Jessica Crowley

Jessica Crowley

Winchester, VA

Education: James Madison University, major in Health Science minor in Biology

Activities/Hobbies: I love running, hiking, reading, and drinking coffee.

Why Chiropractic:I didn’t grow up under chiropractic care so I don’t have a personal testimony about how chiropractic changed my life, but from a biological standpoint, I believe the incredibly precise way the body functions from within is the result of some intelligent design. Part of this design is to create symptoms when the system is broken. One option is to address the symptoms so they cease to interfere with activities of daily life, the other is to look to the cause of the problem. Chiropractic partners with the body’s intelligent ability to fix broken systems from the inside out and I can’t think of a better way to serve my future community.

Favorite thing about Sherman: The overall commitment to uphold chiropractic philosophy

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: Waterfall hikes!