isherman logoSherman College students taking fourth-quarter classes learned how fun it can be to serve as the “test group” this summer as they each received a college-issued iPad during the first installment Sherman Students setting up their iPadsof the iSherman initiative.

Student Lauren Golden was one of the first to receive her iPad. She admitted she thought the program was too good to be true when she first heard about it. “With these (iPads), we have all the lessons, videos and teachers’ materials right at our fingertips,” she told the local newspaper in an interview. “The fact they trust us and gave us these iPads is an honor for us.”

The Apple iPads students are given contain everything from syllabi to e-books, at no additional tuition cost. Over the course

Group photo from first ipad pilot group

of the next twelve months, every student on campus will be issued an iPad. Sherman is the only chiropractic college with this level of technological integration for its students.

“It provides students with the opportunity to transition away from some of the typical lecture-focused instruction to focus more on the application of the course content,” said Director of Teaching and Learning, Billie Harrington, Ph.D. “That improves the learning experience for all of our students.”

Sherman College faculty members were the first to implement iPad technology in their classrooms almost two years ago, and it’s having a tremendous impact on teaching and learning. The iSherman initiative is designed transform chiropractic education with a teaching and learning environment that is forward-thinking in its approach and that leads the field.

Professor of Clinical Sciences Cindy Gibbon, M.T., D.C., said the more professors can provide new ways of learning, the better students perform. “In this day and age, students are used to high-tech learning,” she said. “The regular old textbook and notes don’t cut it. They have to be engaged.”