Cake-MelindaI know it is silly, but I have always been envious of people how can ice a cake and make it look professional. Or maybe not even professional, but not like a 5 year old did the icing.

This past week Graceway, the local church I attend, had a women's fellowship night and the craft project was cake decorating 101! It is great to be involved in the community and to learn a new skill. I highly enjoy my time with these women, and am so grateful that they have welcomed me to this community.

A few tips I learned:

1. Make sure your cake is completely cooled. If your icing starts to melt/run your cake is too hot.
2. A crumb layer is needed if your icing is thin. This is a layer of icing that you add then let the cake sit for 30 mins then add a second layer of icing.
3. Use a spatula not a knife. It gives you a much longer smooth surface.
4. Dip your spatula in water when smoothing the icing.
5. It takes way more icing then one tub you buy at the grocery store!

I have now added a new skill to my tool box on my journey to becoming a well rounded southern woman!