C is for cumulative. That is what the chiropractic curriculum is, cumulative.

I hear people all the time say things like “C’s get degrees” or “C is for chiropractor”. I encourage everyone to strive for a grade higher than a C. The problem is that a C means your understanding of the topic is just enough to get you by. But just getting by becomes a struggle.

There comes a point sooner than later where the questions start to build on one another. Information from one class can be tested in a different class, and the information that you crammed in before the last test and then forgot comes back to get you.

Or my personal favorite…You must answer the first question correctly to know what the second question is even asking! If you goal is only to get a C by the time you have forgotten parts of your classes (and you will forget parts) you will most likely not pass your boards!

This week my fellow classmates and I are reviewing for our entrance exam. Entrance Exam has 6 stations timed at 5 minutes each. It is a culmination of several classes starting from 1st quarter. As we are reviewing and asking questions it becomes very obvious of our areas of weakness. Things we half learned the 1st time, things we have forgotten, or areas where we know the information but struggle to compile it correctly.

We will make it through entrance exams with a C or better because C is for Chiropractor!