Clubs and Student Government

Get involved on campus and create some balance.

Active Student, Happy Student

Although Sherman College is a graduate institution, we make efforts to provide opportunities to engage in the community and develop peer relationships on campus. Many of the extracurricular activities on campus are student-initiated with the assistance of Student Affairs. On a quarterly basis, students have an opportunity to participate in professional seminars, guest speakers, and social events including our campus-wide welcome back event and traditional finals breakfast provided by student government.

CSG: Chiropractic Student Government

The purpose of CSG is to build leadership skills and relationships among students as they work within the governance process to address the needs of the student body. CSG serves as the liaison between the student body and the administration by representing the student interest. Membership open to all academic quarters. CSG has the responsibility for oversight of all campus clubs.
• President-Carolyn Oliveira
• V President-Kayla Magni
• Secretary-Daniel Eldridge
• Treasurer-Matthew Atkinson


At Sherman College, you have the opportunity to get as involved as you want to be. We offer a wide variety of clubs and organizations that give you a chance to get involved, express yourself, meet new people, and develop the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic. Whether you’d like to learn about a particular technique, get involved in intramural sports, or a professional association, there’s a group for you!

The Student Affairs Office on campus maintains a listing of all current clubs and organizations. Offerings may vary by quarter. There are bulletin boards in the cafe dedicate to club information.


AK-Applied Kinesiology


Blair Club/UC

Chiropractic Student Government

Christian Chiropractic




Little Spines

Maximized Living

Network Spinal Analysis


New Beginnings Philosophy




Sacro Occipital Technique

Sherman College Sports Council

Upper Cervical


Become an Ambassador

Lead tours, give health talks and participate in campus visit events aimed at promoting Sherman College to prospective students. Contact Emily Wood at

Peer Tutor Program

Please inquire with the Registrar’s Office for details. Tutoring is an excellent way to improve your own knowledge while helping other students.

ROAR Leadership Program (Reach out and Recruit)

ROAR student leaders must be in the 8th quarter or above and in good academic standing. To apply for the ROAR Student Leadership Program, please contact Lina Guillen-Sucre at There are only a few available spots, so apply early!

As a ROAR Student Leader, you can:

• Get direct access to our ROAR DCs
• Make contact with potential Health Center patients
• Hone your leadership and public speaking skills
• Score some ROAR swag
• Become an automatic part of our ROAR team after graduation.