Counseling Services

Counseling and mediation services are available for students on campus through the Office of Student Affairs.

All services are free and communication is confidential. Our role is to provide support and information in the event of student distress. We can assist you with a host of services including life and college transitions, relationship challenges, substance abuse, and academic challenges. Community resources are available to students who need therapeutic assistance.
We encourage you to please contact our office if you have concerns about harassment or sexual, physical or verbal assaults or abuse. For more information regarding the college’s procedures for Title IX please contact Please see the Dean of Student Affairs for assistance or call 864-578-8770 x. 224.

Alcohol and Drug Services

We are here to assist any student battling issues of substance use or abuse. Community counselors and resources are available. All communication is confidential. Please visit the dean of student affairs or a faculty member you trust for more information on obtaining help.

Sherman College Drug Prevention Program and Resource Guide

Drug Prevention Program Resource Guide
Spartanburg Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (SADAC)

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Carolina Center for Behavioral Health

Addiction Search (nationwide help)

Project Know

Substance Abuse Education Resources

Veteran Resources

Transitioning from Service:

Advice and Resources for Veterans:

Succeeding in School:

Advice and Resources for Transitioning to Higher Education:

Social Isolation:

Signs and Resources to Address Social Withdrawal: