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As a workstudy student in the admissions office I have the opportunity to make phone calls to prospective students to help them answer questions about the school from a student's perspective. This unique opportunity allows me the chance to also see the perspective that potential students have of Sherman, and what they are hearing about the school before attending. I am happy to report that most of what I hear is positive, and many DCs are recommending Sherman to potential students even if they are not Sherman grads themselves. Through my discussions it has become clear that what really sets Sherman apart from the other schools that are out there is a stronger focus on straight chiropractic and the philosophy that drives it. Those that I talk to often find a connection with Sherman when we talk about the body's innate ability and design to heal itself, rather than the doctor being the healer. Indeed, this is the principle that brought me to chiropractic and ultimately to Sherman myself, but it is sad to see that most other schools are far from that basic principle and moving farther from it. Even here there is some push to move more into the medical model and away from the traditional straight chiropractic model. Not only would that be disappointing for me, but if Sherman loses that focus, I'm afraid it will lose it's niche in the market of chiropractic schools, and with its size, might find it difficult to compete with larger schools that offer a very similar curriculum.



The first week of fourth quarter is in the books. Playtime is over. Other quarters haven't been easy, but this one looks like it's going to take a little more focus and extra time compared to previous quarters, but the good news is we now get to start into some really interesting classes that have a lot more to do with chiropractic, and not so many of the general sciences. The first week was finished off with a bang on Thursday afternoon with an impressive hailstorm with hail the size of golf balls. The hail came down for a solid 20 minutes before we were asked to move to the tornado shelter because of a tornado warning in the area. We had to wait around for 30 minutes after class was over, but it was a fairly exciting end to a long week.

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Devoted to Chiropractic: In Memory of Reggie Gold

Reginald R. Gold, D.C., Ph.C., referred to simply yet reverently as “Reggie” by most, died at his Bala Cynwyd,  PA, home on March 24, 2012. A lecturer, philosopher, author and Sherman College benefactor, Gold traveled the globe spreading the chiropractic message and is responsible for inspiring hundreds, likely thousands, of people of all ages to pursue careers in chiropractic. He is survived by his wife of more than 50 years, Irene Gold, D.C.

“Reggie did so much to advance the profession and Sherman College,” says Sherman President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C. “We may never see another in our profession with the ability to communicate chiropractic so clearly and effectively. Reggie touched so many lives, including mine. He will be deeply missed.”

A charismatic chiropractic scholar and philosopher, Reggie Gold graduated summa cum laude from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1957 and served in various leadership capacities in state and national organizations. He also held a Doctor of Chiropractic Humanities (Ph.C.) from Palmer. Gold’s practice in Spring Valley, NY, was a model for chiropractic practices around the world for many years; he developed and successfully marketed a series of techniques and products to help chiropractors gain patient confidence and build their practices.

Gold assisted in the startup of Sherman College, helped establish and served as first president of ADIO Institute which later became Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic, taught philosophy at three chiropractic colleges (including Sherman, from 1973-76) and lectured at most of the others. He is author of The Triune of Life, a treatise on traditional chiropractic philosophy that is used as a reference text in philosophy courses at Sherman College.

In addition, he lectured at medical schools from Mount Sinai to Stanford, as well as educational institutions overseas in South Africa, Australia and Peru. Gold was instrumental in founding the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (formerly FSCO) and introduced the profession to a clearer philosophical understanding of chiropractic.

He was a popular visiting scholar at Sherman College, and through the years he played a vital role in the college’s recruitment efforts. He spoke many times at the college’s annual Career Day program.

Sherman College commissioned a bronze sculpture in his honor that is housed in the Scallon Building atrium and reception area. Unveiled during Lyceum 2007, the bust sits atop a tall pedestal near the front entrance and bears one of Gold’s popular quotes on the inscription: “If you are not out to change the world, everything else is Mickey Mouse.”

Gold and his wife, Irene, a chiropractor and owner and leader of Irene Gold Associates, made a generous gift to Sherman College when they gave $1 million in the form of a charitable gift annuity in 2007. “Our lives have been dedicated to the chiropractic profession and to the education of chiropractors worldwide,” Gold said at the time. “Sherman is home to outstanding faculty, alumni and students. It is an honor to support the next generations of straight chiropractors.”

Memorials may be made to Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Sherman College Students Host Shot Gun Golf Scramble

Win a new car! Sherman College Students Host Shot Gun Golf Scramble

What:                Shot Gun Scramble Golf Tournament

Who:                 Open to the public

                        Hosted by the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) at Sherman College

When:              Wednesday, May 23, at 2 p.m.

Why:                To support chiropractic students worldwide

 {The World Congress of Chiropractic Students is an international collaboration of more than 14,000 chiropractic students from 23 institutions worldwide. The purpose of WCCS is to advance and unite the chiropractic profession through inspiration, integrity and leadership.}

Where:             Village Greens
                        13921 Asheville Highway in Inman, SC

Cost:                  $60 per person by April 20; $75 by May 11; $85 at the door
                          Includes 18 holes, cart and box dinner

Prizes:               4 Hole-in-One prizes:

  • Kia Optima from Farrell Kia of Spartanburg
  • 5-day/4-night cruise for two to the Caribbean
  • Two round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental US
    (some restrictions apply)
  • Premium electronics package: your choice of iPod Touch 8GB,
    Play Station 3, 32" inch Flat Panel TV.

                            Other prizes may include:

  • Prizes for best score, longest drive, and closest to the pin
  • Door prizes (one free ticket per person; additional tickets $1 each or 5 for $3)
  • 50/50 raffle ($1 each or 10 for $5)

Contact:           Sandra Martin

                       P.O. Box 1452, Spartanburg, SC 29304


Online:             Download a registration form (PDF) at


Sherman College of Chiropractic provides students with a comprehensive chiropractic education, preparing them to enter the field as primary health care professionals who are highly skilled, compassionate, ethical and successful. On its 80-acre campus in Spartanburg, SC, the college operates a Chiropractic Health Center open to the public where students intern under the supervision of licensed doctors of chiropractic. For more information, visit or call 800-849-8771.


For more information, please contact:

Sandra Martin
World Congress of Chiropractic Students
Sherman College of Chiropractic


College Town Service Initiative brings students together

Seven institutions, City present 9th annual CSI on Saturday, April 14


SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Hundreds of students from Spartanburg’s seven colleges and universities will come together to make Spartanburg a better place on Saturday, April 14, as they participate in the ninth annual “CSI: College Town Service Initiative,” providing services to about a dozen service agencies around the community.

“The goal of CSI is for students to work with community organizations and students from other colleges with whom they may not normally have contact, and that they will come away more invested in the Spartanburg community,” Rogers Brandt, College Town coordinator says. “What begins with a few Saturday hours of hard work for agencies that need the help often becomes a lifelong commitment to serving the community.”

This year, students will be doing work for these agencies:

  • Christmas In Action – Making lunches for volunteers and helping at specific home sites for the agency
  • The Shepherd’s Door – Gathering food donations at The Fresh Market and Sam’s Club
  • Clifton Cemetery (located on Cherry Hill Road/State Road 817 off East Main Street past Zion Hill Road) – Maintenance and litter pick up
  • Camp Mary Elizabeth – Landscaping and maintenance
  • Hollywild Animal Park
  • Children’s ReStore Center
  • Spartanburg Humane Society — Making dog toys and caring for animals
  • Palmetto Hearts 5k Run (Duncan Park)
  • SPACE (Spartanburg Area Conservancy)
  • Northwest Recreation Center (710 Saxon Ave.) — Painting

The day for students participating in CSI will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the Andrews Field House at Wofford College, with a light breakfast. Students who registered by April 5 will receive their T-shirts; others will receive shirts on a first-come basis. 

Chris Steed, CEO and president of the United Way of the Piedmont, will give the opening remarks beginning at 9 a.m. Then, students will go out in groups to work on their projects from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  They will return to the Andrews Field House at Wofford for reflection on their work and impact, followed by lunch in the Burwell Dining Hall.

CSI is a project of the College Town consortium, a collaboration of the City of Spartanburg and the institutions of higher education in Spartanburg County – Converse College, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg Community College, the University of South Carolina Upstate, and Wofford College.


College Town: Rogers Brandt,, 864-497-0451
City of Spartanburg: Will Rothschild,, 864-596-2020

Converse College: Jason Loscuito,, 864-596-9078
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine: Lindsey Ridgeway,, 854-327-9804
Spartanburg Community College: Leslie Cagle,, 864-592-4792
Sherman College of Chiropractic: LaShanda Harris,, 864-578-8770, ext. 224
Spartanburg Methodist College: Kim Day,, 864-587-4006
USC Upstate: Kara Ferguson,, 864-503-5122
Wofford College: Jessalyn Wynn Story,, 864-597-4403


 Laura H. Corbin

Director of News Services
429 N. Church St.
Spartanburg, SC  29303
Office: 864-597-4180
Cell: 864-809-8963
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Life After Break or Can We Bear to Return?

‘Tis true that Spring Break was brief…that there was sooo much more to do than got done. One week was just enough time to ______ (fill in the blank). Some students I’m sure had a much more exciting week than I (that’s why I had the fill-in option). Ah, the beach, sunning, playing volley ball, visiting home, chiropractic mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti; you get my drift. As for me, I just sorted my papers out which I always look forward to. It gives me a chance to look at what I’ve done and appreciate it. Yes, an old Montessori requisite to learning; appreciate what you’ve done!

Family did come and visit us down South so that was good but it was all and all a low-key kind of spring break. But then that’s what I needed!

So, was it hard to return to school after break? Well, I’m not gonna lie to you – yes. I was not finished relaxing. (Did you notice the childish whine?) LOL, but when I did I was sooo happy to see everyone; friends acquaintances, professors  . For me the edge of many of the hard science classes have passed and after a board quarter, I am momentarily on “Pause.” I haven’t yet jumped into the new classes because they have not quite begun… but today, the second day, they will.

And you know, you can’t go far from reality – my daughter was sick last night with a fairly high fever. This only means I sleep less, watch over her during the night and today miss some classes. She is now on her spring break, poor thing. 

LOL, just in case I become too comfortable, life always seems to check in and remind me that this is my “training session.”

“Wake Up, Smell the Coffee and

Let the Fun Begin!

Today is the first day back from break and everyone has a new schedule to look forward to. Everyone enjoys talking about what they did over break. The days following a break really show how close the students are here at Sherman. Yet, not everyone may feel this way but I am glad to say I am so excited to be back. I had a wonderful week off and took a trip back to my hometown (Wapwallopen, PA).  With so much to do and so many people to see the week seemed to fly by. As I was sitting in the airport getting ready to board the plane is when it truly hit me that tomorrow I will be starting 4th quarter. It is weird to think that when I was back home the only thing on my mind was how I cannot wait to get back to South Carolina and Sherman to learn more about Chiropractic. That is what truly excites me, the fact I know I am doing what I love. As the first day of classes roll on and we get all new syllabi the anticipation builds on what to expect for the upcoming weeks. In my opinion the best thing to do is to accept it with open arms. Let the new quarter begin!


Just Another Day at Sherman

Samantha-BOTEveryone wants to know what college is the best, and what one they should choose? In my opinion each college has their own strengthens and weaknesses. Yet, how many Chiropractic students can say they not only got to talk to their school’s boards members, but got to play a game of fuse ball with them? Here at Sherman, there are so many wonderful occasions to meet and be able to talk to Chiropractors who are currently making differences in our society. 

Last night over fifty Sherman students and faculty meet at the Marriott and were able to meet and learn about some of Sherman’s board members. This is where the real fun of Chiropractic comes to play.



Not only helping so many people but, being able to see so many different Chiropractic views and being able to appreciate them. Four people of the same profession, yet four different philosophical views. There were many topics, laughs, and discussions brought up last night, which made the night not only eventful but very enjoyable.

Here at Sherman, there are so many wonderful opportunities waiting for you, the question is, are you willing to take advantage of them?!


Break Time!

It feels a little strange to have a break from school and not have any homework to think about, or upcoming exams to begin to prepare for. I've spent a week at home with my kids and my wife, just being a dad and a husband. Every break seems to cause a division for me. One side of me is excited to go back and begin a new quarter and be that much closer to graduation, but then there's another side of me that spends time with my family and I just don't want to go back to the daily grind again. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to make the break go slower, just enjoy every minute of it that I have. So I'm going to get back to my family, and I'll think about school again in three days.



Is there life after boards?

Question: is there life after boards?

Answer: Yes indeed there is, although it is an “altered” existence. It is the existence of an altered Universe that requires bubble test sheets and #2 pencils for all answers!

Multiplechoicephoto credit

Last night my daughter and I went out to dinner to celebrate Spring’s arrival with a bunch of folks. It was a nice diversion not usually taken during finals week (for me anyway). Oddly enough I found myself searching for the name tag that dictated where we were to sit. And then my mind searched for I.D. #, booklet #, pencil and paper. Ah, it’s true!

After 660 questions in two days and 6 computerized testing sheets – all I could see were little circles to color. And of course with finals we have even more little circles to color in. A pity we can’t use colored pencils, hmmmm. I can now claim to be an undisputed pro at standardized testing!  Not something an ex-Montessori teacher likes to admit striving toward (geek joke lol!).

Wormholephoto credit

Seriously now: it will be a few days after finals before we test takers can return to the Normal Universe. It will take some time to find just the right wormhole. After all, we don’t want to arrive back at the beginning of Boards…rather at the beginning of Spring Break ! YA!