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Doctor of Chiropractic Program Facts

Students learn from our passionate, expert faculty in a hands-on, highly individualized learning environment that makes for extraordinary success among our graduates.

ACADEMICS:  Our 14-quarter program is focused and rigorous, including two years of internship experience in our world-class Chiropractic Health Center, where students engage in all aspects of patient care to develop clinical competency and prepare for licensing exams and practice.

DIVERSITY:  The student body represents 37 states and 16 countries; 41% are female; 25% are married; 23% are minorities; and 8% are international students.

PREREQUISITES:  Before enrolling at Sherman, students must have earned a minimum of 90 semester hours, including specific basic sciences courses.

PRE-CHIROPRACTIC PROGRAMS:  Sherman has pre-chiropractic programs and similar arrangements in place with several undergraduate institutions which are designed to facilitate transferring of credits or fast-tracking courses to complete all prerequisites.

FINANCIAL AID:  Nearly 98 percent of Sherman students receive federally funded financial aid and loans to cover their tuition and cost of living expenses.

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For more information, contact Karen Rhodes at 800-849-8771 or 864-578-8770, ext. 242.


Academics at Sherman

The chiropractic program at Sherman is very demanding.

Sherman College offers the first professional doctor of chiropractic degree (D.C.) – preparing students for chiropractic licensure as fully qualified, primary health care providers who specialize in the area of vertebral subluxation through the achievement of the college’s curriculum and expected educational results.

The program very demanding, including 4,824 clock hours in a set course sequence over 14 quarters or three and one-half calendar years.