Benjamin McBurney

Benjamin McBurney

Oakland, IL

Education: BA in General Studies, and minor in Biology

Activities/Hobbies: I enjoy swing dancing, hiking, geocaching and spending time with my wife, Brittni and dog, Hercules.

Why Chiropractic:
July 19, 2008—every detail has been engraved into my head. The morning was sunny. I was watching the Goonies. My brother, Tim, left to go talk to a girl. He told me he would be right back. I never saw my brother again. He was T-boned, and died instantly. This moment, though tragic, has taught me how to live. At his funeral, I hugged over 750 people. Each person had a story of how my brother affected their life. He quit his job to help a friend in need, he was a godfather to two babies because the dad walked away. He loved people.
A month later I went to college. I was still mourning the loss of Tim, but God grew me. I learned life is about loving others. This realization made me leave acting college to pursue helping those around me. I worked with people with developmental disabilities and Alzheimer’s for four years. I felt a need for a career, so I joined the Navy. My fifth year in the Navy I found out about principled chiropractic.
June 22, 2017, I broke my femur in a motorcycle accident. After getting out of the hospital, one of my friends, a CA for Giving Tree Chiropractic, told me I needed to go see Dr. Justin. It changed my life. It showed me a career where I could really help people.
These moments, trials, and people have given me a burning desire to become a
chiropractor. Life is too short to live for ourselves. Chiropractic is a place where others come first, and lives are changed. I want to be a part of that. I dream of a practice that is affordable for everyone. A practice where everyone learns the importance of adjusting their vertebrae to remove subluxation, so that their innate can communicate 100% with their body, and we can heal above, down, inside, out. I dream of a healthy community, living without dis-ease.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: I love that it has some bigger city aspects with still having a small town feel.