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Focus, Passion, Success

Focus on chiropractic technique, passion for chiropractic philosophy and preparation for success in practice.

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    Sherman College offers an integrated doctor of chiropractic educational program focused on preparing students to become fully qualified doctors of chiropractic. Our graduates are prepared to offer chiropractic care to their communities that is
    effective - chiropractic care helps the body heal itself
    safe - noninvasive, no surgery or drugs
    affordable - health center visits are less expensive than co-pays
    family-oriented - parents, children (even pets!) can benefit from chiropractic care

    Our doctor of chiropractic curriculum places focus on
    philosophically based practice principles
    scientific research

    the most effective techniques for analyzing and adjusting the vertebral subluxation

    one-on-one mentoring in the clinical arts of chiropractic

    Sherman College is uniquely able to provide a student with the best focus on chiropractic education available today.

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    The happiest, most interesting lives are those lived with purpose. Sherman's chiropractic faculty will help students find and fulfill a noble purpose for their lives.

    At Sherman you will become a member of a growing a community where we are all working toward the common goal of helping humankind enjoy greater life expression through the correction of vertebral subluxation.

    Sherman College is dedicated to a vision of health care centered first and foremost on recognition of the body’s own inherent wisdom, called innate intelligence, which is the basis for a person’s natural recuperative, self-regulatory and creative powers.

    This innate intelligence of life is expressed through the functioning of the nerve system. Chiropractic care contributes to health by correcting vertebral subluxations, which are a major source of interference to normal nerve function, and thus to the expression of the body’s natural health potential.

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    Sherman College seeks exceptional students who have a desire to promote health, a commitment to seeking personal fulfillment through service to others, and the capacity to become outstanding, successful doctors of chiropractic. They should also have unquenchable curiosity and an uncompromising desire for truth. Finally, they should know that the rewards of any endeavor, whether an education or the career that follows, are the direct result of the dedication, commitment and efforts they bring to bear on that endeavor.

    If you choose to come to Sherman College, you will work with a diverse faculty and staff dedicated to your mastery of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. You will attend classes at a beautiful suburban campus equipped with the tools and resources you need to accomplish your personal goal of becoming a doctor of chiropractic.