than just the excitement of a break from school. There is excitement about change and beginning something new. In just a few short weeks we will be advancing to another new quarter, with one more under our belts, there will be a new class of students here to do another crazy bagelfest and we will all be one step closer to the goal of earning our DC degree and begining our lives in the greatest profession in the world.

Sometimes with the stresses of school life we get a little weighed down and forget the reason we are here, but at least for me, the changing of quarters is a good reminder that helps me to get reenergized about about why I am here. I've already seen miracles happen in my own life and the lives of those closest to me because of chiropractic and the decision to be here at school. I look forward to being able to see those happen for the rest of my career.


June Already?!….

Well today is already June 1st. Where has the time gone? This quarter has blown by, and to think that finals are going to be here before I know it. So why is it that each day seems to be long and filled with great useful information, yet the weeks and months seem to pass with every blink I take? It is really scary to think that in a short two weeks I will have already completed a year of Chiropractic School (do not get me wrong I am filled with so many emotions such as joy, relief, excitement, and satisfaction but again WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?).

It honestly felt like yesterday that I was moving down to South Carolina, getting used to the area, starting my first day of class, meeting new people, forming friendships, and trying to figure out how I was going to manage all the courses. Surprisingly, the course load was a lot easier than I expected. I think because I love Chiropractic and want to be the best Chiropractor possible, I engage myself in my studies which makes the material and quarters more enjoyable.

Ok, again do not get me wrong, in no way am I saying that it is EASY but more so that when you enjoy something and have fun with it the time goes faster. So, for any new or even current student in the program, take advantage of what you are doing and learning here at Sherman. Engage yourself as much as possible and get the most out of this experience. Don’t blink because the time will fly by before you have a chance to jump on.


Is There Division Within the Profession?

Every profession including Chiropractic has both good and bad things in the profession. The question that seems to arise is whether there is more good or bad. What is your opinion? Are there more good things or bad things about the Chiropractic profession?

In my opinion, I would have to say that the good qualities highly outweigh the bad qualities. Yet, there are bad qualities that may eventually harm the profession if these do not get addressed and straightened out. There are so many wonderful things about Chiropractic that I could honestly go on for days! For example, Chiropractors help people while allowing the body to heal itself….. what more do I have to say?!

Ok, so I understand that there are so many passionate people in this profession but what is it that is tearing the profession apart? I believe that Chiropractors are so worried about claiming their technique is the best that they do not see the big picture. Chiropractic is about the Science, Philosophy, and ART. There are so many different techniques but who can honestly say which one is the “best”? Instead of arguing and fighting about which one is better, why not just appreciate all that is available. Honestly, as long as the patient is getting the best possible care, does it truly matter in which way it is accomplished?

Again, I understand everyone has their own opinion and this is just mine. But what is your opinion?



The Simplest Things In Life

What can be better than to be out on the water on such a beautiful day? Being the temperature was perfect and I have not had the opportunity to go kayaking, I decided that today would be that day. Let me tell you, it was exactly what I needed. Being able to just take in the nature and not have to worry about anything.
I never realized how much I truly enjoyed kayaking until I was unable to go since I moved to South Carolina. The hardest part was trying to determine where exactly we wanted to go. Back home, we always tended to go in flowing water (usually down the river) but down here it is hard to figure out what river to go on, but also where you can put in and pull out.
Therefore, since we did not completely figure that out we decided that we were just going to go to a lake.  We had all plans on going to Edwin Johnson Lake but somehow ended up at Lake Craig. I have never been to Edwin Johnson Lake but I can say that Lake Craig was beautiful. There was a great boat launch which made putting the kayaks in super easy.
Well after three hours of just taking in the scenery, sun, and nature we decided to paddle in to shore and plan our next trip (which will be this Saturday!). I guess I finally understand what it means when people say, “you always want what you don’t have.” I finally have kayaking back in my “life”.


Sherman Knows How to “Roar” in the Twenties

Sherman College could not have picked a better theme for the 2012 Lyceum banquet. Being this was my first lyceum I was not sure what to expect. But I can say that all my expectations were met. For anyone who was not able to make the banquet, the theme was the “Roaring Twenties”. Let me tell you, so many people came ready to have a good time.

Let me give everyone a quick rundown for all of you unfortunate ones who could not attend. The food was wonderful (they had a carving station for meats, mashed potato bar, pasta bar, salad bar, and cheese/bread bar). The students who participated in decorations left no room for disappointment. Finally, the photo booth that almost everyone took advantage of in order to let their “inner kid” come out.

With so many doctors, students, faculty, and friends everyone was ready to let loose and get their boogie on. The girls came looking their best in flapper dresses while the men where all decked out in their suits. There was not one song that the dance floor was not filled. Everyone was dancing and letting all their worries behind them. This lyceum did not disappoint in any aspect. Hopefully for anyone who could not make it this year, will make sure to be there next year!


Here it comes again!

It seems like I just posted on here about the relief of getting midterms over with, and now all of a sudden here comes finals! There are benefits and costs to a quarter system like we have here at Sherman. The benefit is that if you keep your sights set fairly short-term the quarters fly by and before you know it you're done, but one of the big costs is that you never get a real reprieve from the pressure of upcoming exams. Just as soon as you get through one, there is another one right around the corner to gat started on. The only real break we ever get is the breaks between quarters. I'm looking forward to the next one which will be a little over three weeks. Given the costs and the benefits, I don't think I'd have it any other way. I like the idea that I'm never more that a few weeks away from finishing another class and another quarter.


Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, it’s May 30! Whew! So much has happened this quarter… recovery from Boards, Lyceum 2012, my first elective (Yay!), end of the elementary school calendar, aka summer time for my daughter, and today is registration for next quarter! 

I always love registering for the next quarter! Call it geeky if you will, to me is a time to look forward to the next “season” of classes. It’s a mark of accomplishment before finals occur. 

Finals, if you must know, take a lot out of me. But somehow I always bounce back. People who have seen me through this process just know ahead of time I’m gonna fret and vibrate waaay too much stress. O well, I really, really, try not to! VB-Sigh. Each and every final season I’m always convinced I’m gonna DIE this time for SURE!!! And somehow I always make it!

When I look back at all the drama, post graduation, I’m sure going to have a good laugh at myself. In the meantime, I do the best I can and will have to be satisfied with that. If only “we” could truly detach from ourselves and find a way to make life easier while we were going through it, there would be so much more… peace in our worlds.

Ahh, just now I had a mah-velous idea…. I’m gonna reward myself BEFORE finals! Heck! Why wait ‘til I’m barely coping? Maybe planning ahead will ease my stress a bit. Perhaps a new hairdo or a nice long massage or….a pair of very pretty pink crystal earrings? A girl’s gotta look smashing during Finals Week right?  I thought so!  🙂