Did You Know?

Facts and Figures on Sherman College

Sherman history:

  1. Sherman moved to Spartanburg in 1954
  2. Sherman College of Chiropractic (SCC) established on January 11, 1973
  3. Thom Gelardi is the founder of SCC
  4. Two temporary facilities were used prior to the college moving to its current location in 1977
  5. College located on property consisting of 80 acres
  6.  Presidents:
      • Gelardi: 1973-1996
      • David Koch: 1997-2000
      • Jerry Hardee 2001-2005
      • Gelardi (interim) 2006-2007
      • Jon Schwartzbauer 2007-2012
      • Edwin Cordero 2013-

Buildings include:

  1. Scallon Building first building at current location, completed in 1977
  2. Taylor Building (Health Center) completed in 1981
  3. Olson Building (completed in 2000)
  4. Brown House and Museum (completed in 2000)

From online College Bulletin:

  1. First class started October 1, 1973
  2. Sherman named ICA Chiropractor of the Year in 1955
  3. Sherman was Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1973 to 1977 (the year he passed away)
  4. Among SCC core values are the focus on the “location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation.”
  5. School colors are burgundy, black, and white; mascot colors are gold and black.
  6. Health Center has 23 patient care rooms
  7. Publications include alumni magazine Straight from Sherman and the e-newsletter, Sherman Shares.

From various issues of Straight from Sherman (SFS):

  1. Accolade temperature instrument introduced in 1990 (SFS, Nov 1990)
  2. Walter Pierce and Burl Pettibon open a research wing in the Health Center (SFS, Feb 1992)
  3. Bust of Dr. Sherman presented by Mrs. Sherman in 1981 (SFS Aug 1981)
  4. Computers gaining a foothold at Sherman with the help of Dr. Ralph Boone (SFS, Spring 1985)
  5. Groundbreaking for Health Center during Lyceum 1979 (SFS, July 1979)

From Les Wise:

  1. Tuition at Sherman in 1974 was $375 per quarter for 12 quarters.
  2. Early Lyceum speakers included Marcus Bach, Marshall Himes, Fred Barge, Bud Crowder and Earl Powell.
  3. Earl Taylor was the only person allowed to smoke in the Scallon Building, and he did.
  4. Reggie and Irene’s house on W. Main was the official student union where all extra-curricular activities occurred.
  5. The first graduation took place in the Westgate Twin Cinema, while King Kong was playing next door.
  6. Renaissance International Seminars morphed from the Sherman Road Show.

From John Porter:

  1. Leroy Moore was acting president when Dr. Gelardi was interim president at Penn College of Straight Chiropractic.

From an article on Dr. Sherman in the December 1996 issue of Chiropractic History:

  1. An early class was skeptical about how fast a toggle could be for a chiropractor as the age of Dr. Sherman. When they saw the fast speed of Dr. Sherman’s toggle they asked to see it again.
  2. Sherman was a frequent speaker at Sherman College of Chiropractic.