Get Involved with the “Dance A Thon”

There are so many people who want to get involved with the community, yet are not exactly how they can help out. If you’re the type who likes to help the community and volunteer for community service, you may want to listen up.

Dance-a-thonThe Gibbs Cancer Center is in the process of putting an event together in order to raise money for the Gibbs Cancer Center and is looking for students from every college to participate. They decided they are going to try to pull an “All Nighter”. This is a fundraising partnership between Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Foundation, Gibbs Cancer Center, and all 7 Spartanburg colleges.  The event is slated to be held in February 2013 and will last 15-16 hours.  It is going to be an exciting challenge coordinating 7 colleges into one huge fundraiser.

    Now the question is how can you help out and get involved? Easy, there are meetings once a month on Monday nights for an hour and half. They are looking for people with skills in every area (such as communication, media, marketing, computers, etc.) in order to help pull this event together. If you are interested in helping out please let me know ( Even if you do not want to help on the committee, you can still be involved and attend the event in February.

Currently, all the schools are working together to come up with a name, a logo, and a “branding” for this event. There were some great ideas brought up at the last meeting and the final decision will be made at the next meeting on March 19, 2012. Yet, with so much to still plan we are off to a wonderful start!