Agreements in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico

Bringing Sherman College to the World

Dr. Emma Grace Hernandez and Dr. EdwinCordero sign a collaborative agreement.

Dr. Emma Grace Hernandez of UNIBE and Dr. Edwin Cordero sign a collaborative agreement.

Sherman College of Chiropractic is advancing its vision of bringing chiropractic to the world with admission and academic agreements in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. President Edwin Cordero, D.C., along with several board members and an administrative team, recently traveled to both areas to continue building relationships with partner institutions.

Universidad de Iberoamerica (UNIBE) in San José, Costa Rica, and Sherman College are developing an articulation agreement to be signed this spring at Lyceum. UNIBE President Dr. Emma Grace Hernandez and Provost/Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies Dr. Roberto Rodriguez will be attending Lyceum, Sherman College’s annual homecoming and continuing education event, representing the institution.

During his visit to UNIBE in January, Dr. Cordero joined Dr. Hernandez to sign a cooperative agreement designed to enhance the academic and scientific interchange between the two colleges. Recognizing the importance of mutual collaboration and the contributions to society made by institutions of higher education, the colleges agreed to promote exchange between faculty and students of each institution as well as the exchange of academic and research information.

Cooperative agreements complement Sherman College’s strengths in the study of the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic and offer a way for institutions to work together and learn from each other. “We look forward to the collaborative work ahead, as well as sharing chiropractic with colleagues across the globe,” Dr. Cordero said.

Sherman College also seeks to secure admission and transfer agreements that present an attractive option for students who hope to reach their career goals faster and enjoy a career that plays a significant role in health promotion, Dr. Cordero explained. “Sherman College is excited to welcome students who are looking to join a healthcare career that will allow them to bring principled chiropractic care to their communities and make a difference in the lives of others,” he said.

The mission of UNIBE, according to its website, is to train professionals in health sciences at the highest academic level, so that they have a humanistic vision, are internationally competitive and are committed to their communities. The institution’s vision is to be the leading university in Latin America for training professionals in health sciences.

Sherman Team With UCB Team (Seated l-r) Dr. Kim Stetzel, Trustee; Kristy Shepherd, Senior Director of Admission; Karen Canup, V.P. of Business & Finance; Roberta Thomas, Executive Administrative Asst.; Fr. Oscar Morales, O.P., Council of Founders Member; Mrs. Encarnita Catalán, President, Board of Trustees
(Standing l-r)Mr. Evaristo Santos, Board of Trustees Member; Dr. Luz C. Valentín, Dean of Academic Affairs; Mr. Noel Ortiz, Dean of Administration and Finance; Dr. Bob Irwin, V. P. of Academic Affairs; Dr. Neil Cohen, Executive Vice President; Dr. Lillian Negrón, President; Dr. Danny Knowles, Trustee; Dr. Edwin Cordero, President; Dr. Liam Schübel, Trustee; Dr. Peter Kevorkian, Trustee; Miguel Hastings, Director of Presidential Initiatives; Dr. Pedro Robles, College of Sciences and Professions of Health Director; Mr. Angel Valentín, STEM Project Director

Sherman College also maintains admission agreements with Universidad Central de Bayamón (UCB) and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico (PUCPR), and recently visited both institutions; those agreements were signed last year. Sherman College continually works to establish academic agreements and pre-chiropractic programs with institutions across the nation and around the world to promote its doctor of chiropractic program and enrich scholarship opportunities for faculty and students.

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