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I’m always looking for inspiration in the world around me. Today I found it in two beautiful BLUEBIRDS! Right here on Sherman campus!


On each walk I took today from the Main Building to the Health Center they were there to greet me. At first I wasn’t sure because I had only seen a flash of blue-gray. But I was able to get close enough for a second look and sure enough – it was a bluebird! Its mate showed itself on my second trip across campus. And, on the third trip, one was sitting right upon the top of the street lamp near the fountain. A nice, reassuring, wild life companion during midterms.

The very first time I had ever spotted a bluebird was just after my physics final here in South Carolina. I had studied hard and was a bit frazzled from the experience. LOL, funny how I can smile at myself now. Then, I wasn’t laughing at all. Quite worn out, I was about to leave the Greenville Tech campus and looked up to see a most gloriously BLUE bluebird! I was totally amazed because I had never seen one before. It’s hard to describe just how lovely they are at first or second sight. Yet there it was for me alone to see, or so it seemed. It made me smile and relieved me of a great deal of stress .

Today, they were with me again just before and after my last midterm of the quarter. Isn’t it amazing? They are my very own Bluebirds of Happiness!!