ICD-10 Coding for Chiropractors

Help with ICD-10 Coding for Chiropractors on Jan. 25

To register, call Stacy Bradey at 800-849-8771 x. 229.

$160.00 – 8 hours – CE
Registration for students is $50. A student ID is required.

One of the most common questions about ICD-10 is this one …

“How in the world can I navigate 68,000 ICD-10 codes when there were only 17,000 ICD-9 codes and that was difficult enough?”

The good news is there’s a way you can do it
within your subluxation-based practice!

In our session, I want to share a strategy that will help you navigate all the new diagnosis codes AND be better at documenting in such a way that your notes could even help you to educate your patients.

We’ll do this by giving you both the definition of the codes along with the appropriate documentation required to support the codes you normally use.

The best part is that we’ll cover the codes by building cases from histories and not just by regurgitating dry coding information.

With an emphasis on a subluxation-based practice, this class will give you the tools you’ll need to make the transition to ICD-10 painless and relevant to how you practice.

Jon DavilaInstructor John Davila, D.C.

The up-close familiarity of training and working with review nurses and policy-makers aided Dr. Davila to create insight that only a limited number of speakers can draw upon to help doctors implement complex regulations.

He is an expert in documentation and medical necessity, and considered the foremost authority on compliance issues as they relate to chiropractic practice.

He is able to make this happen with a mix of true stories, referenced government policies and a sense of humor that will bring attendees a feeling of empowerment over the subject matter instead of fear.