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Sherman Connect

January Calls

Edwin Cordero
Michael Viscarelli
Tim Langley
Lona Cook

Sherman Connect

February Calls

Elise Rigney
Kyle Troyer
Jonathan Chung
Kimberly Berkus

Sherman Connect

March Calls

Matthew Loop
Jan Kirschner
Simon Senzon
Dan Sullivan

Sherman Connect

April Calls

Barry Hobbs
Dana Pittner
Curtis Fedorchuk
Richie Barone

Sherman Connect

May Calls

Jon Baker
Daniel Bai
David Serio
Lucas Matlock

Sherman Connect

June Calls

Pam Jarboe
Autumn Hicks Gore
Jeanne Ohm
Jorge Campos

Sherman Connect

July Calls

Steve Tullius
Ian Shtulman
Jacob Sims
Donald Epstein

Sherman Connect

August Calls

Joel Kinch
Shawn Dill
Cornell Zues Cornish

Sherman Connect

September Calls

Stephen Franson
Dean Sottile
Bruce Steinberg

Sherman Connect

October Calls

Tony Palermo
Bobby Braile
Keith Wassung