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New Year’s Rugby Resolution

    With the New Year, brings the always exciting list of resolutions.  This year however, for the members of Sherman College, there is the unique opportunity to add Rugby to that list.  The fall of 2012 provided a "re-introduction" of the fast growing sport to Sherman College thanks in part to many people and board members, and certainly the effort of head coach, Adam Ashcraft.  With an overall record of 6-4, and an undefeated 4-0 performance in the Palmetto Tournament, it proved to be a very promising start for the Pride. Perhaps even more exciting is the unique experience that was had by all members of the Sherman Rugby community.  

    Victories certainly weren't exclusive to the Rugger's on the pitch, but it was the integral role played by student clubs, community sponsors, and the incredible support of the Sherman faculty, staff, and student population that made the season the success that it was. So no matter what your desired role is, there is without a doubt a place for you in Sherman Rugby.  As a member of the Rugby team, I can genuinely tell you how fun the game is to play.  If you have any interest at all in being a teammate, I encourage you to come out to the first practice of the season on Tuesday, January 8th.  No prior experience is necessary, nor does coming to practice automatically commit you to anything more than you want it to.  To be fair I should warn you, it is an extremely fun game, so don't be surprised if one practice only spikes your interest even more. If being on the team isn't quite what you're looking for then grab a set of tongs and be one of the grille masters that our school club members have become.  Or join the team's training staff, and learn from the team Doctors who are hands down among the top in the country when it comes to Chiropractic, and athletics. Of course, there's always the much appreciated and necessary role of team supporter.  Responsibilities include: pull up a chair next to friends, grab an RJ Rocker brew, and cheer on your classmates for 80 minutes of hard hitting action.  

    Adding Rugby to your list of resolutions will most likely be a first this year, but it is certainly one worth checking off.  I look forward to the upcoming school year, and to the highly anticipated Spring season.  A warm welcome to the incoming Winter quarter, and a Happy New Year to all!



Summer is Here

At least that's how it feels here. It's December 5th and I decided to go with shorts, flip-flops and a hawaiian shirt because it has been reacing the high 60's to low 70's all week and is supposed to reach 73 again today. In my undergraduate studies I was in Idaho, and this time of the year all you want to do is find warmer climates or stay indoors because a warm day is one that breaks out of the low 30's. Here it looks like it's winter outside because the leaves have come off all the trees, but when you step out the door you are greeted with a comfortably warm breeze and sunshine. It's no wonder the elderly tend to move south. For those wishing for a white christmas, it doesn't look hopeful, but I'm not going to complain about being able to drive around in shorts with my windows down in December.



I know I'm about a week late, but it's never a bad time to give thanks for the blessings we have. At this time in school I am thankful that I'm no longer in first quarter, but instead I'm moving along and getting ever closer to graduation. I'm thankful that we're about to have a three week break to be home with family. I am also thankful to be going into a career that will provide for my family and give other people additional reasons to be thankful. Gratitude is an attribute that we can and should carry with us all year long, but unfortunately, we often get caught up in negativity and finding fault with everyone and everything around us, instead of focusing on the good things and people around us, and all the things that we have.


Two Days of School

It's Monday of Thanksgiving week, and as a dedicated student, here I sit, at school with only two days of classes before going home for a 5 day weekend. Some in my class have decided to simply cut these two days and stay home for the whole week of Thanksgiving instead of coming for two days, which is exactly what I would like to have done, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I think as students we should petition the administration next year to just have classes on Veteran's Day (no disrespect intended for our veterans, it was just the nearest holiday) and take off the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving giving us the whole week off. On the bright side, at least Thanksgiving was established as a Thursday holiday, ensuring that we always get an extra long weekend for the holiday.


Sherman Rugby Closes Fall Season, Takes on Div. I University of Tennessee; Furman/UT Match to Follow

Sherman College of Chiropractic will be hosting two exciting rugby matches this Saturday, November 17, as it closes its first season since the resurgence of the sport on campus after a 26-year hiatus.

At 1 p.m., Sherman takes on the University of Tennessee. UT is one of the top rugby teams in the country and advanced to the Division I Final Four last year; they have played on national television.

Following Sherman’s match with UT, Furman University will play the University of Tennessee’s B-side. Furman has one of the best small college programs in the nation, having won the Division III National Championships three times and earned runner-up twice; the team is coached by a Spartanburg native. The Furman team has also won seven South Championships – a region which covers 10 states.

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in South Carolina. There are about a dozen high school clubs in the state (four years ago there were none), with two in Greenville, one in Easley, and others in Columbia and Charleston.

Admission to the game is free; refreshments and rugby t-shirts will be available for purchase. Local companies sponsoring The Pride include Southeast Sports Chiropractic (the official Sherman Rugby Team chiropractors) and RJ Rockers.

For a schedule and more information about Sherman Rugby, go to www.sherman.edu/rugby or the Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/Sherman.Rugby.

Sherman College Board Names President

Cordero_EdwinSherman College of Chiropractic has named Edwin Cordero, D.C., as the college’s fifth president, effective January 1, 2013. Peter Kevorkian, D.C., chair of the Sherman Board of Trustees, made the announcement on campus Tuesday, November 13. Dr. Kevorkian says the trustees look forward to working with Dr. Cordero as he continues to advance the college’s mission of preparing students to become doctors of chiropractic through education, research and service.

“I firmly believe the college has found in Dr. Cordero an outstanding leader who possesses not only vision and passion, but also an individual who has demonstrated over the years his commitment to the chiropractic profession and the vitalistic tenets upon which the profession was built,” Kevorkian says. “I am confident that Dr. Cordero will lead the college and its students to face the contemporary demands and health care needs of the public while holding steadfast to the traditional values upon which Sherman College was founded. We look forward to all we will accomplish under Dr. Cordero’s leadership and guidance.”

Dr. Cordero, a 1993 graduate of Life University’s College of Chiropractic, is a practicing chiropractor in Boynton Beach, FL. He frequently speaks at chiropractic associations, conferences and other organizations around the world with the goal of inspiring and motivating chiropractors and students to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. The Florida Chiropractic Society named him Chiropractor of the Year in 2011.

Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Cordero practiced in Puerto Rico for a year before establishing his current private practice in Florida in 1995. He is dedicated to serving the chiropractic profession and has participated in humanitarian chiropractic mission trips; he served as chiropractor for the Costa Rican team in the Central American Olympic Games for eight years.

Dr. Cordero says he is honored to serve as Sherman College’s next leader. “My vision as president is to lead Sherman College in becoming the preeminent chiropractic school in the U.S. and the world, and to strengthen its cultural legacy of outstanding academics, chiropractic philosophy, excellent faculty, technique and research,” he says.

Sherman College’s search for the next president began in May after Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer announced that he would be stepping down. After reviewing 20 applications and conducting preliminary interviews, the board narrowed the field to three candidates and released those names in October – Dr. Cordero, Dr. Joe Donofrio, and Dr. Shawn Powers. Schwartzbauer continued to serve as the college’s leader while the board conducted its search; his contract at Sherman ends on December 31, 2012.

Kevorkian says the board is grateful for Dr. Schwartzbauer’s leadership of the college. “So much has been accomplished during the past five years thanks to Dr. Schwartzbauer’s vision and his faithful service to the Sherman College,” he says. “The Board of Trustees sincerely appreciates the dedication, time and talent he generously shared with the college during his tenure.”


Sherman College of Chiropractic provides students with a comprehensive chiropractic education, preparing them to enter the field as primary health care professionals who are highly skilled, compassionate, ethical and successful. On its 80-acre campus in South Carolina, Sherman offers a first professional degree program unique in its approach to health care and known globally for the skill and art of chiropractic delivered by graduates. For more information, visit www.sherman.edu or call 800-849-8771.

For more information, please contact:
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Sherman College of Chiropractic
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Four More Years

The presidential election happened last night and I'm sorry to say that I am very disappointed with the American people. This great nation was founded on principles of freedom and individual accountability, and today we see that the nation as a whole no longer values those principles. Today we have voted for collectivism and dependency, and it makes me worry for my future as a chiropractor and business owner.

The very principle behind owning ones own business whether it be a chiropractic office, or any other business, is to be the best that you can be at your profession and be rewarded for it by having more patients, or selling more of your product. We have seen in the last four years that increasing regulation of business, and an economy that's barely got a pulse has made this simple principle harder to achieve.

I fear that without real change in our system, our nation is about to go bankrupt and the strangle hold on successful business is only going to get tighter. I will be done with school in two years, and at that time is our economy going to be in a position where starting up a new practice is going to still be a possibility. I wish I knew.


Halloween is here

Today is my second Halloween on campus and it is a fun day to be around. You never know who you might run into. As I was sitting here starting to write this post in the admissions office Death came walking through the front door, past my desk and into the halls. I've also encountered an overweight plumber, Princess Fiona, Joe Dirt and the bearded lady today. Along with the costumes on campus, it is midterms week again and Hurricane Sandy brought in some winter-like weather for the last few days. The last few nights have dropped into the thirties, making sleep easier to enjoy at night, though it does make it a little harder to get up early in the morning to head for the gym. However, campus is in full fall colors and the holidays are about to get under way which means more time with my family and less time spent in school which is always a good thing.


The Power to Choose

"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

-David O. McKay

This quote has been my favorite now for several years, and lately I have done some reflecting on how many different ways that this message can be applied to me. Every morning we wake up and we have a day full of decisions to make. Some are more important than others, and some that may seem minor may have very long reaching effects, and so it is vital that we weigh our decisions carefully and choose a course of action that will give us the best end result. Each and every day we have the amazing opportunity choose who we are going to be and if we choose, we can permanently, or temporarily, alter who we are for the worse or the better.

As a student here at Sherman College I have the opportunity every morning to choose how hard I am going to work today and to be the best student I can be or not to be, and that decision has far reaching effects when it comes to my mid-term or final exams, then boards, and eventually my ability to practice.

There are many things that go on inside my head that try to pull me in a direction that I know is not the best direction for me to go, but there is also a surety that I know what I need to do, and how to do it, and the promises for doing the hard things now far outweighs the short-term satisfaction of the here and now. I also know that by making the right choices today and tomorrow it makes it easier to continue to make the right choices as different challenges present themselves long after I am done here.