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SHERMAN PRIDE DAY – October 12, 2017

A favorite college tradition, the seventh annual Sherman Pride Day is Thursday, October 12, 2017. On this day, we ask alumni and friends to celebrate their affiliation with Sherman by sharing positive information about the college on social media or in their offices.

It’s easy to participate in Sherman Pride Day. Here are some ways you can join

  • Shout out on social media (suggestions below) and use #ShermanProud17
  • Wear a Sherman College shirt to the office – and remember to share a picture!
  • Share our video about the history and the bright future of Sherman College
  • Change your social media profile photo to something Sherman-related (check out our photo album)
  • Refer a student to Showcase Sherman Weekend and share this video.

Sample Posts for Social Media:

Be creative, and remember to include a photo. You can use a throwback picture from your days as a Sherman student, a snapshot from a recent visit to the college, or snag a college logo or your favorite image from our Facebook photo album.



I’m a PROUD graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic. #ShermanProud17
Celebrating Sherman Pride Day! #ShermanProud17
PROUD to be part of a rewarding career where I change lives every day! #ShermanProud17 #chiropractic
I’m PROUD to be a doctor of chiropractic because ________________.  #ShermanProud17 #chiropractic



Celebrating Sherman Pride Day! #ShermanProud17
PROUD to be a student at Sherman College of Chiropractic. #ShermanProud17
PROUD to be joining a career where I can change lives every day! #ShermanProud17 #chiropractic



I’m a PROUD supporter of Sherman College of Chiropractic. #ShermanProud17
Celebrating Sherman Pride Day! #ShermanProud17


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