Staff Directory

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Photo of Greg Aldridge Greg Aldridge Director of IT
Photo of Todd Bachman B.A. Todd Bachman B.A.Help Desk Technician
Photo of David Bedford B.S.,M.B.A. David Bedford B.S.,M.B.A.Director of Finance
Photo of Amber Bowers Amber Bowers Admissions Office Coordinator
Photo of Amy Brademann Amy Brademann Continuing Education Online Learning Coordinator
Photo of Sarah Brescia Sarah Brescia Continuing Education Administrative Assistant
Photo of Katie Burns Katie Burns Student Activities Coordinator
Photo of Patricia Calhoun B.S. Patricia Calhoun B.S.Assistant Director of Learning Resources
Photo of Karen Canup B.A., C.P.A. Karen Canup B.A., C.P.A.VP for Business and Finance/CFO
Photo of Neil Cohen D.C. Neil Cohen D.C.Executive Vice President
Photo of Edwin Cordero D.C. Edwin Cordero D.C.President
Photo of Adelle Dandridge Adelle Dandridge Bilingual Admission Counselor
Photo of Alan Duckworth Alan Duckworth Maintenance Supervisor
Photo of Chad Elder Chad Elder Maintenance and Grounds Assistant
Photo of Jerry England Jerry England Maintenance Technician
Photo of Jennifer Gault AS Jennifer Gault ASAR/AP Accountant
Photo of Megan Georgion M.Ed. Megan Georgion M.Ed.Coordinator for Assessment and Student Success
Photo of Caroline Gregory Caroline Gregory Coordinator of Clinical Education Services
Photo of Michelle Gregory RTR Michelle Gregory RTRX-Ray Technical Support
Photo of Debby Grover Debby Grover Executive Assistant to Vice President for Business and Finance
Photo of Lina Guillen-Sucre Lina Guillen-Sucre Domestic and International Recruiter
Photo of Tarsha Hamilton B.A. Tarsha Hamilton B.A.Senior Admission Counselor
Photo of LaShanda Hutto-Harris M.S.W. LaShanda Hutto-Harris M.S.W.Vice President for Student Affairs
Photo of Bill Johnson Bill Johnson Maintenance Technician

Bill was hired at Sherman on August 11, 2008, as a Maintenance Assistant and has over 10 years of experience working in the maintenance field.

Photo of Christopher Kent D.C., J.D. Christopher Kent D.C., J.D.Director of Evidence Informed Curriculum and Practice
Photo of Jillian Kersh B.S., D.C. Jillian Kersh B.S., D.C.Director of Continuing Education
Photo of Ohmar T Land D.M. Ohmar T Land D.M.Assistant VP of Institutional Advancement and PR
Photo of Patrick Lausier B.A. Patrick Lausier B.A.Director of Maintenance/Security
Photo of Crissy Lewis M.L.I.S. Crissy Lewis M.L.I.S.Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Photo of Hunter Mahon M.B.A. Hunter Mahon M.B.A.Assistant Director of Development
Photo of Jacob McKelvey Jacob McKelvey Grounds Assistant
Photo of Kimberly Milam B.S. Kimberly Milam B.S.Web Designer/Developer
Photo of Fernando Munóz Fernando Munóz Domestic Recruiter
Photo of Ronitra Owens M.B.A. Ronitra Owens M.B.A.Assistant Registrar
Photo of Sarah Palon Sarah Palon Continuing Education Online Learning Coordinator
Photo of Marcia Park Marcia Park Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Photo of Tyrone Parks Tyrone Parks Grounds Supervisor
Photo of Vicky Peppin Vicky Peppin Director of Enrollment Services
Photo of Chandra Placer B.A., M.L.I.S. Chandra Placer B.A., M.L.I.S.Director of Learning Resources
Photo of Karen Brower Rhodes M.B.A. Karen Brower Rhodes M.B.A.Director of Public Relations
Photo of Rolando Rivera Rolando Rivera Director of Recruitment Services & Presidential Initiatives
Photo of Armand Rossi D.C. Armand Rossi D.C.Dean of Clinical Sciences
Photo of Melody Sabin B.A. Melody Sabin B.A.Registrar
Photo of Michelle Schutrumpf B.S. Michelle Schutrumpf B.S.Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Photo of Joanne Shaw Joanne Shaw Health Center Record Associate
Photo of Kristy Shepherd M.A. Kristy Shepherd M.A.Dean of Clinic Operations & Outreach, Title IX Coordinator
Photo of Caroline Siary Caroline Siary Admin. Ass’t. to the Exec. Ass’t to the President & Exec. Vice President
Photo of Mandy Smith Mandy Smith Director of Human Resources
Photo of Kendra Strange BS Kendra Strange BSDirector of Financial Aid
Photo of Ashly Thatcher B.A. Ashly Thatcher B.A.Health Center Receptionist
Photo of Patti Lee Thomas Patti Lee Thomas Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Photo of Roberta Thomas Roberta Thomas Executive Assistant to the President and the Executive Vice President
Photo of Angela Thrift B.A. Angela Thrift B.A.Bookstore/Mailroom Manager
Photo of Joy Turner Joy Turner Front Desk Coordinator
Photo of Ashley Valladares B.A. Ashley Valladares B.A.Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs & Institutional Effectiveness
Photo of Nick Watson Nick Watson Applications Manager
Photo of Emily Wood B.A. Emily Wood B.A.Event and Program Manager