Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs strives to foster a nurturing and supportive environment that prepares students to excel as Chiropractors. We are responsible for managing campus activities external to the classroom, promoting community involvement and serving as a liaison between Sherman administration and student organizations.

Sherman students are involved in a variety of activities targeting personal, professional and social development as well as their academic endeavors. Student government, professional student organizations, special interest clubs, technique clubs, and other activities provide students with a truly well-rounded education.

Student Affairs Goals:

1. Provide educational, cultural and social opportunities to all students whenever possible.
2. Be dedicated to supporting students in matters of government, student advocacy, student counseling, new
student orientation, graduation, and all student events.
3. Possess the responsibility of enforcing college policies directly affecting the student population.
4. Support personal enrichment and motivational programs that will complement the students’ educational
5. Enrich the students’ educational experience by providing the opportunity and the facilities for
extracurricular activities.
6. Provide services that will address important issues, needs, and concerns affecting Sherman College students
and their families.
7. Promote a community atmosphere and mutual respect between students and administration.
8. Promote the success of students with special learning needs.

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