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Time To Keep For Me

Time….I’m thinking of giving it back to myself as a present! Now play with me on this one…cause maybe I’ve come up with something ….really fabulous….it works like this….now remember this is just the beginning of a whole new outlook…

I wake up early(er) in the morning when it’s still dark and quiet. The cats and dogs and people are still asleep, even the birds. Grass is cold and dewy…no one is yet aware that the morning has started except the stars…

Then…I just lay there with my eyes closed in a warm cozy bed. No one knows but me. I don’t have to get up, I don’t have to shower or take care of anyone or study. I don’t even have to walk the dogs even though that might be the only time I can…. I just lie there peacefully, gratefully and give myself my time BACK for fifteen minutes or so. There’s nothing to do but be happy. Ahhhh, what a wonderful thought. 

The time is mine to take back, to keep. I’m holding it still even if for only a short while. WOW!

LOL, I hear the birds have just awoken. 🙂

Ginny Ginny holding time still.


One month…

PhotoWow! So we're already a month in and boy, has time flown by! This first quarter has already been stressful, exciting, and full of learning. This week we have taken 4 midterms, with 3 more next week (thanks to understanding professors that realize we can only prepare for so many tests at a time). I am excited for my future here, and beyond. To be able to help people.

Every day has been a truly enriching experience and I can't wait for each new day. Some classes were as hard- or harder than I thought, while others have been a bit easier to handle. The toughest adjustments I've had to make is time management and a change in study habits. It has been a few years since I've had to study for this many classes, and I started feeling overwhelmed. You see, I was a full time student from 1995-1997 when I got my associates in general engineering (it was paid for by the company I worked for, I never wanted to be an engineer). Then, for the last 4 years or so, I have taken one class here, 2 there, in order to finish up my prerequisites while working full time. So taking what amounts to 9 classes, plus making time for family, doing my part around the house AND trying to study was not working for me the way I was doing it. An "adjusment" here and there (like the way I threw that word in there? That's for the chiro world), and finally I'm in a groove and flying high. A strong support system helps, too (thanks to my wife), so I know I'll be fine.

So one month in, and this old guy is doing pretty well…still very excited…excited to be a D.C. Many more months to go (1233 days til graduation) and before you and I know it, I will be Gregory K. Brown, Jr., D.C. Got a nice ring to it…

…now, for the big question of the day…

…what's the lunch special for today at the Spine Dining Cafe?




May I Place a Request For Memorizing Angels Please?

Angels(image credit)

Last night my mind was quite active. I kept awaking from dreams in which I was seeing patients and doing a great deal of patient education. It really felt good. In fact, I was pleased with my dream doctoring abilities. I felt engaged with my patients appropriately and that I was truly taking care of them.

This mental activity was probably due to the fact that I had taken a “Practical Exam” in Neurological Testing that day. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the night time activity in and quite aware that I was working overtime. 

I kinda had the feeling that there were “Patient Education Angels” visiting and sitting on my shoulder (so to speak), as well as “Blog This Now! Angels” taking me through my paces. LOL, I had to stop myself from getting out of bed at 3:21 a.m. to write down something very important (it was good then but who knows what it was now, you know how you always think you’ll remember).   

As I awoke to my morning at 5:30 a.m., it did occur to me that what I could use for the upcoming Midterms were; “Memorizing Angels”!  What a great idea!!  So glad I stumbled upon it!  LOL.

Let this be said; I am very grateful that the “Blogging” and “Patient Education Angels” had cared and loved me so much as to visit me without request. 

Yet, now that I’m aware of their presence…May I place a request for several serious (kick butt) “Memorize Everything Like a Photographic Memory Angels”?  It would really make my……. Midterms! 

Very Sincerely,



Halloween-Hanging-Lights-Halloween-ScreensaverSo today is "Get Fat on Candy Day" Halloween. That terrific time of year where we all pretend to be something we're not, go around our neighborhoods begging for food, and attend parties we rarely rememeber (because of what we did at said parties). 

One of the fun things I love to do this time of year is to watch scary movies with my wife. Sometimes they are gory, sometimes they are stupid (silly, funny), and sometimes they make you jump out of your skin –  but they are fun nonetheless. Few of these flicks truly frighten and it's funny when you watch this genre of film how it's acceptable to talk out loud during an intense part of any given scene.

I found myself thinking last night as we were watching one such movie, "Why is it that nobody EVER turns on the light when they enter any dark space?". I mean, I don't know about you, but the first thing I do is to feel along any wall and search for that all important switch; or to reach up and look for that pull-string to bring on the light! 


Then I also thought how great it is that chiropractic is the light! We, as D.C.'s-to-be (DC2B) can remove the subluxations (below light) in our world to restore that light to our bodies. Without the light, we have no life. As chiropractors we will be able to restore nerve supply to our patient's bodies to keep that scary darkness away.

This makes me so excited! I am so excited to be here at Sherman College! I am so excited to be able to share my thoughts (no matter how random or mundane) with you! If my ramblings make no sense, or you have a question about anything, please let me know.

Now, off to do something scarier than any holiday or movie – study for midterms…


To Those Who DARE to DREAM

To those who dare to dream; remember, it’s serious business!

But what are we if not our dreams and our hopes? If we dare to dream, and I say we must to live, we risk creating a world that may be different from what we see. We risk ridicule if we speak of our dreams.  We risk going against the tide. We risk being alone in our dream – perhaps. 

To live is to manifest dreams. We live to create the world that our hearts and minds believe in and wish to experience. 

Take the courage to dream. Then take the courage to manifest those dreams. There are those who will/may try to stop you because they are afraid of dreams becoming a reality. Do not fall to their fear. 


Just be sure to dream good dreams. Dreams of hope – full of what you love and wish to succeed in. I dream of a world of peace, of love and health. I dream that my work in healing will aid the body to correct those subluxations that cause people to suffer. I dream that with the correction of subluxations the world will be that peaceful and happier place, one spine at a time. What is your dream?


A Cuppa Coffee and a “Puppy” in My Lap

A cuppa coffe and a “puppy” in my lap. That’s how I’m spending my early waking moments today. Big dog at my feet and kitties nearby. The house is quiet and warm yet it is now chilly outside.  I believe we had a frost last night.

I just looked through the blogs to see what had been posted. Looked at my original posts about how I came to be here. You know, it’s still amazing to me! It seems when we are going through the “throws” of our life, those complicated moments when we are deciding where we’re gonna go next, what we’ll do in our life or with a particular situation, that we’ll never get to the other side of it. Somehow life in that moment is so complicated! 


It seems though that the greater the challenges, the greater the opportunities we have to do amazing things. By amazing things I mean those things that we ourselves define as amazing. Not what another person or society may call amazing. The feats we think are impossible for ourselves to accomplish. 

Remember when you were 5 years old and learning how to ride a bike? You perhaps thought it would never happen! What a daunting task riding a bike is to an average kid. My daughter went through that recently. As an adult I was able to say… “You can do it!  One moment you will struggle and in the next moment magic happens and you are riding your bike!” And of course that’s exactly what happened. :)

This process happens over and over again with task after task. The mole hills of life look like mountains. And the mountains look like… Mt. Everest! Time and again I feel it’s all about pulling yourself up by your own “boot straps.” It’s also about hanging with people who BELIEVE!  It’s about filling your “self” with inspiration and listening to those who have been there and say “YES!  YOU CAN!” 

Along the path there are many moments of frustration.  Moments that you think you’re “done for” for sure!!!! Let me tell you; I’ve had many!! But honestly and truly, NO ONE counts how many time you fell over on your bike! NO ONE counts how badly you scraped your knees! ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! Why? Because we’ve all done it and we know its’ part of the process!!! 

Now, look at chiropractic college. Does a student go through it with no bumps and bruises? Absolutely not! Do all of us that are here now and have been through it know this? YES! Absolutely! Yet we go on. Yet, we finish. Does it hurt? Sometimes, yes. But jeepers, that is life! Those bumps and bruises are part of our learning. Having raised two boys I remember how proud they were at times of their bumps and bruises in games of sport; soccer, basketball, lacrosse etc. They were badges of honor. LOL, well, I’m not sure I’m that hardy myself but it says something about the process.


Today I’m looking at November 2011. This November it will be 16 years since I first visited Sherman College campus and heard that fateful speech about chiropractic. All that I have been through and accomplished since that time is amazing to me. Simple milestones, perhaps, but to me amazing! 
And I know now that if I surround myself with amazing people that believe as well; friends, family, “principled” chiropractors in the field, and continue to set my sights high, there will be more adventures to come! One day, one week, one year at a time…amazing happens! 


Meet Greg!

    AwesomeSome people would say I'm pretty awesome…I would have to agree with them. My name is Greg Brown. I am a first quarter student at the greatest school EVER – Sherman College of Chiropractic

   I was born in a land far, far away.  Some would say it's almost another planet (which would explain my behavior on occasion).  That distant country is a place we all know as California.  Southern California.  (You'll see why this is important later – Just keep up with me.)  I am the oldest of 3 children, son of a truck driver, turned inventory manager, turned truck driver. A sweet, smart man who made me what I am today (forgive the sentimentality). My mother worked for various tech companies (including Apple) until she went back to school to become a nurse in her 30's. Eventually my dad's job (non-military, I always get asked that) transferred us to Southern Colorado (noticing a theme here, yet?). We moved when I was about 11 and so I like to say that I basically "grew up" there.  I attended elementary school, middle school, as well as high school, and a class at the junior college.  When I was 19, my dad's warehouse closed. Since he left home after graduating from high school at the age of 16 he wanted to move closer to his parents – my Grammy and Papa.  Through many toils and tribulations, lots of heartache and hard work, I am here now, in South Carolina. (Does that make me a "Southerner"? See, told you I was going somewhere with this)  I have lived in SC since 1995. You may be doing the math here now, saying, "Wait. You moved here when you were 19? In 1995? So that makes you….what? OLD??" I am 35. I have a beautiful wife (Jennifer), a baby boy (Ethan), a 10 year old daughter (Angel), and an ex-wife (can't write her name here, it would look like this -"@#$*&"). 

    I always knew I wanted to help people with what I wanted to learn. It just took me a while to get to the point where I would enroll at Sherman. When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor. Of course then, my idea of a doctor was different than now, but I digress. As I grew up, I wanted to be a pediatrician – you know, help kids.  Eventually, I decided on a veterinarian.  Somehow, I was diverted away from the healthcare field by a pull from the radio bug. I worked at a radio station in Greenville, SC and loved it. I loved it, but was I good enough? Was this what I was called to do? Other distractions took over, I was pulled from radio for a need to have and raise a family. Somehow I was shown that "with my personality", I could do sales.  So, I worked in the cell phone business. I did it for a while. 1998-2011, with a few breaks, that still makes a solid 12 years learning how to talk people into stuff they sometimes couldn't afford, but couldn't do without. I had a customer there by the name of George. I helped him with some phone issues, and through the course of normal conversation I told him I would like to be in the healthcare field. He said he helped people and asked if I would like to come by and see his office and talk some more about the subject. Seeds were planted when Dr. Auger told me about Sherman, what he did for a living, how he helped people. I talked myself out of thinking I could do this. It was way too much school. But…

As time went on, I met lots of people. Several Sherman graduates, D.C.'s, people in this field who helped me realize that this dream wasn't as hard or far off as I led myself to believe. Dr. Joe Boggs, Dr. Princess Porter, Dr. Matthew Christopher, and Dr. Brandon Tester, have all stepped in my path and shown me the something that has helped me realize within myself, that tug towards this awesome profession. If you are considering a change of career (it's never too late), your life's dream, a chance to help people with what YOU will learn?  Please consider Sherman College. Apply here, or contact somebody for more information

If you want to contact me, please do so.  E-Mail me at gkbrown@shermancollege.net or look me up on Facebook.

So, I am in my first quarter of 14. That seems so far, but I've been a whole lot further. Can't wait to see how things turn out…..


Spizzerinctum = Renewable Energy!

B. J. Palmer was a man of genius. So much so that he was not only responsible for developing and grounding a newly developed healing art founded by his father, D.D. Palmer, against great odds, he was also capable of renewing his own sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Spizzerinctum is the word he used to describe the enthusiasm, love, and excitement he felt for ChiropracTIC work. B.J.’s use of the term “ChiropracTIC” was another way expressed the same.

IRAPS-logo-color-2.5inIt occurred to me today as I left the IRAPS Conference at Sherman College that Spizzerinctum is a renewable energy! My goodness, it’s like the sun! Spizzerinctum is free…all we need to do is bathe in it like we bathe in the sun on a fine summer day.

OK, how do we bathe in Spizzerinctum? Where is the sun? You find it in the Green Books, you find it in the many volumes B.J. wrote. Full and brimming to the top with Spizzerinctum! B.J. excelled in it! He believed in it like he believed in living!

So, how badly do we want to be energized and alive with purpose? All one needs to do is to want it, and it will become available to you. How simple is that? It abounds everywhere because it is Life itself! It is Universal Intelligence, it is Innate Intelligence, it is the Love of Life with a purpose!

This past weekend I found it at Sherman College of ChiropracTIC’s IRAPS Conference. And, I’m sure others did as well. If you missed it, student or doc, come next year and fill yourself to the brim. Fill yourself and then spread the Spizz around! If you want it, it’s yours for the taking.

The profession needs us right now, you and I. The profession requires the Spizz to survive and excel. Consider doing your part and what that may be. Consider paying a chiro friend a visit. Crack open a Green Book and share a little Spizz.  It helps to share the Spizz. It makes the Chiropractic world turn a little better. Actually, a whole lot better!

Take action; energize and renew your purpose in ChiropracTIC if you don’t do so on a regular basis. Bask in the golden energy of Spizz. It’s free, renewable and the world needs it now like never before.


Two, Three Weeks into Another Quarter

Whew! It’s been a busy few weeks already! Usually the beginning of a quarter is fairly low key. There’s the first week of syllabus gathering and then “getting your feet wet” in the new classes. Usually it’s a bit later when  things start heating up and the work is on! But, this quarter New Beginnings Philosophy Club decided to begin with a BANG! 

And we sure did! We organized a SPIZZ WEEKEND that started with a Friday night Spectacular hosting Drs. Peter Kevorkian, Daniel Knowles and Liam Schubel, all dedicated Sherman Board members. Philosophy and Spizz Spectacular it was with many students attending!* On Saturday they continued sharing their INVALUABLE (and I truly mean priceless!) knowledge with students by applying it to the subject of practice building.  WOW! No need to go elsewhere for this stuff! 

It was all real, applicable, and wise practice advice from the pros! I did not have the sense that I was being told to dress up and act like someone I was not in order to be successful in practice. No gimmicks, no fluff and no sense that success meant “playing a game and outwitting the public.” Here was wisdom that said, “Yes, be yourself. Yes, stay grounded in the Philosophy. Yes, you can excel and succeed as a chiropractor. And yes, you can be true to Chiropractic Philosophy and to yourself.” Whoo Hoo! That’s what I came to Sherman for!!

It was another affirmation that a practice based on correcting vertebral subluxation was the only way to go in Chiropractic. I was so grateful to have attended and to have had the opportunity here on our own campus!  And that was just the beginning of this busy quarter!   

*Spizz is an abbreviation of the word “Spizzerinctum” that B.J. Palmer coined to refer to the excitement and love of Chiropractic – expressed!



Yes, there are obstacles.
And lots of excuses.
Some people get sidetracked
And never make it.
Others – the ones we admire –
Get the job done anyway.
It's called determination.

This is quote is actually a poster hanging near the "Ready Room"
(intern room) in the Sherman Chiropractic College Health Center.