Sherman College graduates look forward to a bright career in chiropractic

Whether you dream of opening your own practice or educating your community on the benefits of chiropractic, there are many different paths to success after graduation. You might want to open your practice abroad, empower aspiring students to begin their studies in chiropractic, or simply enjoy a healthy work-life balance as a respected healthcare professional. However you define success, and whatever your goals are, your education at Sherman College of Chiropractic can help you achieve them.

In fact, many of our alumni have done exactly that. Read on to discover some of their stories. Perhaps you will find inspiration for your own career goals!

Nalyn Marcus, D.C.: A Doctor of Chiropractic Empowering Women to Join the Profession

For many students and chiropractors, striking a healthy work-life balance is a top priority. They might feel passionate about helping others through chiropractic, but also not want to sacrifice important family time to do it. Fortunately, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds—especially thanks to the efforts of Sherman graduate Nalyn Marcus, D.C.

Nalyn Marcus, D.C. has devoted her chiropractic career to helping women join and succeed in the profession

Throughout her studies, Dr. Marcus quickly came to appreciate the extra challenges that some of her single mother peers faced while pursuing a chiropractic education. That’s why she has devoted part of her chiropractic career to helping single mothers attend chiropractic college. Dr. Marcus set up the Sylva Ashworth Scholarship for single mothers looking to become doctors of chiropractic.

But empowering single mothers isn’t the only thing Dr. Marcus is doing. In fact, she’s empowering all women to join the field of chiropractic through her Women in Chiropractic seminar offered every year at Sherman’s Lyceum, and she’s constantly working in her community to increase awareness about chiropractic and its contributions to health.

Randy Baze, D.C.: Doctor of Chiropractic, Animal Chiropractor, and Promoter of Higher Education

Randy Baze, D.C., enjoys a successful career adjusting patients at his practice

As any aspiring doctor of chiropractic can tell you, chiropractic has the power to benefit many patients. Whether they’re athletes, children or even infants, anyone can benefit from the natural and non-invasive care of chiropractic.

It’s one of the reasons why Sherman alumnus Randy Baze, D.C., enjoys a successful career adjusting patients at his practice. But human patients aren’t the only ones benefiting from adjustments; Dr. Baze also adjusts animals. Each week, 60-100 cats, dogs and horses are checked and adjusted by Dr. Baze. But instead of accepting payments for these patients, Dr. Baze puts those funds towards another passion of his, which is promoting the future of chiropractic education. For each animal adjustment he performs, Randy Baze asks that owners make a donation to Sherman College.

Arno Burnier, D.C.: A Doctor of Chiropractic Who Shares His Passion for Education

Making the leap to a rewarding profession can sometimes seem intimidating. It definitely was for Sherman alumnus Arno Burnier, D.C., when in 1973 he left Paris, France, for Spartanburg, South Carolina. With nothing more than a phone number and a passion for chiropractic, Dr. Burnier began his studies during Sherman College’s foundational year.

Dr. Burnier’s is an inspiration to students beginning their chiropractic training!

That initial leap of faith quickly paid off when Dr. Burnier opened his own practice after graduation. He soon began to share his passion for chiropractic through hugely successful workshops and seminars, until eventually he left his practice to devote his full attention to educating and inspiring new generations of chiropractors with his popular continuing education programs.

Whether you want to open your own practice, advance chiropractic research, or educate others, discover how Sherman College can help.

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