Victoria Pait

Victoria Pait

Bladenboro, NC

Education: North Greenville University / Major: Biology / Minor: Psychology

Activities/Hobbies: I like to play guitar and piano in my free time. I also enjoy drawing and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Why Chiropractic: I chose to pursue becoming a chiropractor after working in the medical field and realizing that modern medicine was not really where my heart was. My vision for healthcare is to be able to provide others with education about natural healing. The salutogenic model that chiropractic envelops is what I am passionate about and have a desire to share with the world.

Favorite thing about Sherman: I love the family atmosphere and the camaraderie that I have developed with my classmates and students in other quarters. Everyone is so kind and welcoming.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: Downtown Greenville is one of my favorite places to go with its fun little shops and great places to eat. There are also a LOT of beautiful places to go hiking.