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Low Cost of Living in Spartanburg, SC

The Greenville-Spartanburg area of South Carolina is not only one of the most beautiful places in the country to live, but it is also a place where the cost of living allows residents to enjoy the many opportunities it provides. In 2007 the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association listed the cost of living in Spartanburg at 9.6% below the national average. (

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Compare this number to other cities:

  • Atlanta – 2.8% below the national average
  • Richmond, VA – 8.4% above the national average
  • Seattle, WA – 15.8% above the national average
  • Boston, MA – 36.0% above the national average

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South Carolina and North Carolina cities also fare well when the total cost of living is broken down by major categories:

Item SC/NC Cities Other Cities
Groceries 0.5% below national average 6.3% above national average
Housing 11.8% below national average 26.0% above national average


10.5% below national average 7.4% above national average
Transportation 2.9% below national average 6.4% above national average
Health Care 3.0 above national average 8.0% above national average
Miscellaneous 0.8% below national average 5.3% above national average

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Tax Friendly State

Blue Ridge’s 2007 Tax-Friendly Places report ranks South Carolina as a tax-friendly place on the basis of state and local tax burdens, based on tax as a percentage of income:

  • South Carolina 10.7%
  • North Carolina 11%
  • Ohio 12.4%
  • Vermont 14.1% also concluded that a paycheck goes a lot farther in the Upstate than in other cities. Cost of Living Calculator

The buying power of a $50,000 income in Spartanburg shrinks to
$46,990.39 in Chattanooga, TN;
$40,520.84 in Richmond, VA; and $37,986.37 in Seattle, WA.

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