Food Blogging

So, I am going to preface this post by saying I am not a food blogger, but this meal was too appetizing not to share.

Unfortunately, I only have a few recipes that I can prepare well. I know how to make spaghetti, chicken with rice, tacos, and sloppy joes. I don't mind cooking, but I don't have time to look up new recipes. I also have to eat the leftovers since it is hard to cook for one. So, my weeks get repetitive with regard meals.

A side note for prospective students: many Sherman students, including myself, receive an unsubsidized loan through FAFSA which includes a check for living expenses. Eating out every night isn't an option if you want to live off this loan alone. With that being said, you don't have to live off of PB and J and Ramen unless by choice. So, students balance eating well with affordability.

However, last night I had the opportunity to eat crab for the first time. It felt like a delicacy. And by first time, I mean that I saw the crab and actually cracked it open with my two hands. It was an awesome experience. I think the crabs came from the whole foods store near Greenville on Pelham road. It was prepared by fellow Sherman blogger, Melinda Hallam. We often pool meals with friends since it is hard to cook for one. I would definitely advise potential students to consider doing likewise if it is convenient. Also had crème brulee for the first time as well. It was perfectly carmelized.











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Winter has come and gone.

Winter has now come and gone to Spartanburg. When I returned to Spartanburg Saturday from Kentucky I was surprised as I turned south out of the mountains of North Carolina to come into South Carolina, by all the cars headed north with bumpers plastered with snow. I couldn't see any storms ahead of me at the time, but sure enough, as I was coming into Spartanburg I was greeted with about three inches of new snow on the ground, and kids everywhere making snowmen and having snowball fights. Having come here from northern climates, it was a welcomed surprise for me. It was all gone by Sunday afternoon, and as I write this it's 60 degrees and sunny again, but it was nice to see a little winter here in South Carolina.




















Mission Trip

MissionA mission trip calls to action all chiropractic
students in clinic to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others
in need.

A good number of interns in my quarter went during
the last break on their first mission trip to Haiti and the Dominican
Republic.  This break it will be my

All I can say at this point is that when I watched
the video for this trip, tears came to my eyes. 
I’ve been waiting for this juncture my whole life!!!  It’s gonna be a great chiropractic life !!  I’ll keep y’all up to date on the trip. 



Valentine’s Day is all about love.  Many people make comments like Valentines is a silly holiday made up by the greeting card companies to make some money.  Other people say, well the first group is cynical and lonely.  I say there are many types of love and that we should celebrate the people we love.  So I thought my post this week should be about love.  My best friend in college once told me that I over use the word love.  She said, “You tell everyone I love you!”  While I don’t disagree with her it did make me stop and think.  I started thinking about the Greeks and their multiple types of love.  Agape, phileo, storge, eros.  Agape love – the love of God, an unconditional love.  Phileo love – to have a special interest in someone, to consider them a friend.  Eros love – sexual or passionate love. And Storge love – the love that naturally occurs between parents and children.

This Valentine’s Day I felt Eros love when my husband sent me chocolate covered strawberries and storge love when my daughters made me a poster.  But the most fun part was showing Phileo love to a classmate.  Tami left school early when her contractions started to become more intense and frequent.  So over dinner we started thinking of something we could do for her.  Brad, Rachel, Chad, Ryan, and I decided to make her a birthing playlist.  We included:  “I’m coming out,” “Stuck in the middle with you,” “Push it,” “What is love,” and others.  We went to CVS and bought a cheap MP3 player and delivered it to the hospital room at 9:30pm.  Tami was blown away.   It must have helped because Arianna Sophia was born at 12:08am Feb. 15th 2013.  

Tami at Hospital

A day that could have just been another Thursday or just another Valentine’s Day was made special by expressing phileo love for classmates, and supporting Tami as she was about to experience Storge love for the newest member of the Sherman family. 

Pictured clockwise: Tami, Melinda, Ryan, Chad, Brad, and Rachel.


Clubs at Sherman

I think most students at Sherman would agree that being a part of a club is a lot of fun and a good way to meet students in other quarters. Currently, Sherman hosts a wide range of technique clubs from Activator to Gonstead to NSA to little spines. There are also local chapters for international organizations like World Chiropractic Congress, ICFO, New Beginnings philosophy club, and SABCA. There are also specialized interest clubs like Chiropractic Student Congress, Maximized Living, rugby, and Christian Chiro club. For more information, check out Sherman’s website:

Personally, I Blog 7.3am most involved with New Beginnings philosophy club and Christian Chiro club (CCC). This reflects my interests and has given me some cool opportunities. Philosophy club works to coordinate a triannual trip to the philosophy conference New Beginnings.

In April, Philosophy club is working to fill two charter busses so Sherman can be well represented at the next New Beginnings conference. I can’t wait to go. It will be awesome to talk to field doctors and see how their philosophy interacts with their daily practice.
For anyone interested in more information about New Beginnings, here is a link to their website: It would be great to see any prospective chiropractic students in April!

image adapted from the NB logo,

I also recently had the opportunity to participate in outreach for CCC. On Valentine’s Day, the club organized a valentine give away to every staff and administration member that we could find in the building. I personally handed out 20+ valentines during the morning break. Each valentine contained various candies and a tract. I enjoyed giving back to those that make learning at Sherman possible. I can’t wait for other outreach opportunities with CCC during my time at Sherman College.


Handing out a valentine to Dr. Guangming Wu, PhD, Basics science teacher







Chiropractic school is a long road. As I close in on the end of my 7th quarter, and part one boards, I'm just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm right about at the half way point in my schooling here, but I'm nearly into clinic and from there graduation is just around the corner. Not only is it a long road, but it's a tough one too. In the last 20 months I've seen a lot of changes in my life, and I'm sure I will see more in the next two years. Some have been good, some have been bad, and those that are still to come will certainly be the same way. But one thing remains constant, I am here to make a difference for myself and for my family, and that's the only thing that really matters. Life is full of situations that are completely out of our control, so our job is to control the situations that we can and make the best of those. That's what's nice about being here at school. Everything that I do here is within my control. I can choose to study or not to, and my grade will be dependent solely on that choice, not on anything that's outside of my influence. So bring it on! Two more years are going to bring a lot of blessings into my life that I will be grateful for for the rest of my life, so I can handle whatever comes my way.


Newton’s Law of Motion

I had the opportunity to observe Newton’s Law of Motions first hand this weekend.  An object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force.  Where did I see such law in action?  I took my two daughters bowling for the first time.  A 6 pound ball is not very heavy, but when you consider that it is 1/6 the weight of my 4 year old and 1/5 the weight of my 2 year old you can understand that the force they can apply is not very much.  In fact the friction of the 60 ft lane that is oiled was too much for the ball.  There were several times when the ball either came to a complete stop or slowed down so much that it started rolling back to us.  Roslyn, my 2 year old, would just sit with her legs apart waiting to catch the ball. My favorite part of the whole experience was watching the girls lay on their bellies to watch the ball roll down the lane.  See picture below.

Another example of this law is bumpers.  The direction the ball started rolling was corrected many times by the bumpers.  Whoever invented bumpers greatly increased the enjoyment of bowling for children and adults alike.  Ryan Burkhart, fellow Sherman student blogger picked up a spare thanks to the bumpers and Abigail, my 4 your old, got her first strike!  I would love to say that I had no need for the bumpers, but they kept me from a couple of gutter balls as well. 

I have to get on my soap box for one minute.  I love technological advancements.  I would not want to have to set up my own pins after every time I rolled the ball, and I don’t have servants to do if for me like the Vanderbilt family at Biltmore house.  (For more on Biltmore house visit Ryan’s blog But kids today are not going to learn how to keep score in bowling.  The machines do it all for you!  And yes I sound like an old person, but that is how I feel.  Ok I am off my soap box.  Until next time, keep your spine in line!



Biltmore House

Sherman College is located in one of the coolest areas for those that like to get out when they are not busy with school work. The school is about 45 minutes away from downtown Greenville, which can fulfill those that like to shop and eat out. It is also about an hour away from  a multitude of mountain ranges which host many natural beauties like waterfalls and rustic trails. It is also an hour away from Ashville which hosts some very special historic areas.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting one such place. I went to Biltmore House with Melinda Hallam, a fellow blogger on the Sherman website. When I laid eyes on the house for the first time, I was near speechless. I was mid-conversation as Melinda and I rounded the corner to the behemoth of a front yard and then  all I could say, “Wow that is a big house.”

The house is 178,926 square feet with 250 different rooms. (We only toured the house, but is also has a large grounds that is a couple square miles) Melinda and I went on an automated tour. The rooms were lush with bright colors and textures. It would be impossible to completely describe the rooms with words. I also couldn’t take any pictures while on the campus, but I will say some personal highlights. 

The first link at the bottom show several of the rooms featured on the tour.

I loved the dining room. I believe it was supposed to be modeled after a European style castle. It had three large fire places which fed into a large cement chimney which had engraving of a favorite opera of the original owner and builder, George Vanderbilt.  It also featured a large table that could become forty feet long. Opposite the fire place, there was an organ loft which also featured scenes from the same opera as the fire places. There were some of the largest European game I have ever seen hanging from the walls, but they were dwarfed by the 70 foot ceiling. The room also featured 4 tapestries that had to be 20 feet tall depicting the story of the love affair between Venus and Mars.

I also enjoyed the tapestry hall which features 3 of the remaining “Triumph of the Seven Virtues,” which display biblical, historical, and mythological stories and figures. The hall spans 90 feet and has the three tapestries hanging separated by fire places.  Biltmore House features the last known Triumph of Faith. I think the other two tapestries were triumph of Charity and Prudence. Other copies would be in museums. I could just imagine George Vanderbilt smoking a cigar while enjoying the room with his greatest trophies.

Biltmore House also featured a large library since George was a very well read man along with being a great entertainer.

One of the final things that really struck me was his indoor entertainment options. He had an indoor bowling alley as well as an underground, indoor swimming pool which was light with under water lights and heated.

George Vanderbilt made a grand estate before dying in 1914. Thankfully, the family has made a commitment to make the house open to the public and preserve the art and history for us to look at today. I was blown away at the size and history of the house along with the commitment to keep it in the family. Being close to history like this is one of the reasons I chose to come to Sherman


For those that are interested in seeing some pictures of the rooms, I found a link that gives a rough outline of the tour I took. at Biltmore Estate


Also, if anyone has any interest in visiting the house, here is a link to their website where you can purchase tickets:


Most of the information provided on this blog was received during the tour, but I did double check with Wikipedia. Here is my citation:




One of those Cartoons

Ahhh, something we can all relate
to…stress….  I like this little guy cause
he captures one of “those moments” when it’s all too much. 


Today I took a few hours off and picked
up my daughter from school early (early for me- not her) and we went off to get
a fruit smoothie at…hmmm that place on the other side of town that you really
have to want to go to cause it’s on the other side of town.  Oh ya, “Bella Latte’”.  I love having a pocket full of ideas to turn
to  when some “Ahhhhh…” time is needed
and that is one of them.

So, we went and got our three berry fruit
smoothies (ahhhhh…) and headed home to gear up for a bike/walk with the dogs.  The dogs suffer as well when I’m overly
busy.  And as usual they were loyally
awaiting our return.  We packed up bike
and dogs and off we went to the walking/biking trail in Spartanburg that was
created from an old train track.  Forgive
me but I forget the name of that too.

Temporary memory loss (brain farts is
what I call them) is what happens when you’ve memorized more than what’s good
for you and your brain decides to, uhm, take a break.  We learned about it in Neuro.  It has a name too.  🙂  I’m over simplifying but…. that’s because my
brain is on temporary rest.   

It’s rather humorous that I’m actually
accepting it.  There was a time it
freaked me out!   :-)    But, live, learn and detach!  Detachment is key here because I am getting
perfectly fine grades, am learning much, functioning well and I know my
memorizing skills and recall will return when I need them – like tomorrow or
sooner if I choose it  :-)  .  

The point here is that I chose not
 to become that little guy in the cartoon.  I chose to take a break.  And this turned out to be quite a glorious
afternoon to take that break and play!         


First World Problems

I believe there are two types of necessities in this world: survival necessities and cultural necessities. For survival, humans need heat, food, water, shelter, and belief in a higher power or purpose. I acknowledge that this isn’t an all inclusive list, but I think that is a reasonable assessment of the basic needs for a human to live. Without those basic needs, Mans life is in jeopardy.

Cultural needs, on the other hand, I would define as something we need to fit in or do an everyday task. A prime example is a car. There are plenty of societies in the history of mankind that have flourished without the car. However, I would have a hard time making it to school every morning without this modern day transport. This technology has changed the way that our entire society works and regards time when transporting people or goods. Before the car, things just traveled slower and people stayed in places longer, but the advent of the car modernized our society to the raging metropolis it is today.

So why am I saying all of this? Well, my internet is out at my apartment complex and it is very frustrating to lose this 21st century convenience. Actually, it is more than frustrating me. It is inconvenient for doing assignments online. It prevents me from googling information for my classes like anatomy and biochemistry. But, most important to my everyday life, I can’t watch YouTube videos or listen to Pandora.

This is a classic case of first world problems. It doesn’t affect my life. It only makes my computer usage more intentional since I don’t have internet after I leave Sherman College. (however, I would note that I have become more productive).